Off Topic: God’s work in the muslim community and some other stuff in Malaysia

Okay, for today’s off topic post I’m going to be talking about something the preacher for last weeks sermon ( or better known as my dad) brought up. I thought I might just share this with my brothers and sisters in Christ. Anyway, watch the video first. Oh, and I mean no offense to any muslims watching this. < =)

Stuff like this is always interesting to see on the internet and considering this was a report aired on the RBC news channel, it must have been such big news that even they would consider reporting it.

Secondly, I want to address this to my christian brothers and sisters in Malaysia. Regardless of whether you’ve heard of it or not, the Malaysian Youth Prayer Gathering, have recently organized a nationwide prayer gathering in the district of Kluang, in Johor. I would write more about it here but since I’ve already covered it on my church’s blog I’ll just link you guys to it.

So, have a good day you guys. Oh, and yes, I’m still sick >_<



4 Responses to “Off Topic: God’s work in the muslim community and some other stuff in Malaysia”

  1. 0 GMT Says:

    good bro, we need more on these. we are thirsty to hear religious blogs. as long as it is universal, and no touch on warnings to other races religions neigbours etc. carry on, but, careful, some of mine are blacklisted and captured in the sex column. some idiots just don’t recognize that we all sharing the truth nothing but the truth. rituals is free to anyone to perform or not. so please post more on these ya?..hmm.. nice..

    bydway, nothing is off topic when send button is pressed..why not?

  2. rroknedaj Says:

    Well, since this is basically my animeblog I was intending to make it an off topic post. Although, yes, I do agree that we need more blogs that talk about Gods work on the net. Cheers! =)

  3. blissmo Says:


    And I’m Christian too! A Protestant, to be more precise, and it’s great that you guys have gatherings too. We have them also, but not everyone comes because not everyone shares the same enthusiasm I guess.

  4. rroknedaj Says:

    Cool, where do you live btw? O_o

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