Slayers Revolution First Impressions

Let me start by saying that I’ve never watched any of the other Slayers series before. I’ve definitely heard of it and it’s infamous previous seasons (like what? 10?) though. Anyway, I’ll be watching, but not blogging this.

Slayers Revolution

So, what do I think of Slayers Revolution? Plotwise I have no idea what to expect since I know next to nothing about this series. I’m guessing this one, like all those before it will be something sort of an adventure series, which is good. The jargon doesn’t seem to hard to follow and the continuity of the storyline doesn’t really seem to matter, seeing as I didn’t have any real trouble watching it.

Animation-wise, all seems to be satisfactory. Being a continuation of a series that was last produced around 11 years ago, it’s art doesn’t dissapoint. The whole retro feel is reminiscent of the good old days of anime, where overly busty or downright moe characters have yet to have the foothold they have on the current anime scene, which I rather dislike. Also, the effects of the spells seem to be rather well done, especially the fireballs and explosions which is yet another plus for the animation.

Okay, lets go on to the characters. Let me just say that Lina Inverse, the main character of this series is quite awesome. Exuding confidence and guts, she really makes her presence felt. Having some awesome magical abilities that can level pirate ships and towns also makes her destructive cannonball attitude more amusing to watch than anything else. The side characters, who I assume were also in the other Slayers series also feel well defined making their interactions feel natural and more obviously, very comical.

Musicwise, all is good. Since this particular episode which features Lina rounding up some pirates, the soundtrack includes some really cool high sea adventure themed music, although most of it was drowned by either Lina’s shouting or the pirates screams. The sound effects of her spells make them seem larger than they really are and the explosions were just awesome. I don’t really have much to say about the OP and ED, since they were rather average. The voice acting, especially Lina’s was very well done in my opinion, and suceeded in defining the characters characteristics rather well.

So all in all, this episode was fun to watch. I had no trouble adjusting myself to the plot and with the characters, although I hope it doesn’t get too heavy on the jargon. I also hope that all the upcoming episodes will be able to maintain this episodes energy. So, until next time then!



3 Responses to “Slayers Revolution First Impressions”

  1. Llora-chan Says:

    I also have not seen any other part of the series.
    But despite that, I really like this show, too. ^^

  2. Jonz Says:

    I recommend to watch the previews seasons of this show. They are great and besides that, you’ll know the stories of each character and the complexity of the slayers universe, it’s a lot more than just plain adventure and funny scenes.

  3. rroknedaj Says:

    I see, thanks for the suggestion Jonz.

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