Tetsuwan Birdy Decode – 2

I’m down with throat infection today, so no long and fancy posts until I get better. D=


I’m going to go get some rest after I write this, so todays summary will be in point form.

– The Ryunka escapes while being transported and merges with Nakasugi, Senkawa’s classmate.
– Senkawa discovers that his body’s been sent for reconstruction on a foreign planet
– Birdy tracks down Bacillus, the other interplanetary villain that escaped to earth but he manages to escape.
– Bacillus who’s at his limit with his current body absorbs Geega.

My thoughts;

So, this episode Senkawa finds out that his body is being repaired and that he has to tolerate living inside Birdy’s mind for the moment. The funny thing is that they can’t talk to each other telepathically, but rather either of them have to speak out loud if they want to communicate. It’ll be quite interesting to see how Senkawa’s life will be affected because of this.

Although Senkawa’s situation is quite bad, Birdy’s not exactly unaffected either. She loses track of both Bacillus and Geega two times in a row. It’s safe to say that their symbiosis is making Birdy’s job harder, since Senkawa’s doing a good job of keeping Birdy’s recklessness in check.

So, sorry for the short summary but I’m off to sleep now. D:



One Response to “Tetsuwan Birdy Decode – 2”

  1. blissmo Says:

    Communicating telepathically sounds like fun lols

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