Allison To Lillia – 12

Now if theres one thing I hate, It’d have to be this; having to blog an episode when the next ones already been released. Words can’t express how much I want to blog episode 13 seeing that its the climax we’ve been waiting for. Anyway, It took a long time, but I can finally see the fruits of Allison’s labour this episode. Guess Wil isn’t as dense as we all thought eh?


Im going to make this short, point form short. Nah, just kidding. xD

So after alighting from the train safely, the gang bid farewell to major Stork and lodge at a fancy hotel. Benedict then brings all of them to a church in the town of Lilliane. Inside he proposes to Fiona, to the shock of Allison, who accepts. Stork then storms into the church but relizes he’s too late to witness the ceremony. After congratulating them, he asks Benedict to keep their meeting on the transcontinental express a secret. As he tries to leave, Wil pulls out a gun and shoots him.

It turns out to be a fluke, as he shot a rubber bullet at Stork. His bodyguard comes rushing in calling him a colonel, which confirms to Wil that Stork’s main objective on the train was not the arrest of Terol but his execution. Wil goes on to say that letting Terol live would expose many military scandals and he offers his and Allisons escapades in episode 3 as proof. Stating that they were able to fly a plane across the river without any airspace violations was enough to prove to him that there were illegal operations going on between the two countries. He goes on to explain that Stork, whose original plans were to derail the train, changed his plans because he saw Allison onboard. Using their conversations on the train as proof and having met him much earlier on, Wil deduces that Stork is actually Allison’s father.

We flashback to the time Wil first met Oscar in the house of future, when he came to leave Allison there. Explaining that he had information that would be able to prevent an all out war, Stork says that he killed his own man to fake his death. Allison still has trouble believing him, so Stork, whose current name is Icacia Cross recalls the times they spent together which finally makes Allison believe. After saying their goodbyes, Allison and Wil remain at the church and the moment the cars run out of sight she drags him in. She tries yet again to ask him to live together with her when he graduates but fcan’t bring herself to say it. However, to her surprise (and definitely mine) it’s Wil who asks her about the matter this time. In frustration she kicks him down, pins him down and makes him propose to her, which he does.

My thoughts;

Now didn’t I say it was a great episode? I think the whole setting, execution and timing of the episode was perfect. Despite the fact that the entire episode took place inside the church and nothing really happened, it was probably the turning point of their lives. All I really want to say is I’m just relieved that Wil and Allison have finally tied the knot. Benedict and Fiona never had that problem to begin with.

Anyway, I’m rather satisfied by the way Wil revealed Stork’s true identity. The directors definitely did a good job scattering small clues throughout the span of the past three episodes, although the whole idea does seem far fetched. As predicted, whether due to Allison’s character or shock, her disbelief was fun to watch though justified. Also, it must be a pain to constantly have to dye your hair as in the example of Stork (or shoud I say Icacia?) for your work.

Stork’s story, though unreal at times was really quite touching to watch. In fact, it’s his story that embodies what Allison To Lillia is all about; the pains of war. As if to stress this point, all the arcs have been based off this theme but none as strongly as this one. I won’t go into the morals of having to kill a few innocent people to save countries but Storks sacrifice as a military man bent on creating a war free future was really great. Not only did he have to give up his old life, but had to give up his relationship with his daughter as well. Being in the Secret Service is indeed a tough line of work. =(

Another important matter, which plays an important part in the plot later on, would be Wil’s natural talent as a detective. Shooting Stork with a rubber bullet to find out his true rank was a brilliant thought on Wil’s part. His ability to pick up the smallest of clues from the most obscure situations is also really cool. Great deduction coupled to unbelievable circumstances would be an apt way to describe his endeavors.  Yes, yes, i know I’m easily pleased so sue me! =_+

Anyway, i’ll end my review here. Look forward to the next episode! =)



3 Responses to “Allison To Lillia – 12”

  1. Shin Says:

    My faith in this series was well rewarded with this chapter. Unlike the previous arcs in which I could see the ending a mile away, the conclusion for this one was pretty unexpected and fulfilling. Can’t wait to watch the time skip arc next.

  2. issa-sa Says:

    Of course, Wil, being the super genius that he is, has been playing dumb about Allison’s feelings all along so that she would r4pe him in the church as planned!

  3. rroknedaj Says:

    The guys less dense than we thought. xD

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