Allison To Lillia – 11

Wow, this episode just upped the ante for this arc. Something tells me that we’re in for more surprises next episode though.

Allison To Lillia 11


Stork and the gang take care of the pursuing train by burning the last train car with wine from the pantry. Stork detaches the last car with compact explosives much to Benedicts suspicion which causes the burning car to collide into the pursuing train, incapacitating it. Soon after, Allison notices a tank on the other side of the ridge, only that its running on a train track. Stork notices is as one of their own and tries to contact it, only to find out that military police staff are driving the tank. They state that they’re here to offer protection and ask to rendezvous where the train tracks meet. Hearing this, Stork says that they’re going to incapacitate the vehicle and when the gang refuse pulls out a gun on them saying that it’s for their safety.

Wil offers to hear him out, and end up helping because they have no choice. Stork goes to Terol’s storage room and brings out a 20 caliber anti-armoured vehicle gun. After aligning the gun, Stork asks Wil to fire it, and for every one else to leave. Allison desists but Benedict eventually convinces her. While aligning the gun, Stork questions Wil about his background and will returns the question, wanting to know his true purpose. Stork gives in and tells Wil that he’s only acting as Terol’s bodyguard to ensure prosecution for Terol’s war crimes. He also goes on to explain that he’s against Sou Beil’s idea of collaborating with Terol and ensuring his safety. Wil also makes him confess to killing the chief conductor, to which Stork says was necessary; the government was plannning to derail the train and it’s passengers to create conviction that Terol was dead, ensuring his safety.

The train stops along with the tank. Wil fires his first shot but it misses, causing the tank to start moving again. Benedict tries to create a diversion but the tank fires back. Wil then shoots the tank two more times, permanently disabling it. In his room Eyen suspects that Stork is out to betray Terol and goes to take care of them. In the dining room, Wil tells the others that Stork was the one who murdered the chief conductor, and continues to wonder why Stork didn’t attack himself and Allison. Their thoughts are interrupted by Eyen, who holds them at gunpoint. Benedict makes him drop the gun but gets knocked out cold by a punch to the head. While Fiona distracts Eyen, Allison grabs his gun and fires a few times only to have all shots miss. Wil helps her steady herself and gets ready to fire the last bullet but it’s Stork who finishes off the job. They then go to Terol’s room only to find out that Terol commited suicide. Stork is surprised by the failure of his mission but Wil is still suspicious of him.

My thoughts;

Wow, was this an action packed episode or what? I found Allison’s reaction to the 20 cal anti-tank rifle quite amusing though; since we’ve got things like 50 cal guns to do the job nowadays. One shot would have been enough. Just goes to show the difference in their era and ours I guess?

I find it a bit unbelievable that Wil would just go along with Stork’s command but since he did it at gunpoint I guess it’s not so bad. Also, as I suspected, it was Stork who murdered the conductor, although I found his reason a bit weak. Like Terol’s badly concieved plan to get Benedict to come with him to his doom, Stork’s plan to create a panic to save the passengers seemed to be on quite shaky ground, though the latter seems more reasonable than the former. Oh well.

Anyway, at this rate, I’m sure that Stork is going to pull out another surprise on the guys. So, far this arc has been really awesome. The next episode seems to be the episode all of us Wil & Allison shippers (as well as Benedict & Fiona shippers but they’ve got less to worry about, no? =) ) have been waiting for. Oh yes in case you we’re wondering, I’m really looking forward to the next episode. xD



3 Responses to “Allison To Lillia – 11”

  1. blissmo Says:

    lols, I thought this show already ended! I need a lot of catching up to do

  2. Shin Says:


    Erratic releases =! Finished ;p

  3. rroknedaj Says:

    Haha, i think it’s got 23+ episodes. xD

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