Off Topic: Hancock review

Okay, I guess I’ll explain a little bit about my off topic section. Once in a while I’ll watch something (movies or the like) that has nothing whatsoever to do with anime or manga that catches my interest so much that I’ll want to write about it. Now being the avid movie watcher that I am I’ve watched a lot of movies, some good some bad. However, it’s a truly rare occasion when a movie stands out so much to me that it leaves a lasting impression. Examples of such movies that aired rather recently would be Spiderman 2 which in my opinion was the best out of the three or even the Incredibles by Pixar.

Anyway, as stated in the title this post has something to do with Hancock. I won’t go into details about it’s production details as I’ve already included an IMDB link to it. So on to the bulk of the post;


Now, I’ve always had a soft spot for superhero movies. Aside from growing up on manga, the old comics by Marvel and DC always managed to make a great impression on me. I remember watching Spiderman a few years back thinking how cool it was to see such movies hit the big screen.

Anwyay, to the main point. Prior to watching Hancock I’ve of the doubts people we’re having about this movie. Would it be the great blockbuster that would crave the insatiability of the general populace for action movies? Or would it just be another fluke? However, I held on to that little bit of hope that it would turn out good since Will Smith was starring in it and we all know how great an actor Will Smith is especially in his more recent movies (I, Robot, I am Legend, The Pursuit of Happyness). Needless to say I was a bit sceptical. However, by the time it finished I was blown away; I would have never expected the movie, while not exacly perfect, to be this awesome.

So, cue John Hancock, superpowered anti-hero who ends up destroying millions worth is private property for every good deed he tries to do. That is until he meets Ray Embrey, a public relations worker of whom he saves from a speeding train. To make up for saving his life, Ray tries to improve Hancocks already very negative image. Hancock stepes up to the challenge by owning up to his mistakes; he serves a few weeks in prison to try and make the people realize how much they need him.

He suceeds but finds out that Ray’s wife has more to do with him than he thinks. Over dinner, Hancock explains that he has no idea how he got his powers, but after living for the past 80 years he realizes that he’s alone. He also finds out that Mary, Ray’s wife is a super being like him. The rest of the movie deals with many other themes right up to the climax of the movie.

My thoughts;

So what exactly is it that I think this movie is so great for? Well amidst the swarm of poorly themed and action orientated movies that keep flooding the big screen these days, Hancock is probably the only action movie to tackle morality issues so well.

The key theme to this movie in my opinion is responsibility. You can tell from the first half of the movie that Hancock is no regular superhero. I mean the guy is hated by the very people he tries so hard to save. No matter how strong you might be, no one, even heroes can handle the pain of the heart. I’m glad that the second half of the movie dealt so well with that aspect of the movie.

I’m also really glad that they dealt with the oh so underused theme of having a relationship while fighting crime so well. Just when Hancock thought he could have found someone else like himself in Mary, he has to deal with the fact that their being together actually weakens him. It just goes to show that with great power comes great responsibility (yeah I know I stole that line).

Hancock 2

Anyway, People having super powers shouldn’t be something to hard to believe for us anime watchers, but a show, especially one primed for premieres in cinemas having such a theme together with an action movie premise should be unheard of right? I found the whole idea of Hancock having to deal with his actions and the path to becoming a true super hero; something so far away from the regular super hero movie theme, to be beyond awesome.

The entire movie was really touching to watch. From the parts with Hancock’s hilarious antics to his fear of being alone, the only one of his kind left in the world. I personally think that people should make more movies sporting themes like this; instead of the usual explosions and fighting, movies that deal with heart and the less focused themes that perople could care less about.

If you’ve read this far let me just conclude by saying that Hancock, while not perfect, is a great movie that any anime fan should consider watching.



4 Responses to “Off Topic: Hancock review”

  1. blissmo Says:

    THANK YOU FOR THIS! Now I know that I won’t regret going to the cinemas watching this. This reviewer wrote that it gets really unexpected and twisted, but towards the end everything becomes typical. I really love shows like this, like Spider-man, X-Men etc, and I just love Will Smith! XD

  2. rroknedaj Says:

    Haha, I really liked the concept they used for the direction of Hancock. I only wish it was a little bit longer.

  3. omisyth Says:

    Hancock was a pretty good movie, BUT there were some problems with it. The morality issues should have been melded with the comedy that was present in the first hour; it got too serious too fast and it didn’t have the same entertainment value as the first half. However, my major problems were with the realtionship between Hancock and Ray’s wife (forget the name :p) and the villain he fought. Neither of these were developed enough and I was kind of confused to as how the two were linked; there was a lot of information and yet not much detailed information. The villain was just stupid and I had no idea what he was doing; revenge on Hancock just doesn’t hold water for a bankrobber who’s name we don’t even know. And the eagle at the end was corny.

    Any way, for all its faults, I was entertained, and the acting was great, as well as the action. The script just needed some touching up. Ah well, nothing can be done about it now.

  4. rroknedaj Says:

    Agreed, but I was more impressed by the direction the movie took; which is by far really far from your usual superhero movie.

    I was also wondering about that guy with the hook. Should we have called it good timing that he happened to break out when hancock lost his powers?

    Despite it’s faults I really loved it, and I keep wondering how much better it would have been if it’s airing length was longer. xD

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