Some Sketches/The reason my lecture notes are horribly dirty.

It’s kind of late now (around 12.30 a.m) and I’ve lost the inspiration to write on episode 6 of Natsume Yuujin Chou (great episode btw!), so I’ll be leaving that for tomorrow. So I was wondering; what do I post instead? So I took a look my lecture notes on my table and *boom* inspiration hit me! Why not post about my sketches? It’s not as if I keep them or anything, and more often than not they end up serving as ‘decorations’ for my lecture notes (though my friends disagree). So there you have it; a post about my bad habit of sketching incessantly on any form of paper I get my hands on (partially inspired by some friends at another animeblog)

Shall we start then?

First up we have something I cooked up in about a minute, so I hope you guys don’t mind it’s sketchiness. >_<

In case any of you we’re wondering the inspiration for the woman in front is Ranka. I just decided to leave out that hand sign she usually uses. The idea for the frame was also taken from those photo-taking machines we see so often ( in malls and stuff). xD

So, secondly we have something I drew when I should have been studying for my Chemistry exams.

The full view

A focused shot

First thing you guys might have noticed is that huge smiling face at the bottom. I came up with the setting after drawing some random faces, so please disregard it. >_<

Anyway, the motif for this sketch was my old class room. If you we’re wondering, yes, these we’re my old uniforms. They’re the same throughout schools in malaysia with white shirts & dark green pants for the guys, and white shirts & blue pinafores for the girls.

I kinda liked it, so I traced it on to a new piece of paper, which is probably a waste considering it’s a page I was going to write on. Oh well, art is spontaneous I guess. XD



Yeah, I changed their hairstyles a bit. xD

So I hoped you liked my sketches. Do comment if I’ve made any mistakes in drawing them or whatever. God bless! =)



6 Responses to “Some Sketches/The reason my lecture notes are horribly dirty.”

  1. Baka-Raptor Says:

    These days I take all my notes on my laptop…no crappy sketches to show off anymore.

  2. biankita Says:

    hahaha… my high school / college notebooks were literal doodles of fun mascots! you have actual drawings! ^^

  3. issa-sa Says:

    I should probably start taking notes in class now…

  4. Ez Says:

    I wish it were that easy for me, but the age of pen and paper has yet to pass! (*o*)

    Uh thanks? O_o

    Hahahaha, nice response. xD

  5. blissmo Says:

    Haha, Ez, your drawings are adorable! And I see you did some math in the first image 😛

    @Baka-Raptor: You need to continue the crappy sketches!

  6. pcbon Says:

    hey i wonder what am i missing right now~
    is the sketching i used to see them on your test paper~!!
    cheers dude..keep an ‘artistic mind’

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