Vampire Knights – 13 (END)

Wow, what an awesome season finale!


We’re shown Shizuka’s past. The reason she killed the Kiryuu family was because they killed her lover. As he stands over Shizuka, Ichiru confesses that he’s always loved her while Shizuka tells him that she doesn’t drink his blood because she wants him as a friend not a servant before fading away.

Failing to drink Shizuka’s blood, Zero turns into a level E and is isolated by Touga and Kaien. Aidou hints to Kain that he knows more about Kaname that he’s letting on. While talking with Kaname, Yuuki realizes that everyone has their own pains be it Ichiru, Zero or even Shizuka herself. In his room, Kaname still has trouble controlling the new powers he’s gotten from Shizuka.

In isolation, Zero’s condition is getting worse though he still maintains his conciousness. Kaien and Touga, who’re watching over him have no idea what to do but they’re distracted by a crashing sound and run to check it out. Kaname manages to sneak in and gives Zero his blood to prevent him from turning into a level E, saying that it’s only for Yuuki’s sake.

My thoughts;

Like I said earlier, I thought this episode did a good job of wrapping things up while setting the stage for the second season.

Anyway, I remember stating in my previous reviews that I thought Ichiru was an interesting guy. Watching this episode, I can understand why I find his character interesting; he’s no one special but yet he  follows Shizuka around because of his loneliness. It’s good to see that they’re going to keep him around for the next season.

They actually make a cute couple.

Also, Kaname’s intentions are finally let out of the bag this episode. It seems the chess piece he’s always fiddling with represents Shizuka. Seeing that their goals are the same; the destruction of the person who ‘ruined the destiny of pure bloods‘, I finally understand why he let her into the school. They we’re aiming for each others blood to enhance their own pure blood powers. Anyway, Kaname won, which i think will make for an interesting second season.

So, at the end we have Shizuka’s sad past,

It’s also in this episode that Zero finally succumbs to his inner vampire. True to his character though, even after turning into a Level E he’s still able to retain his consciousness. I was wondering how the directors were going to handle his condition since Shizuka died but it seems that Kaname, having obtained the power of Shizuka’s blood could save him too.  So I guess Zero’s problems are solved; he no longer has to worry about becoming a Level E, which makes me wonder what his role in the next season will be?

Kaname getting some funky new powers,

I’ve always thought of Yuuki as a damsel-in-distress like character but it seems that her role in this series will be bigger than that. Two other characters that i think we’re fleshed out very nicely were Aidou and Kain. In episode 12, we know that Aidou saw Kaname kill Shizuka which made me wonder how he’d react when Kaname brought it up. Instead of fearing Kaname he seems to have understood that Kaname had his own mission to complete too. That said, I forsee these two having a bigger role to play next season too.

and Zero finally cured of his Level E problem!

All in all what did I think of Vampire Knights? Well seeing that I enjoyed the development of its plot quite alot and that while airing it became my weekly staple, I’d say it was an interesting view. Also, it’s the first series I’ve completed covering episodically here on Anime Under The sun, and I really did enjoy blogging each release.

So, how would I rank Vampire Knights? As I mentioned in my Kurenai series review, I go by this rating system;

Awesome – Best of the best, saved for my favourites
Great – Way above the normal, worth keeping
Good – A few problems here and there but still nice
Average – Baseline level anime, watch if you have the time
Mediocre – Mediocre
Bad – I doubt there would be any of these on my blog since i’d probably have dropped them. xD

Coupling its interesting plot, melancholic atmosphere, and multi dimensional characters with great skill, Vampire Knights ranks Good in my books. It could definitely have been better; the animation definitely needs some work, and at times the plot is too draggy but regardless, I still enjoyed it a lot. Oh, if you were wondering, yes, I’ll definitely be blogging the second season.

Oh I’m also going to be rating it’s character attachment factor. Bluntly put, it’s a rating how attached I got to it’s characters over the course of the entire series. After all, character attachment is important in an anime. So, Vampire Knights scores justifiably, an 8.

So, thats all guys, I hope you all enjoyed this series as much as I did. See you next season!



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