Itazura Na kiss – 17

Finally, an episode that made me think they we’re a married couple, and in a surprising 3 episodes since they got married too! (*o*)


– Kotoko attends the first class of her nursing course.
– At the start we’re introduced to four new characters from her nursing class; Tomoko, Marina, Motoki and Keita.
– Somehow or another, they end up trying to find out who Irie’s wife is. Irie ends the camaraderie by coming to Kotoko’s class and talking to her himself.
– As a punishment for not telling them about her status (which was their fault in the first place) Kotoko’s friends ask her to throw a hook up party with Irie.
– Towards the end, Kotoko ends up drunk and Irie has to carry her home. A rivalry is starting between Keita and Irie over Kotoko’s affections.

My thoughts;

Finally after all the ambiguous relational muck we’ve had to wallow through these past few episodes, Kotoko and Irie act like a married couple. In my opinion the first thing a married couple should do is to confide in each other. Considering that they’re married and all, you’d think they’d talk to each other a bit more.

We’re introduced to some new characters this episode and some of them turn out (why am I not surprised?) to be quite annoying. On a side note, are people really so ignorant of other peoples marriage statuses? The way they put it in this episode, it seems that husband-stealing is something really common nowadays.

Hahaha, I missed those faces. xD

Anyway, being a bio-tech student myself I could relate to the nurse practices that kotoko was going through. In a way it’s good to see an anime dealing with nursing since, nursing as a job seems pretty underrated these days. Truth is, I know of many nurses myself, seeing that there are quite a few nurses in my church and it really is a self sacrificing job. Actually, I know of a couple in my church who’re in the exact same position Irie and Kotoko are in now; they’re a married doctor and nurse. the parallels are quite surprising. xD

Woah, thats not how you do it

Back on topic, as I mentioned earlier, it’s good to see irie and Kotoko’s relationship developing. I believe that though their buildup might be slow, in time they’ll come to be the mature couple I hope they’ll be. That said, Kotoko’s antics were as funny as ever and it’s good to see that the show is going back to the basics of what made it so enjoyable in the first place.

As you guys might have guessed, I liked this episode. I’m also starting to see Itazura Na Kiss’s transition from a highschool love comedy to a very mature relational anime which, was what I was expecting when I first took it up. With the climax reaching, I wonder how they’ll end it?

On a side note, I notice I write better in the morning (/*o*)/ So, until the next time God bless. Cheers guys! >=)



2 Responses to “Itazura Na kiss – 17”

  1. biankita Says:

    I’m just thrilled that Naoki’s getting all jealous now! ^^

  2. jasmine Says:

    hehehe…the episodes to come will be more interesting…”jealousy”..
    totally agree wif u…
    nurse>self-sacrificing..i must reli thank tis show..or anime…told u inspired me to go nursing…i nvr realise the importance n the value of a nurse till i joined the course…chg my personality too…haha..a healthcare worker in the future..hope more ppl would join nursing..(^^)
    wow..i’ll b learning nxt year wad kotoko does in the nxt episode..haha..i’ll definitely won’t b like her…

    love tis anime~~

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