Natsume Yuujin Chou – 3

If I were to vote on which summer season anime I like the most so far, Natsume Yuujin Chou would win by a landslide. That said, this episode was just brilliantly heart-warming.


Word has been going about in the youkai community that theres a spirit exterminator whos going around indiscriminately attacking/purifying spirits. At the same time, Natsume finds out that theres a new guy, Tanuma, who’s just transferred to his school and that this guy may be able to see spirits too. Meanwhile, Natsume keeps having dreams of his past, in which he met with a woman he thought could see spirits too.

After much pestering, Natsume and madara decide to check the place, called the Fields of Eight, out. They arrive only for Natsume to get assaulted by the youkai there, who think that he’s the exterminator. Out of no where, a massive burst of purifying energy is released and all the youkai scatter. They try to pursue the culprit but he’s disappeared. In school he finds out more about Tanuma, who apparently came to visit him earlier.

Back at the Fields of Eight they continue their search but are interrupted by Misuzu, a large youkai who’s come to get his name back. Being occupied at the mometn, Natsume asks Misuzu to wait but Madara sets him off on the wrong foot after he tells Misuzu about the youkai exterminator. Misuzu tries to attack the man, who turns out not to be Tanuma but his father, but is stopped by Natsume’s command. Apparently Mr. Tanuma can’t see the youkai and is just purifying the place blindly. So the problem is solved when Natsume asks him to keep his purification to a minimum. At school Natsume finds out that Tanuma can see youkai, but not as wells as Natsume.

My thoughts;

Wow, I don’t know if anyone else noticed it but this episodes production values went up quite alot; especially during the parts about Natsume’s past. I think they got that whole evening sun shading thing down quite well. I won’t comment on the music since I’d just be repeating what I’ve said in my reviews of the past few episodes.

One thing that struck me as interesting this episode was Natsume’s eagerness to find someone like himself. Or should I say that it’s kind of expected? I like how the director emphasizes Natsume’s loneliness, especially when it’s done through flashbacks as in the other episodes we see little snippets of Reiko’s life through the memories of the youkai Natsume free. Granted that in this episode it was Natsume’s own memory, but the story of that spirit who, taking human form, tried to comfort Natsume was so sad to watch. T–T

Excuse me for a moment while I restart my heart.

The conclusion to this episodes theme, the whole rogue youkai exterminator deal, totally took me by surprise. I was half expecting (probably due to watching too much anime with psychotic antagonists) Tanuma to be a villian of some sort. You know, with the whole “I hate youkai because they’ve made me an outcast and are evil” backstory. Instead we find out that his dad is the one going around purifying the area, whats more, he’s doing it unknowingly! I like how this series hasn’t created any arch nemesis’ for Natsume and I certainly hope they’ll keep the flow of this episode.

So, yeah, great episode, great music, great whatever. I think you’ll find that Natsume Yuujin Chou is quickly becoming my favourite anime of the summer, for those exact reasons. Anyway, until next time then! =D



3 Responses to “Natsume Yuujin Chou – 3”

  1. Llora-chan Says:

    I also thought that Tanuma-kun would be like that too.
    Kyaa~ The scenes where it showed Takeshi-kun’s past made want to hug him and say, “It’s okay, I’ll stay with you. Then you’ll never be lonely again.” >.<

  2. omisyth Says:

    During the whole past scene, there just seemed to be something wrong with her eyes. When the truth emerged it really was just… damn. For the people who like this type of show, its really turning out well. Sleeper hit in the making.

  3. rroknedaj Says:


    Definitely sleeper hit material. =D

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