Code Geass R2 – 19

Yeap, I’ve just watched episode 19 and I’ve got to say this series is just messed up. I remember writing my first impressions on R2 a few months ago and boy, was I expecting some great things from this series. Well, it’s kind of sad to say but I feel that it’s lost that brilliant spark it had in the first season.

Well, thats all I really have to say, but since I’m already writing this and I know this post is way too short for my liking, lets analyze a few things shall we?

First up,


They killed Shirley off. Now I’m all for raging like some rabid fanboy (like I did for Euphemi- *ahem*) and start hurling death threats at anyone remotely related to the directors but I’ll try to keep this civil. So, what did Killing Shirley accomplish? Nothing in particular. How did she get killed? By Rolo and through total coincidence. So they killed off the only normal character, for no reason whatsoever. Actually they did kill her for a reason, which is;

The complete anhinilation of the Geass Cult and in one episode too. Which in turn caused C.C, a character whose secret I’d always wanted to know, to lose her memories.


Am I the only one who thinks that this completely ruined the mystique of her character? I’d always thought that C.C would be the one to redeem Lelouch in some way, or to advance the plot ever so little, but this wasn’t what I was expecting. I’ll refrain from sharing some points I really want to bring up now, I’ll leave that for my series review of Code Geass R2.

Anyway, next up we have Nunnaly, who quite recently bit the dust as well and with no buildup whatsoever. Again, she died by sheer coincidence. What about her hope of restoring Japan? Wasn’t she the symbol of purity in Code Geass, the only one untouchable by Lelouch’s geass? Well since they killed her off, they’d better do something good with it.


Last but not least, Suzaku. I know many people who dislike him beyond the limits of reason. I think he’s rather pitiable though. Trying to redeem himself but being unable to do so because of Lelouch’s Geass. He’s one of the few characters I actually like, which brings me to a related point; What is the motive of Code Geass? Is it’s direction the way it is to show us what horrible beings humans are? Is it trying to teach us that We’re all carnal beings at best? A good show is a show iwth a good message, and I don’t buy this whole subliminal message of death and destruction they’ve been trying to sell us.


Right now, I’m just watching R2 to see how they’ll end this series, and I’m really hoping they’ll end it on a good note. Anyway, God bless you all, have a great day. <=)



11 Responses to “Code Geass R2 – 19”

  1. Camario Says:

    The series has always been messy, but R2 is indeed messier. Yet I’m not that disappointed with the show, at least not by now. No, I didn’t want Shirley to die, but her death also serves to seal away Ashford for most of the remainder of the show, and to make Lelouch lose more and more of the things he had taken for granted. That also goes for C.C.’s memory loss, as cheesy as it is, but that might not be permanent. You’re assuming she’s out forever. That they didn’t kill her means, to me, that she’s going to play more of a role later on.

    We don’t know if Nunnally is dead for certain or what may happen with what she represented, but it’s still another thing that Lelouch was lost. However, let me ask you this…do the deaths of victims of nuclear (or similar) explosions need build-up? Death by such devices needs no further symbolism or anything.

    Death and destruction is not the message, but it’s a part of Lelouch’s life and he will surely overcome it, one way or another.

  2. chemistrykid Says:

    i suggest you read this. Code geass lost its spark due to circumstance and not bad writing ,we the viewer will probably never see the R2 as it was meant to be

  3. Camario Says:

    And yet I still find more to like about R2 than to hate. *shrugs*

    “Never see the R2 as it was meant to be” sounds too drama-queen-ish and scape-goat-ish for my taste.

    Even if some stuff had to be changed at the beginning of the season and that was for the worse, it doesn’t mean that Taniguchi isn’t taking the story to where he wanted it to go.

    That interview doesn’t say he’s not responsible, that he’s denouncing his involvement in the remaining half of the show (better than the first too), or that everything wrong with the show (from whatever point of view, mine or yours) was exactly what was “changed”.

    But whatever, to each his/her own.

  4. Ez Says:

    That would explain the mess it is right now. Oh well, at least the first season was great.

    I really hope you’re right. The directors have a few episodes to wrap things up, and I hope they do it with consideration to the message they’ll be putting out.

  5. crinklehouse Says:

    watching it for the WTFs and appreciating it for the lulz. that’s all i can say about geass.

  6. biankita Says:

    I think that R2 has missed the chance and oppotunity to be an epic anime. The first season was great, but the second season just left me looking for things to laugh at and highlight as a WTF moment rather than trying to bask in the yay! of the story. What do most bloggers (like me) magnify in our Geass posts??? Lolis, moes, yaoi fodder, and other things that is a mere footnote in the story. Not that I’m discounting the second season… it’s still fine. But fine is a far cry from epic.

  7. yukikumo Says:

    I don’t get this show anymore either… every since Shirley died it just seems like it’s been never ending plot twists and killing off characters and ass raping Lelouch more and more. Meh.

  8. Shin Says:

    Everyone who hates Code Geass is merely tsundere for it.

  9. Tia Says:


    Just wanted to let you guy know my new Code Geass R2 Fansite: You can watch the latest Code Geass episodes as well as the older ones!

    PS Also looking for staff for the site let me know if your interested!

  10. Ez Says:

    Oh well

    I get what you mean

    Meh xD

    Well, I don’t hate it or anything. It just kind of let me down a bit.

  11. Max Says:

    Ever since Shirley died, this series turned into another Gundam, not to mention Lelouch never returning to Ashford Academy again. What’s worse, Lelouch doesn’t even know that he still has another love interest that he is not aware of: Milly Ashford. Had she had made her feelings known to Lelouch, he wouldn’t have gone so crazy. I guess that we’ll never what might have been between them had the producers had been allowed to keep its original timeslot, which was late night Thursday.

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