Itazura Na Kiss – 12, Speak good english or no english at all! D=<

To the batmobi- *ahem* I mean to the ambulance Kotoko!

Itazura Na Kiss 12


At the hospital, Irie’s father is recovering in his ward before the doctor comes in to give his diagnosis to the family; a suspected heart attack. Back home, Kotoko comes across Irie sitting in the dark and finds out that he’ll be forgoing his ambitions of becoming a doctor to take over his father’s company, her surprise. Later on, she’s invited to her father’s restaurant by Kin who’s cooked something for Kotoko to sample and she likes it. Back in the ward, Irie’s father’s employees have come to visit him and bring to his attention the companies already mountng problems. Drawing Irie away from the crowd, Kimura, Irie’s fathers employee tries to get Irie to attend a marriage meeting with the daughter of one of the companies clients, for the good of the company. Irie agrees intending to help the company which shocks Kotoko who’s been eavesdropping on their conversation.

At campus, Matsumoto encourages Kotoko to fight for their feelings and they hatch a plan. At the meeting place, Kotoko and Matsumoto dress up as garden workers to try and figure out who Irie is meeting. Apparently the girl, Christina Robins, is of royal blood and has other prominent features discouraging the pair. As Irie and Chris go out into the garden for a walk Kotoko and Matsumoto plan to drench them with the sprinkler and get her to fall into the river but ultimately fail. Back at home, Irie puts on a tough front by laughing at Kotoko’s attempts but sits down to think about the marriage. In the campus grounds, Kotoko tells Matsumoto about the proceeding of Irie and Chris’s marriage which makes Matsumoto praise Kotoko’s efforts before leaving. Immediately after that, Kotoko gets a call from Kin asking her out on a date.

In the hospital, the Irie’s have finally found out about Irie’s marriage meetings and as usual his mother is shellshocked. Later on, Kin takes Kotoko to an amusement park while Irie and Chris attend an orchestral performance. The pairs meet up by coincidence later on and Irie introduces Chris to Kotoko and Kin. After the hasty introduction, Kotoko drags Kin away while tearing but not before Chris notices. At a park overlooking the cities skylights, Kin states that he’ll never make Kotoko cry right before he proposes to her.

My thoughts;

Wow, talk about drama. Would it be right to presume that the Irie’s family doctor is a very busy person? Because the family seems to be inflicted by various forms of medical ailments throughout the progressions of this series. I believe that I’ve commented about the dynamics of hospitals and Korean drama’s, so I’m really hoping the directors don’t decide to use this plot device too often.

Itazura Na Kiss 12.2

O.O Lemon!

Anyway, this episode was really good. It’s good to see that Irie has progressed some sort from the beginning of this anime. You can clearly see that he’s very conflicted about his marriage arrangement to Chris. On the other hand, Kin’s finally popped the question. Although let me say that we all know how this is going to go don’t we? However, its good to see that the directors are adapting the manga really well. I mean, Itazura Na Kiss has so far been what I would call the epitome of classic romance animes done right.

I’m not even going to comment about their horrible use of engrish. I mean that was horrible, “so beautiful!”, “Mai name ees Irie” ?!?!.

Putting that aside, I enjoyed Kotoko and Matsumoto’s antics. I mean setting off the sprinkler was bad enough, but their caterpillar was too much. I also loled at Irie’s mom, she’s as funny as ever. xD

Itazura Na Kiss 12.1

Dai Shocku!

So, I’m really looking forward to the next episode and to think that we’re only halfway through this series. I can only imagine how great the rest of this series is going to be. Until then, see you all! =D



One Response to “Itazura Na Kiss – 12, Speak good english or no english at all! D=<”

  1. issa-sa Says:

    DAI SHOKKU at Kin-chan being less than his usual annoying self! But apparently the next episode kills all that

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