Itazura Na Kiss – 15

Oh I guess I’m late with this post, but then again with stuff like Allison To Lillia and Avatar to write about I guess it can’t be helped right? xD


My exams are coming up once again so my summary will be short today.

Irie and Kotoko go to Hawaii for their honeymoon. While there, Kotoko is frequently interrupted by Horuichi Mari, another visitor who’s also come to Hawaii for her honeymoon. Whether it be at the beach or in the hotel itself, Irie is constanly stalked by Mari. Feigning sickness, Mari tries to get Irie to examine her, only to make Kotoko jealous which causes Irie to scold her. Mari tries to seduce Irie but he says he’ll never do it and goes into town to find Kotoko. The husband Takumi sets Mari straight with a slap. While lost in town, Irie manages to find Kotoko who thinks she’s being accosted by the local policeman. They make up and finally consummate their marriage later that night. Back at home Kotoko decides that she’s going to become a nurse to help Irie.

My thoughts;

Not a bad episode although everything seemed kind of rushed to me, getting married as university students isn’t something very common nowadays wouldn’t you say? I guess thats why they call the 90’s the 90’s. xD

Anyway, I was expecting Kotoko and Irie’s honeymoon to be less hectic and seeing Mari in action didn’t help one bit though. Which brings me to my first point; why get married if you don’t think your spouse is capable enough in the first place? Sure this is fiction and all, but Mari and Takumi’s relationship was painful to watch. Although Irie and Kotoko fared much better, his behavior towards his wife was just out of line in my opinion, you don’t shout at your spouse. Even though they made up towards the end of the episode, which we’re they not married would have sent me straight to fanboy heaven, I thought that they could definitely do better as a married couple. So, I guess my hope for Kotoko and Irie is to have them grow in maturity and understanding towards each other. =)

Thats all I really have to say about episode 15, with it’s less than stellar development. Oh well, I guess this is where the character development portion of Itazura Na Kiss comes in. The focus of episode 16 seems to be on Chris and Kin, which should be good I guess? Anyway, until next time guys!  <=)



3 Responses to “Itazura Na Kiss – 15”

  1. issa-sa Says:

    Actually, ther than the fact that they’re now married, nothing much seems to have changed in Itazura na Kiss. Kotoko is still clueless idealistic Kotoko, Irie’s mom is still scheming fangirl mom, and Irie… is still nice??? Good to see the show retaining its charms, though I was slightly hoping that this second half will take the show to another height. Still lots of episodes to go I guess.

  2. biankita Says:

    Actually, this probably wouldn’t have happened if they they started dating first. I agree with issa-sa when said that nothing changed between the dynamics between Kotoko and Naoki and the rest of the characters of the show… but it’s still a hell of a guilty pleasure.

  3. rroknedaj Says:

    I still feel that Kotoko and Irie jumped the gun to marriage, but yeah guilty pleasure it is, seeing that I was basically screaming when they finally tied the knot. I guess their development should be a lesson to all of us; marriage may not be as sweet as you think it is. xD

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