Tetsuwan Birdy Decode – 3

Haha, after a long two week hiatus Tetsuwan Birdy is back and with a 3 episode release too! (you guys should probably know by now that I use subs. xD)


– We find out that Birdy has a high metabolism rate.
– Tute makes Birdy promise to be good to Senkawa
– At that producing company Geega was attached to earlier, an interview is going on with a media figure named Shamalyan
– During break time, Senkawa goes to the roof to eat by himself but is found by Nakasugi and Hayamiya
– They’re attacked by Bacillus/Geega
– After getting Nakasugi to safety, Birdy takes on bacillus who’s escaped to the schools pool
– In the heat of the battle, Tute is mortally injured
– After destroying Bacillus, Tute gives Birdy his final goodbyes before shutting down.

My thoughts;

A good episode. So far, Tetsuwan Birdy has turned out to be one of the more enjoyable shows of the summer season. It’s got good action, a decent plot, great character designs and likeable characters, the formula for anime popularity. It’s also good to see that they don’t try to buy the viewers with too much fanservice.

What I really want to say is; WHY TUTE?! That was so sad, I really didn’t expect him, being Birdy’s mentor and guardian to die so fast. I think it was Birdy’s emotional goodbye that made it so heart-wrenching. I guess one other good point this series has is being able to draw care and empathy from the viewers.

One thing I’ve just noticed in this episode is that they got Kenjiro Tsuda whom I immediately recognized as Yukimi from Nabari No Ou to play the school teacher, Sumida. For starters, I really like Tsuda’s voice, having an annoyed, unwilling and gruff ring to it, so much so that I’ve somewhat associated it to Yukimi.

Oh well, today’s review is pretty short. Next episode looks pretty interesting with Birdy visiting her home planet and all. So, I hope you’re enjoying Tetsuwan Birdy Decode as much as I am! Until the next episode, God bless guys! =)



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