Natsume Yuujin Chou – 4

*Sniff* I just can’t get enough of that ending song. It’s just so beautiful. T–T


I know I’ve said this before but my tests are coming up, so that said, I hope you guys don’t mind if i cut my summaries short.

– Natsume’s class representative Sasada organizes a test of courage to an old School building that’s about to be demolished
– While there, the resident youkai, who we later find out is named Shigure starts kidnapping students, putting them to sleep and threatening to keep them imprisoned forever.
– We also find out that Sasada has met Shigure once before and is trying to meet him again, to thank him for helping her out.
– Natsume confronts Shigure, returns his name and frees him from his self inflicted banishment
– Before he vanishes, Shigure thanks Sasada.

My thoughts;

My initial impression of this season wasn’t a very good one seeing that I thought it was kinda weak. However, what it lacks in oomph it certainly makes up for in downright heartwarming stories. Though the whole concept of Shigure’s detachment from humans seems kinda overused and the way he was freed, yeah, kinda corny, I really felt for him. One probable reason for this is because the youkai in Natsume Yuujin Chou all seem so much more realistic, and they definitely have alot more emotional baggage to deal with.

Shigure has a weird sense of style. I mean a bucket?! You need inspiration my friend!

Although only four episodes in, Natsume Yuujin Chou is definitely stepping up as a contender for best Ayakashi/Youkai/spirit anime of the year. Not surprising considering the good response I’ve been reading about all it over the anime blogging community. That aside, this episode also demonstrated that this anime is capable of something most serious Ayakashi anime are generally incapable of; good slapstick humour. I really laughed out loud at Natsume’s reaction to seeing that Kappa on the road. His exasperated rehydration of the poor thing was kinda funny as well.

That Kappa made me LOL. It also reminded me of Gintama. xD

This episode also fleshed out another member of it’s cast, Sasada, or better known to some as the class representative. Up till now, I’m still kinda unsure about the direction this anime’ll be taking since the episodes have been rather episodic in nature. This makes me wonder if the directors are heading for some big finale, seeing as they bothered to deal with the backstories of the minor characters. Also, seeing that Sasada now knows of Natsume’s secret I wonder if we’ll see any romance in the future episodes? It’s a possibility, after all everyone loves romance. xD

Lastly, I just want to say that I found Madara’s transformation kinda interesting because that girl he shapeshifted into was clearly a reference to Reiko. Once again, I’m wondering what his connection to her is? Is his name in the Yuujin Chou? If it isn’t why is he so desperate to have it? His story is definitely something I want to see explored. Also, man was Reiko/Madara cute! The man (uh man is the right word, right?) has good style! xD

My goodness, s/he’s cute. O_O

So, I’m off to study now, but before I go God bless and cheers to all of you. Heres to hoping I don’t mess my test up. >_<



4 Responses to “Natsume Yuujin Chou – 4”

  1. MisterEd Says:

    One thing that’s kind of bugged me about Reiko’s backstory is: it’s implied that she never did connect with humans, but she had a child. And another question, as you point out, why does Nyanko-sensei’s know so much about Reiko and have so much interest in Natsume? One crazy idea I had that would tie those questions together is: Nyanko-sensei is Natsume’s grandfather. Like I said, CRAAAAAZZZYYY.

    Reiko is very cute, but I ❤ Sasada-iinchou. I hope she turns out to be Natsume’s bridge to human relationships. I thought the way she ended this episode was absolutely wonderful.

    I love the ED, too. It may the most fitting ED ever – it hits that wistful, contemplative tone that amplifies and expands the mood of the show. The OP’s not bad, either.

  2. omisyth Says:

    Nyanko-sensei. Confusing people’s sexuality since, well, a few days ago.

  3. biankita Says:

    My goodness, s/he’s cute. O_O
    ahahaha… it’s scary that you find a he/she cute. i didn’t like episode so much. too many toos. too cheesy. too predictable. too creepy because i hate empty school buildings… ^^

  4. Ez Says:

    Thanks for all the input guys. xD

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