Vampire Knights – 12

Haha, late as usual. On to the sceenshots.

Vampire Knights 12


Yuuki meets up with Maria who transfers herself back to her real body. Yuuki gives Hiou her decision; she’ll give herself up to save Zero. Hearing that, Hiou says that all Zero needs to do to stop his transformation is to drink some of her own blood and as she gets ready to plunge her fangs into Yuuki’s neck Zero bursts through the door. Yuuki tries to stop him from killing Hiou but in the end it’s Hiou, who commands Zero to stop. After biting his neck, to which Yuuki objects, Hiou turns to Yuuki but before she can bite her Zero shoots his own leg, waking himself from his trance. Turning to Hiou, he shoots her a few times in the chest.

Though shot, Shizuka defends herself from the rest of Zero’s shots. Hiou then tells Yuuki that all Zero really wanted to do was to kill herself and end his life too. Ichiru then impales Zero’s hand with his sword allowing Hiou to leave the room. Elsewhere, Touga manages to get Kaien to interfere while Aidou tries to find Kaname. Back in the room, Yuuki finds out that Ichiru and Zero are siblings but Ichiru tries to attack Zero. While fighting, Zero finds out that Ichiru is still human because Hiou didn’t want his blood which enrages Ichiru. Though defending furiously, Zero manages to parry Ichiru’s strike and disarm him.

In yet another room, Hiou meets up with Kaname whom she asks about his purpose of being at Cross Academy. He replies that he himself, like her, is also looking for a person, right before sticking his hand through her and sucking her blood. RIght before Shizuka dies she says that Kaname will recieve new powers, Kaname replies that he’ll use that power to destroy the person who ruined the destiny of the pure bloods. Everyone, notices that Hiou has passed on, which sends Ichiru running after her in a frenzy. Yuuki asks Zero what he’s going to do when he finds Hiou and he says that he’s thought about dying, but not anymore before hugging her and leaving the room. Kain runs into Yuuki as Ichiru stands speechless over Hiou’s body.

My thoughts;

So this is the last episode before the season finale of Vampire Knights. It strikes me as odd that before this episode we haven’t had any sort of major plot development. However, this episode just came together really well. After all, before we knew it, Shizuka’s dead, and surprisingly instead of Zero it was Kaname who killed her.

I don’t know if anyone else noticed this earlier, but it seems that the only reason Shizuka wanted Kaname dead was to enhance her own powers. I’m sure Kaname led her here for the same reason. It’s kind of ironic that we only get to figure the guy out, though not anywhere near completely, at the end of the first season.

Let be get back to Ichiru again. So, the guy isn’t a vampire? I guess thats the reason he’s so weak. I mean he got owned by Zero again in this episode even after his so called power upgrade. Oh well, it should be interesteing to see how he’ll develop now that Shizuka’s gone.

That said, things have really been picking up. With Kaien seemingly back in action and Zero finally resolute enough to think about living we can only be in for a grand finale. So until the next episode. =D



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