Allison To Lillia – 13

Uwahh. What a sad episode. (T–T)


We start of with a flashback to the time Wil first meets Allison in the house of the future, in which Wil compares Allison to a dazzling fairy he’s just seen in his book. In the future, now happily married, Wil and Allison are living together. One day while on his way home from his campus, Wil is visited by Colonel Icacia who offers him a job in Sou Beil’s intelligence agency with two conditions; he’ll have to discard his name and nationality as well as giving up his life with Allison. Later on, they meet up with Benedict over a cup if tea.

After tea, Wil and Allison go to the park. Wil then has a flashback to his time at the house of the future, and promises to protect the serene world before him. Later that night, on their balcony Wil tells Allison that she looked liked the fairy in his book a long time ago. The next morning, Allison goes to a hospital for a pregnancy test and soon later that evening meets Wil on a hill overlooking an airfield. Sensing something on his mind Allison asks Wil what he’s thinking, and Wil says that he’ll have to go away soon. Allison understands his decision and decides to support him in turn. The next morning, Wil boards the train and shouts his love for Allison before he leaves. Back at their now empty apartment, Allison wipes away her won tears.

15 years pass.  We’re now introduced to their daughter Lilliana Icacia Corazon Whittington Schultz. Apparently, she thinks Wil died 15 years ago on a train accident and because of that she’s now living together with her mother. Atfer waking Allison up, Lilliane goes to open the door for her mothers current boyfriend, Major Travas. She pours him a cup of tea which he can’t drink immediately because of his inability to drink hot things. Apologizing, he just laughs it of saying that some things never change.

My thoughts;

My goodness, what a bittersweet episode. I was going to write about it earlier but I just couldn’t find the inspiration to do so, good thing I rewatched it. xD

Anyway, I’m going to try calming myself down before I start penning anything down. *deep breath* Ahh, much better.

So lets start with the obvious. Obviously, the storys skipped a few years since episode 12 and WIl and Allison are now married. Now, this took me by surprise since they we’re having trouble hooking up just one episode ago but I got used to it. I’ve got to say, they make a really good couple since they’ve got the whole supportive and caring thing down. From their daily endeavors; meeting up with Benedict, taking a stroll in the park, Allison’s pregnancy, and even Wil telling Allison how she resembled a fairy on their balcony,  the entire episode went into showcasing their happiness together, which was really sweet to watch.

I’d say that the only thing that bugged me in this episode was the fact that Icacia picked Wil, a student to work in his department. Now, I realize that they have had some previous experiences together and that he probably sees Wil as someone extremely capable, but you’d think that he’d be a little more discreet about it. Actually, I’m just unhappy with him because he’s probably the sole person responsible for separating Allison and Wil.

From young woman to messy lady; Allison.

Anyway, the scene in which Wil told Allison about his decision was done really well. The setting was there, the atmosphere was there, and that melancholic evening glow, agh, the whole thing was so heartbreaking. However, Allison’s decision to support Wil made me think of an old proverb which I think holds true even in todays society; behind every great man is a great woman because after all, God made humans in pairs. Allison’s sacrifice was just that; she knew Wil had a so called higher calling and that he probably wouldn’t be able to let it go by without regretting it later on.

I thought I would be able to handle the rest of the episode, but the train scene was just too much. Being the manly man I am, I didn’t shed a tear but inwardly I was devastated. Now, I won’t go into the heated topic of attachement to fictional characters but still, Allison crying alone in their apartment was a real clincher. T–T

From dashing young boy, to  handsome military man; Wil. Man, I wish I’d be able to look as good as him when I turn 40+. xD

Allison and Wil’s lives have come full circle with the introduction of Lilliane, this review wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t talk about her. If its any consolation, its good to see Wil (or Travas) and Allison back together in the sense of the word. Anyway, I think I understand what the first half of Allison To Lillia was all about; setting up the end of the war for the next generation. Allison, Wil and Benedict found the mural and effectively stopped the war, so it would make sense if the rest of the series dealt with the new generations lives due to it.

So with Lillia taking over where Wil’s monologue left off, we’re now going into the second half of this series. Pardon me for the long review, I can’t help it, but I hope this series will continue to be as enjoyable and touching as its been. So until next time! =D



One Response to “Allison To Lillia – 13”

  1. issa-sa Says:

    *sniffs* FINALLY (ironically, they beat Itazura na Kiss by one episode in the marriage department WHO WOULD’VE THOUGHT).
    Icacia’s just a bitter dad who doesn’t want his daughter taken by another man XD
    And Wil – Megumi Ogata + TOshiyuki Morikawa = MAN

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