Macross Frontier – 13 & 14 I think I went blind and deaf

Whoa, suffice to say that Macross isn’t your run-off-the-mill mecha show but episode 14, an episode totally focused on the battle, was just awe inspiring. I’m still recovering from the sounds of stuff blowing up, Alto’s screams of passion and the rainblow-esque spectrum of colours my computer unleashed on my unprepared self.

Now, being new to the Macross franchise I’m not exactly sure if the rest of the macross series deliver so well. if I were to compare Frontier to any other series that have aired or are airing this year for eye candy I’d say nothing would stand up to it. In fact, it’s episodes like this that make me wonder how big their budget is to enable them to animate battles like these so well that they feel like movies.

Congratulations sir, you are now blind

In terms of entertainment, Macross Frontier does deliver. The fact is, this battle reminds me remotely of some of the epic space battles seen in Gurren Lagann (minus the CG) and did a good job of keeping me rocking on the edge of my seat. I suppose it’s the scale of the battles?

One thing I noticed was that the president gave the fleet the permission to use reaction weapons, missles akin to nuclear weapons, against the vajra. This makes me wonder if they were trying to play up some sympathy for the fleeing Vajra considering that Ranka was against their bombing.

If Episode 14 was one awesome battle, Episode 13 is probably one of the better anime concerts I’ve heard in a while (granted there aren’t any around, but technicalities are technicalities xD)

and deaf

Anyway, if you should take anything away from my incoherent rambling, let it be this; these we’re some awesome episodes



4 Responses to “Macross Frontier – 13 & 14 I think I went blind and deaf”

  1. jacobian Says:

    Wasn’t the concert in 12?

  2. blissmo Says:

    I know, episode 14 was just awesome

  3. rroknedaj Says:

    Well crap. My bad, my bad. I must have lumped them together unknowingly. >_<

    Yeah, it was wasn’t it? xD

  4. Shin Says:

    You can tell it’s awesome just from the increase in file size alone.

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