Tetsuwan Birdy Decode – 4

Before I go on about this episode I guess it’s time to say this again, WHERE IS MY ALLISON TO LILLIA?! Why is it that every time things start to get exciting the subs stop popping up? T–T

Anyway, before I start scouring the web for raws (which I can’t understand) I might as well finish this post.


– Birdy goes back to her homeworld, Oriotera
– Back home, she meets up with the head of her investigation department, Megius
– They find out that Senkawa’s body will be fully repaired in 3 months
– She also meets with a colleague and her master, Weegie and Skeletsu
– While there, Birdy gets summoned to the court during a trial to reflect on her actions on earth, particularly for accidentally killing Senkawa, whom unexpectedly defends Birdy.
– During the trial, a Deity, what seems to be a high ranking postion in the government, named Nejula is sent to question Birdy about the Riunka.
– Nejula shows Senkawa what the Riunka is, seeing that everyone, even those in the investigation department
– Birdy then visits her hometown, while a convoy from the union passes through. Right around the corner, the convoy explodes.

My thoughts;

So, in my efforts to catch up with the simultaneous release of episodes 4 – 6, I just wanna say that I’ll be keeping it short. Anyway, this episode shifts the focus from Earth to Oriotera, Birdy’s homeworld.

First up, I think the designs for Oriotera are very cool. While the animation quality of Tetsuwan Birdy Decode is, well, inconsistent most of the time, the backgrounds really don’t disappoint. I felt that a lot of creativity went into creating such an imaginative and downright gorgeous background, seeing that the whole place gave off some major alien-planet vibes.

In, this episode we also find out what the Riunka is. Anyway, the Riunka turns out to be some agent of mass planetary destruction. Personally, I was thinking it’d be more along the lines of some alien-like creature. Then again, I may have been watching too many movies.

Anyway, bear with me, I’m gonna go off topic for a while. I was wondering what the criteria for a post to appear on animenano’s post page was, seeing that my previous post (the one about awesome music, check it out yo! xD) didn’t appear on the tracker page. So I did a little experiment and found out that I need to have at least one word to do with any series in it’s tag cloud for the post to appear there. Lesson learnt eh? xD

Eitherway, I think I’m going to enjoy this arc and I hope you do too! So,  until next time, God bless! =)



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