Itazura Na Kiss – 18

Wow, Irie’s practically painting a bullseye on his own head isn’t he? This is probably the first time I’ve really been angry with the guy. Don’t be a wife-beater! D=<


– Kotoko undertakes the venipuncture practical with her unfortunate patient, Keita.
– Later they have to assess a cadaver, which causes Kotoko to faint.
– In the infirmary, Keita and Irie stare each other down.
– Because Irie is busy, Keita walks Kotoko home.
– Irie’s mother goes to investigate Keita at the campus and finds out that he’s actually a good guy.
– Later in the cafeteria, Kotoko and Irie have a fight.
– Over a few bottles later that night, Kotoko leaves dejectedly only to be caught up by Keita who confesses to her.

My thoughts:

Wait what? Irie gets jealous and tells Kotoko off? Keita undergoing the pangs of love advances on Kotoko, who happens to be married to Irie?! Someone needs to smack these guys in their faces!

First of all, I have no idea what Irie is thinking, not that the directors show much of his thoughts anyway. Some people have suggested that he’s just trying to build Kotoko up, but theres the right way; and then theres the way thats totally off.  I’d like to think that his attitude was acceptable when he and Kotoko were dating but this is getting absurd! I believe I’ve repeated this many many times but the key to a successful marriage (at least by my standards) is good communication, transparency and support. Irie needs some valuable life changing moments to fix that contrived attitude of his. Actually, I think he needs to do some serious soul-searching.

Woah, not so fast hot-shot.

Keita isn’t exactly without fault either. Sure he’s really passionate and kind but you don’t go around hugging peoples wives.

Love triangle aside. It’s kinda nice to see actual references to real nursing practices. Stuff like injections with hypodermic needles or even examining a medical cadaver are standard procedures anoyone would have to go through to qualify as a nurse. This weeks comedy came from an unexpected character; Tomoko. The expression she had on her face while examining the cadaver was just gross. If there was any character I’d expect to go chainsaw on random passers-by it would be her. xD

This is not the reaction you should be having when working on a cadaver,

although Kotoko’s isn’t exactly ideal as well.

Anyway, this episode did build up on the drama a little bit and the next episode looks like we’ll be in for some waterworks of epic proportions! So hang tight till then and God bless! (*o*)



4 Responses to “Itazura Na Kiss – 18”

  1. issa-sa Says:

    It’s probably a shock to the system to see Irie act as he is now since he was actually ‘nice’ around the time of their wedding (then again, Ass -> ‘Nice’ -> Ass again… Okay that came out rather inappropriate -_-“). Guess jealousy brings out the worst in people.

  2. biankita Says:

    i still stand by the fact that he’s too socially inept and she’s too needy. they’re both on the opposite side of the personality charts. i just think they’re both have their points and they have their faults. i think it’s actually quite wonderful that naoki’s trying to get her to be more independent, but you’re right, he’s going about it the wrong way.

  3. Teddy Says:

    it’s amazing how many animes u have watched!!
    where u get ur sources ah?
    somemore take time to review everyone.. hehe..

    btw, good luck in exam… i think now exam time kua.. in NP i mean..

  4. Ez Says:

    Brings out the worst in people huh? Have to agree with you there.

    Your explanation actually makes sense! I think I’m convinced. I’ve heard from a friend that ep 19 is awesome. Can’t wait for it!

    Wah, maybe watching too much isn’t too good huh? xD

    I posted the links in your blog already. Thanks for the blessing. xD

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