Allison To Lillia – 14

A good start to the second half.


Things start off as Lillia wakes Allison up to ask her about her planned trip to Lartika and heads off to school after getting confirmation. Meanwhile, Treize, the son of Fiona and Benedict, is on his way to Lillia’s school. Treize picks Lillia up after her school ends with his motorbike. On the way back, Lillia asks him why he’s come all the way to Roxche on his bike but gets no good answers. Back home, they find Travas waiting and after introducing Trieze to him, Lillia goes to prepare some tea. Travas greets Treize by his princely status and over tea, they talk about things, mainly about how their identities are kept secret from Lillia. Later that night, over dinner Allison asks Lillia to go to Lartika with Treize because she can’t make it.

The next day, Lillia and Treize are on the train to Lartika. Lillia goes to get some tea, leaving Treize alone with his two royal guards (from Fiona’s village), who pester him about not helping Lillia. In the royal palace in Ikstova, Benedict and Fiona are interrupted by their daughter Meriel who demands that Fiona gets back to her royal duties. Back on the train, the royal guards leave Treize and Lillia alone. Soon after, they arrive at Lartika by boat. They arrive at their lodgings, a very high class hotel. Treize assures Lilli it’s okay by saying that his family’s friend owns the place.

They decide to go sightseeing but get lost. While walking, they get stopped by a child who offers to guide them back to town for a price. Outside their hotel, Lillia pays the boy who promptly gets caught by a policeman. They vouch for him, but the officer says accepting such payment is illegal and takes the boy away. Soon after, they find out that there are sightseeing planes they can take, and the next day they go and check it out. At the harbour, they meet Mateo a former army reconnaissance pilot and get ready to take off. In her bunk, Allison receives a call from Travas who says that Treize and Lillia are in danger.

My Thoughts;

I liked this episode despite still feeling a little depressed about episode 13. The re-introduction of our beloved cast and the new additions to the group was done quite well and I managed to get a grasp of their characteristics rather easily.

For one thing, Lillia is pretty much a brunette Allison although she seems to be more sensible than her mother. Allison hasn’t changed much and neither has Travas, who in this episode was confirmed to be Wil. The only real new characters would have to be Treize and Meriel, both members of the Ikstovan royal family. I’ve got to say, hearing Treize’s voice was quite the treat since his voice actor, Hiroyuki Yoshino, also played Allelujah Haptism in Gundam 00. I found Treize to be a mix of Wil and Allison, having Wil’s calmness and Allison’s quick wit. The poor guy also seems to be in Allison’s position in the previous half seeing that his obvious advances on Lillia are brushed away quite casually. I can’t say too much about Meriel yet, seeing as we haven’t seen too much of her yet.

I also enjoyed seeing the gang older. Benedict and Fiona seem to be doing quite fine in terms of their relationship. Allison’s still as busy as ever and Wil while currently free, will definitely have something to deal with in the later episodes, if their conversation at the end of the episode is any indicator. One other thing I liked about this episode were the character building moments, like the chat Treize, Lillia and the royal guard had in the train. Now, thats the Allison To Lillia that I love. =)

Despite not much happening this episode, I’m sure that the oncoming episodes will be action packed. SO, until the next episode, cheers! =D



One Response to “Allison To Lillia – 14”

  1. issa-sa Says:

    Glad to see that it’s still the Allison and Lillia we love πŸ˜› I mean, it STILL took me a while before it even occurred in my mind “Wait, wait, don’t tell me… Treize is actually Fiona and Benedict’s son!”. At least this time I got it before they confirmed it, but still I fell overly-complacent with this show sometimes πŸ˜›

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