Itazura Na Kiss – 16

Hold up while I get something off my chest; WHERE IS MY TETSUWAN BIRDY DECODE?! It’s been weeks for crying out loud, fansubbers don’t let me down now! >_<

Anyway, pointless ranting aside, this episode wasn’t too bad. I still think that Itazura Na Kiss needs to start building up the drama again but all in good time I guess. Oh well, screenie time.


I’m now in full blown test mode which will, sad to say, cause me to mess up tomorrows test if I write my usual full length summary. So until the happy day my test ends, point form it is. xO

– Kotoko fails her first attempt to get into the medical department.
– Irie promises her a date if she passes the second round.
– We find out that Kotoko might be pregnant
– On a side note, Chris is trying to get Kin to like her and plans a birthday party for him, but thanks to Kotoko’s meddling things go sour.
– Sadly, Chris has to leave Japan for her homeland and with a tearful goodbye leaves.
– Kin tries to stop her but seemingly fails to do so. It turns out Chris decided to stay at the last moment. We may be seeing the start of a new relationship.

My thoughts;

Haha, what else would Kotoko be if she wasn’t a meddler of affairs? Quite a fun episode this time round with Kin finally getting over his rejection. Good to see that they developed Chris a bit more in this episode. One thing though, I really liked the whole 80’s street girl look she was giving off throughout the later half of the episode. Old fashioned or not, I have to admit that she pulled the look off really well.

You go girl! Love the cap!

Anyway, I don’t really have much else to say about Kin and Chris’ new start, even though thats what most of the episode was about. I’m much more interested in Kotoko’s false pregnancy. Part of me knew that she wasn’t going to pregnant in the end. The more dubious part of me was contemplating the possible horrors that would follow if Kotoko was indeed pregnant. Personally, she still feels like a kid to me even though she’s probably what? 21+ years old? She needs a serious personality change to make me fix my perception of her.

I might have failed to mention this before but I like the ending as well. I’ve only recently noticed that the character designs of Kotoko and Irie in the ending theme are quite different from how they normally look. Thats not a bad thing, instead I think it makes them look much better, and surprisingly, older. Especially Irie, although I think it’s because he doesn’t have his trademark scowl. xD

See what I mean?

Thats all for today. So until next time, God bless. Cheers! =)



One Response to “Itazura Na Kiss – 16”

  1. biankita Says:

    I didn’t like the episode. Boring. Not enough Kotoko X Naoki in it to make it interesting.

    Also, in the ED, I found Naoki looking older and Kotoko looking like a 12 year old. I thought it was just me. Though I actually like that shot of Naoki as a doctor.

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