School Rumble Sangaki – 25

WOW! Talk about a great episode! Raw emotions, men fighting for love and more Tenma cuteness. =D


– Takes place during the end of the unaired nature walk arc
– Tenma finally confesses to Karasuma, who rejects her because of his illness
– Harima being the man he is goes to duke it out with Karasuma in school
– Unexpectedly, Karasuma gives Harima a run for his money
– Harima wins and helps Karasuma to the airport
– In her house,  Yakumo, Suoh, Eri and Takano try to cheer Tenma up
– Harima tries to confess his love but ends up giving up. Instead he kidnaps Tenma and heads towards the airport to unite her with Karasuma.

My thoughts;

Someone asked me what I thought of this episode, the best analogy I could come up with was, was; like getting a bar of my favourite sweet, only to find out that half of the said bar was missing. School Rumble Sangaki 25 was just that; really satisfying, yet vaguely unsatisfying at the same time. Don’t get me wrong, I totally laughed my head off every moment I could and enjoyed it more than I can say but I’m just dissapointed that we didn’t get a whole season. Anyone who knows me personally can testify of my avid fanboy-ness over school rumble. Oh well. =(

Eitherway this episode is a rendition of the final few volumes of the manga and also happens to be the climax of the series. It was a real joy seeing Tenma’s cute overreactions and Harima’s manliness in anime form again. It’s too bad I spoiled myself by reading the manga, so these developments aren’t too shocking or anything. One problem I have with this episode though is that the animation is quite subpar. I mean come on, you’re animating the final few episodes of what is probably the best love comedy ever. >_<

I can’t wait for the next episode though and while its a real shame that episodes 1-24 are missing (the numbering of the episodes makes me feel like I’m being conned), I’ll be looking forward to the climatic ending of this series. Cheers! <=)



5 Responses to “School Rumble Sangaki – 25”

  1. omisyth Says:

    I read 120 chapters of School Rumble in a day just so I knew what was going on. And it was AWESOME.

  2. Baka-Raptor Says:

    I’d say it’s more like not eating for three days and then someone gives you a candy bar, expecting you to be satisfied.

    HP/MP restored!

    But you’re still hungry…

  3. rroknedaj Says:

    Woah, thats extreme

    Hahaha, I agree, that IS a better analogy. xD

  4. karry Says:

    “Eitherway this episode is a rendition of the final few volumes of the manga and also happens to be the climax of the series.”

    Is that so ? I thought it was a godawful unfunny and out-of-character episode, and that means that manga ending is ruined too ? Noooooooo !!!!

  5. rroknedaj Says:

    Well, the buildup prior to the episode was gut busting fun but since episode 25 was more standalone than anything else it may have seemed out of character.

    The manga’s still as funny as ever. =)

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