Amatsuki Series Review

Starting off and remaining rather obscure throughout the spring season, Amatsuki is one of those series that really did deserve more attention (seeing that only one guy blogged it). Eitherway, boasting  a well thought plot, and multi-faceted characters it definitely didn’t disappoint.

I’d say the main draw of amatsuki is it’s well scripted characters and the really down-to-earth feel its got. Despite being a show with time travelling teens, ayakashi, and edo age japan, Amatsuki really does make one feel at home with the setting. The best word to describe it would be; homely, filling its viewers with that warm feeling inside. With it’s plot constantly on the move, it’s uncanny ability to shift from light hearted moments to being dead serious, and for having a climax where everything is resolved by talking, Amatsuki is a definite must watch for this year.

Rikugou Tokidoki; the blank page

Amatsuki definitely excels plotwise, with it’s carefully rendered plot. Everything makes sense and has proper building up, everything that doesn’t is foreshadowed as well. At the start, of the plot seems to focus on Toki’s development, and much of the story is focused around him being the blank page. Towards the end though, what we get is a complete shift of the so called ‘bad guy’s’ motives, and then we find out that the whole season was basically a buildup for the next. As I mentioned earlier, the direction of Amatsuki is just awesome. It’s definitely not easy to transition from plot heavy moments to light character development, but Amatsuki does it nearly seamlessly, with no part feeling out of place. Watch it and you’ll understand.

The trio; Toki, Kuchiha & Shinonome

Characterwise pretty much all the characters are well developed, and seeing Amatsuki has a large cast to deal with, thats something worth complimenting. My personal favourite is Toki, with his empathetic and humanitarian values, followed by Kuchiha, who in my opinion is just so cute. Shinonome is really interesting as well, since his actions somewhat parallel with  Toki’s. The good thing is that none of the characters feel minor; each has a really great part to play, be it Heihachi or even Tsuyukusa. The antagonist, Bonten while looking very much like your cliched anime prettyboy villain actually has a very likeable personality and plausible motives to boot. I could go on and on about the characters but as always, watching it yourself would be a better idea.

The three under Teiten; Bonten, Princess Kaguya & Yakou

The art and music are nothing special. However, they play an important part in defining the feel of the era. The art, though not exacly macross or seirei no moribito level, somehow managed to give a very relaxed feel to the background. The music also manages to keep everything very lively, especially that track they play when Toki and Kuchiha are at it, i just can’t get its carnival-like sound out of my head! xD

Tsuyukusa & Heihachi; a surprising friendship.

Most importantly, Amatsuki is a show with morals. I personally like it’s presentation of ‘humanity‘ as a theme. In a world with more than one intelligent species, what defines humanity? Can you justify taking actions to protect humans at the expense of ayakashi? Despising Ayakashi as monsters might seem right, but doesn’t that make humans monsters as well? Amatsuki addresses each of these questions really well, and suceeds in emulating some very fundamental problems in it’s society, and not surprisingly ours as well.

A carving of amendment

Anyway, enough chit-chat. How would I rate Amatsuki?

You can read more about my rating system here.

So, Amatsuki rates Great for it’s compelling story, and lovable characters. It also manages to get a 9 for it’s Character Attachment Factor. Oh, I’m also pretty sure that that there’s going to be a second season, and when it does come I’ll be sure to blog it. Anyway, until then, God bless! =D



2 Responses to “Amatsuki Series Review”

  1. Catherine Says:

    I was wondering wether or not to watch this, I actually heard it wasn’t really that good. Your review makes me curious once again : ) I might end up giving this series a try!

  2. issa-sa Says:

    I suppose I owe this series an apology for airing at a season where I had more than enough to watch already. Only did watch half an episode of Amatsuki, though not because it was bad or anything, I just had class after -_-“

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