Natsume Yuujin Chou – 5 Friendship

This made episode made me realize how important my friends are. It was that touching. I know I’ve said this time and time again, but Natsume Yuujin Chou is quickly becoming my favourite Youkai/Ayakashi anime of the year.


Natsume finds a train ticket while going through Reiko’s belongings and bringing it to school is questioned by Sasada. Sasada tries to follow him as he takes a bus to the station but Tanuma stops her from boarding it before disappearing. At the station he meets Santo, a friendly spirit who’s name is in the Yuujin Chou. Finding out that Reiko had made a promise to him earlier on, Natsume returns Santo’s name to find out what the promise is about. In his memory, Reiko makes a promise to accompany Santo to apologize to Mikuri, a friend who he had wronged, but never manages to keep it.

Natsume decides to walk with Santo to the next station, to make up for Reiko breaking her promise. On the way the area gets warped by a vengeful spirit and attacks them. Madara quickly transforms and brings them to safety where they meet a possesed Mikuri, taking the form of a giant catfish. Mikuri possesd by the spirit tries to take the Yuujin Chou from natsume but is stopeed ultimately by Madara. Reverting back to his normal form, a pint sized tadpole we find out that Mikuri was upset with Santo because he willingly gave his name to Reiko, the two make up and leave.

the next day, Sasada tries to pry info on what happened the day before but before she can get anything out of him, Natsume runs off to thank Tanuma for his help at the bus stop. They exchange a friendly conversation while Natsume looks out of a window.

My thoughts;

So it seems that Sasada is going to be a recurring character and like I predicted in last episodes review, it’s likely that she’s going to be Natsume’s love interest. That said, I thought her pestering Natsume about where he was headed was kinda funny. It’s good to see that he’s opening up, slowly but still surely, to the people around him. Like with his classmates who we’re quarreling over how to eat Udon of all things. It’s good to see that they brought back Tanuma in this episode. Impeccable timing I would call it, since he probably saved Natsume and Sasada from alot of (self inflicted in Sasada’s case) trouble.

Anyone care to explain how catfish and tadpoles are related?

Anyway, friendship is a theme that has been dealt with in many, many animes. In fact the best example I can come up with at the moment would be Naruto, with Naruto’s unshakable will to save Sasuke from himself (good luck with that =_+). However, it isn’t very often that an anime is able to portray such a sincere view of Friendship. Instead of relying on perseverance or selflessness for a friend, this episode, as shown by Natsume’s two friends as well as Santo and Mikuri, paints a very basic picture of Friendship; just being there for each other. I also get the feeling that Sasada, Tanuma and Natsume are going to end up as a trio later on in the series.

The possible trio

As in the previous episode, Madara shows that he knows more than he’s letting on and this tim quite obviously. This makes me wonder, if Natsume wants to know about Reiko so badly why doesn’t he just ask Madara? Rather than going through her keepsakes, which caused him enough trouble already. Oh, well It’s probably in the name of plot advancement or something so I wont bother. One thing that did bother me though was Santo, how long was he waiting there?! It definitely had to be more than 30 years, which was probably what caused Mikuri to be possesed by that vengeful spirit and with good reason too. What a horrible thing to do Reiko! O_o

This episode just had a great message. Not so much in terms of plot development but rather in terms of character bonding. Anyway, two posts in one day?! I’m off to sleep now God bless till the next time. =)



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