Natsume Yuujin Chou – 6

Another great episode as always. If it’s one thing this series has managed to do and do well is this; keeping us viewers emotionally attached each episode.


Natsume and his classmates spot Futaba village, abandoned and normally submerged, at the foot of the dam. Seeing something his friends can’t he surmises that it’s a youkai, right before passing out. He wakes up in his house, just as some Youkai from the usually submerged village come to have their names returned. As thanks, Tarusaru, one of the youkai shows natsume that something is possessing him and madara knocks it out of him. The youkai, Tsubame, asks Natsume to help her find someone; a human who used to live in Futaba village. Natsume seeks his classmate, Kitamura’s help in finding the person Tsubame wants to meet, Taniozaki.

On the way home, Tsubame tells Natsume her story. While still alive, she was a swallow who was abandoned by her parents because she smelled like humans. After becoming a demon, she was fed daily by Taniozaki and managed to rest peacefully after the village sunk. After finding out Taniozaki’s address, Natsume and Tsubame go see him but he can’t see Tsubame. Natsume, bothered by this tries to make it up to Tsubame. Some time later, Natsume finds out about a festival that the spirits in Futaba village hold and the winning prize, a yukata that allows the winner to take human form. Hearing that he rushes off to get it.

On the way Madara finds out about Tarusaru’s plot to eat Natsume and treis to stop him. Despite this, Natsume still wants to take part in the competition. With Madara’s help he manages to win, though conditions weren’t too good. Giving the yukata to Tsubame, he asks her to go see Taniozaki at the local festival. Some time after, Natsume wonders if Madara will ever get attached to him, Madara just gives a vague reply. They spot Taniozaki from a distance and Natsume asks him about Tsubame. Taniozaki shows him a picture he took with Tsubame, which causes Natsume to tear up.

My thoughts;

It kinda amazes me how well developed the characters in Natsume Yuujin Chou are despite being one episode characters. Tsubame was pretty fun to watch this episode too, I think it’s a good thing that this series touches on the more gentle side of youkai. After all, warm and gentle, thats something all of us are looking for, no?

One thing though, the dynamics becoming a youkai still confuse me. In this episode we see that Tsubame became a spirit because of her disdain for humans. We also know from previous episodes that other youkai (mikuri) have become Ayakashi through extreme and uncontrolled hate.  So does this mean that all spirits were once living things? I do hope that they’ll touch more on this factor a bit more, though it isn’t terribly important or anything like that.

Something gentle, something warm.

It’s also good to see Natsume opening up to other living beings as well. Unless I’m wrong, this is the first time he’s gotten so attached to anyone, even to the point of crying when he saw Tsubame’s face in the picture. It’s a good start, although their connection gave me the impression that they were more than friends at times. Oh, and it probably helped that Tsubame was awfully cute as well. >_<

Tarusaru also surprised me a bit this episode. It seems that only powerful spirits like him and Madara can change their forms, or even make themselves visible to humans. I was also hoping for a square-off between Tarusaru and Madara but that would probably throw off the whole pace of this episode. On another note, we see Madara drop his act of feigned ignorance, if ever so little, when he helped Natsume get the yukata. Their whole conversation about getting attached to each other at the end of the episode was pretty touching as well. Good stuff. =D

Howling wind, tense atmosphere, I was hoping for a fight. Oh, and I also have an unearthly urge to poke Tarusaru’s eyes out. (/*o*)/

So, I don’t have much else to say, probably because I’m quite tired from todays church service. Anyway, look forward to the next episodes! God bless guys! =D



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