Nogizaka Haruka No Himitsu First Impressions

Actually, I was hesitating to call this a first impressions post because I had mixed feelings about the first episode. I was tempted to drop it at first, but the following episode managed redeem it somehow. Eitherway I’m now at episode 4 of Nogizaka Haruka No Himitsu ( which translates to Nogizaka Haruka’s secret, but you probably already knew that). So yeah, to the actual post.

So in terms of plot, well suffice to say that there isn’t one at the moment. The premise; your average highschooler finds out that the school idol is an otaku, tries to stop the entire school from finding out and ends up befriending her. I was expecting the plot to take the shuffle! or Clannad route, and I’m quite glad that it didn’t. Oh, did I mention that this series is a love comedy?

The characters are pretty standard, with Yuuto playing the role of the average joe who ends up with Haruka, the high school idol. I thought the supporting cast was rather weak though, seeing as they haven’t had much relevance to the show so far. Although, the whole idea of having your high school idol as a closet otaku deserves some merit. I personally found Haruka’s reactions, and the rest of the schools while we’re at it, to be way overblown in a funny sort of way. Otaku are people too you know! That aside, Yuuto’s and Haruka’s relationship was also kind of fun to watch.

The music is pretty standard as far as these sorts of anime go. However, while the background music isn’t particularly interesting, the opening and ending are. I especially like the opening Tomadoi Bittertune by Milan Himemiya and Chocolate Rockers, that rave tune is pretty cool. Anyway, The voice acting is pretty decent, although they managed to cast Mamiko Noto as Haruka, Rina Satou (who also plays Haruka in Minami-ke, did I mention I love Minami-ke?) as Amamiya, and Kana Ueda (do I need to state how awesome I think she is?) as the maid, Nanami.

The opening.

Anyway, what did I think of the first few episodes?Well I don’t really have much to say about it. Nogizaka Haruka No Himitsu is one of those shows that are better watched then read about. Although the fanservice is quite annoying (I think fanservice is cheap by the way \(*o*\),  I mean it was all over the place and kinda ruined the mood sometimes. I don’t want to make it sound like such a bad thing though, fanservice or not, the show is generally quite easy on the eyes.

So, I won’t be blogging this series but I’ll definitely be watching it. So until then cheers and God bless! =)



2 Responses to “Nogizaka Haruka No Himitsu First Impressions”

  1. biankita Says:

    i actually find the fanservice in this show less tacky and less cheap compared to other anime. i’m just watching it for the potential romance so what do i know? ^^

  2. Ez Says:

    I agree, the prospect of a romance betweenYuuto and Haruka is tempting enough. xD

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