Itazura Na Kiss – 13 & 14

Fangirl Squeal. I’ve got to say, Itazura Na Kiss has been building up very well these past episodes and I’m just estatic to see it all come together. So let me present to you (due to my laziness in part) my combined review of Itazura Na Kiss episode 13 & 14!

For the sake of those who haven’t watched 14 yet, I’ve split up my review into two parts to prevent you guys from reading some really nasty spoilers.

Episode 13


I’m just going to highlight the main points;

– Chris’ and Irie’s marriage seems to be progressing
– Irie’s mom doesn’t like Chris (gee, you don’t say)
– We find out that it was Irie, not Yuuki who kissed Kotoko at Romance Village
– Kin calls out Kotoko to get an answer from her but gets turned down.
– Irie picks up Kotoko in the rain

My thoughts;

Finally everythings coming together. After 12 episodes of Irie’s nonchalant attitude we finally get a peek into his heart. Now, I would say “typical male love potential stereotype” but I just remembered that Itazura Na Kiss might have set the stereotype for all newer romance animes. Still, even though I knew it was coming, something, maybe the execution or even the buildup made that moment; the moment he tried to find her in the rain, so much more satisfying.

Kin’s character building is handled pretty well too. I actually felt sorry for the guy in this episode. I mean, having your love rejected, even though you knew it was going to happen, isn’t exactly a happy occasion. However, being the ‘man’ he is we all know how his story is going to play out don’t we?

The gears of imminent (good) drama are turning. So this ends my review of episode 13, make sure you watch episode 14 before you continue.

Episode 14


After picking Kotoko up from the train station they walk back to Irie’s house. While walking Irie asks Kotoko why she went to see Kin, and proceeds to ask her whether he accepted his proposal. Kotoko says it’s none of his business and that she’s tired of being in this one sided relationship. Kotoko goes on to say that she’ll marry Kin because he’s been devoted to her since middle school which makes Irie ask her if she’ll be able to love someone just because that person loves her. Kotoko tries to answer but before she can finish her sentence Irie kisses her and drags her home.

Back home Irie asks Kotoko’s father for her hand in marriage, saying that he just can’t imagine a life with anyone other than Kotoko. Her father accepts, which makes Irie’s mom estatic. Later that night, Kotoko asks Irie if he thinks he’s making a good choice choosing her, but Irie says its what his heart wants. At their campus, Kotoko breaks the news to Jinko and Satomi who congratulate her. Over a meal, Irie explains his decision to Chris who understands while Kotoko tries to do the same with Kin. Suddenly Irie enters and tells Kin that he’ll be taking Kotoko. Kin tries to talk Kotoko out of it but breaks because he knows he never stood a chance at all. He asks Irie to take care of Kotoko, and after Irie promises, he gets them to leave. Back at home, they found out that Irie’s father has went to apologize to the Robbins. Irie arrives theere soon after with Kotoko and follows suit. Mr. Robbins tries to press on but is stopped by Chris who says that she didn’t want to get married either, because she’s found her own fated person.

Soon after Chris visits Kotoko in school and tells her that the person she’s in love with is Kin, much to Kotoko’s bewilderment. Back home, Irie says he’s going to drop out of medical school to suceed his fathers company but Irie’s father doesn’t allow it, while Yuuki says that he’ll be the one to suceed their fathers company. Out of the blue, Irie’s mother announces that Irie and Kotoko’s wedding will be held soon and that she’s already booked the hall. Finally, the moment is here. While in the bridal chamber, Yuuki tells Kotoko about Irie kissing her at Romance Village. After exchanging vows Kotoko tells Irie that she knows about his secret of loving her all the while and kisses him.

My thoughts;

Oh man, I was totally waiting for this episode and it definitely delivered. I can’t believe that it’s only halfway through the season, which means that theres about 14 more episodes for Kotoko and Irie to develop their relationship. Anyone else as elated as me to know that? =)

One thing I noticed about this episode specifically was how much the character designs of Kotoko and Irie have changed when compared with the first episode. Now, this is by no means a bad thing because it really makes me feel as if they’ve aged 5 years since the first episode. Irie looks more like a grown man, while Kotoko looks much more mature.

Irie’s development these past two episodes was quite interesting to watch and while I know that his motives for pushing Kotoko away, the whole “I must sacrifice myself for those around me” deal, aren’t exactly original it was still well executed. One thing that continues to bug me is how their relationship seems rather forced, with Irie coming to terms with his feelings only recently. Ahh, who cares? I guess i’ll just let that one slide. =)

Geez, at least wait until you exchange rings.

The change in Kin’s character, and his relevance to the story is also something I like. Starting as a one dimensional character who just doesn’t give up, it’s good to see Kin get the development he so rightly deserves. Chris, despite being introduced only recently, has made herself out to be so much more than the average ‘marriage candidate character’ though the thing I like most about her is her yapanese and engrish. You can’t deny that her tone and manner of speaking are just plain cute. xD

So, Itazura na kiss so far has been a really fun ride. Despite being what some would call a ‘retro romance’ anime, I think Itazura has done a good job in making itself relevant even amongst the many romance animes of today. In fact, it’s probably the best romance anime this year (true tears was good but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I did Itazura).

Hey, wait a minute. Why am I going on about it as if it’s just ended? We’ve still got 12 episodes more and I can’t express to you in words how much I think they’re gonna rock. So until next time!



2 Responses to “Itazura Na Kiss – 13 & 14”

  1. issa-sa Says:

    And to think 14’s supposed to be an unlucky number for the Chinese. Despite the art seemed all over the place in ep 14 and other miscellaneous faults I could point out if I was a cranky old fart… Who the hell freaking cares, this show is awesome *fangirl squeal all the way*

  2. jasmine Says:

    wow…i love tis anime..since i’ve watched the drama twice..i knew exactly how’s the storyline..haha..but..BUT…it’s definitely different compared to watching in anime..much more interesting…i shan’t tell how it will go on from here..or else i’ll be a spoiler…hehe…but i can say that much more interesting events will happen after tis..looking forward to the coming episodes…XD

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