Itazura Na Kiss – 19, Two words: BEYOND AWESOME!

Woah! What a totally awesome episode! I was expecting something to happen after the last episode left us with that awful nerve-wrecking cliffhanger but man, I wasn’t expecting this! Without a doubt, episode 19 is (in my opinion) the best episode of Itazura Na Kiss to air yet!


Returning from her drinking session, Kotoko’s heart is still racing from Keita’s confession to her. The next day, she avoids Keita the best she can, while her friends from the nursing class go to the cafeteria. Just then, Chris is splashed on the leg with scalding oil. Kin immediately brings her to Irie and Kotoko, and they take her to the campus’ hospital. They find out that there may be scarring as a result of the accident and Irie goes to comfort Kin. Kin storms off to Chris’ ward to propose to her but she rejects him, saying that she’ll just be a burden to him because of her scarring. Kin doesn’t buy this and tries to pour a thermos of boiling water on his leg, just to match Chris. Chris stops him, saying that she was actually very happy with his proposal and accepts it.

Back home, Kotoko and Irie are telling everyone about Kins proposal. Everyone us happy with their development. Just then Irie notices that Kotoko’s phone is receiving a call, from no one other than Keita and walks away. Over the phone, Keita reminds Kotoko that he was serious about his confession. The next day, Irie and Kotoko congratulate Chris on her discharge from the hospital. Kin notices something and asks Irie out for a drink later that night. Over a meal and a drink, Irie praises Kin for his act of chivalry back at the hospital. Kin just asks him if things are going well between himself and Kotoko, Irie says that he just gets strangely irritated whenever he thinks about Keita and Kotoko. Kin tells him that he’s jealous of Keita, which totally shocks Irie. Getting an idea from her friends, Kotoko decides to ask Irie out the coming sunday for a boat ride at the lake they went too when they were younger, but Irie says he’s busy. Angered, Kotoko makes a fuss tosses books at him, saying that their marriage wasn’t supposed to turn out like this. Irie slaps her to calm her and she runs out of the house.

The Irie and his family, manage to find out that she’s staying over at Tomoko’s place. At Tomoko’s place the entire gang have gathered, and Kotoko starts to pour out her feelings to Motoki, saying that she’s become a bad wife, demanding too much from Irie. Motoki just says it’s normal to want to be loved in return. Later that night, Aihara calls Irie out and shows him a picture book from his youth. Drawing his attention to Kotoko’s mother, he says that when he was younger he and his wife used to quarrel alot too, but he loved her more than anything else. He also said that it was with her that he could truly be himself, which makes Irie wonder about his true self as well.

The next day at school, while having lunch Keita tells Kotoko to come live with him since she ran away from home. Keita goes on to say that he meant every word of his confession and that Irie never loved her. Irie confesses that he was jealous of Keita, and that he had never felt sadness or jealousy before, causing him to act that way. Using Kin as an example he says that he’s always hated overemotional people, but now he’s realized that thats what it means to be human. He goes on to say that he needs Kotoko, because he can only be true to himself when shes with him. Kotoko then jumps into his arms, saying that she’ll never let him go. OUtside, Motoki comforts Keita and later that night, Irie and Kotoko embrace each other.

My thoughts;



Excuse me, I just had to get that out of my system, because this episode was just way too awesome. I was expecting Kotoko and Irie to make up somehow and I wasn’t too sure how it’d turn out, but this episode totally blew all my doubts away. I mean, it had so many awesome moments; Kin being more manly than I could have imagined, Irie finally coming to terms with his feelings, Kotoko with her magnificent display of waterworks, and more GOOD drama than you can shake a stick at.

Best scene of the entire episode.

Anyway, discussion time. First thing I wanna say is that Irie was right; Kin was BEYOND COOL this episode. After many, many moons of being rather annoying, Kin has shown his true mettle. I mean, his whole proposal to Chris was beyond manly, it was just GAR (look it up on the internet if you don’t know what it means). Seriously, scarring yourself to comfort the one you love? And with boiling hot water no less? Could we ask for more? The fact that played the main role in helping Irie fix his relationship with Kotoko alone should speak for itself.


I also thought that the directors handled Irie’s development in this episode really well. Him coming to terms with his feelings of jealousy towards Keita’s more-than-friendly relationship with Kotoko was portrayed very well too. The whole scene actually made me realize that he totally had no clue as to why he was treating Kotoko so coldly. His confession at the end of the episode was stellar in it’s own right as well and was definitely really dramatic in its own right. I also liked the talk Aihara had with Irie. It’s true that you can be yourself around your family, one of the places that you can truly feel rest from the harshness of the world.

This is such a warm picture. T–T

What really surprised me though, was that he eerily resembled me in my younger days. When I was younger (3 years give or take) I was pretty much exactly like him; always ‘acting cool’, thinking that passionate people were wimps, and that anyone who could pour out their emotions that easily wasn’t worth knowing. How wrong I was.

SO, without further adue I present to you the MEN of the episode; Aihara & Ire

One other thing, I remember mentioning that I found Kotoko’s nursing gang to be quite annoying most of the time. Well, if anything this episode showed me that first impressions aren’t really the best things to analyze when trying to judge a character. I thought Motoki had some pretty good marital advice this episode, especially when he was consoling Kotoko and Keita.

as well as Motoki and Kin.

Anyway, this episode finally signals the end of the whole Love triangle arc. Actually I never thought of it as a love triangle in the first place, Keita never had a chance, poor guy. So hope you guys enjoyed this episode as much as I did and till the next episode, God Bless you guys! =D



4 Responses to “Itazura Na Kiss – 19, Two words: BEYOND AWESOME!”

  1. jasmine Says:

    wow..tis ep is totally amazing..i rmb i cried oso when i watch tis ep of the taiwanese drama..but..watching anime is a different’s just way too awesome..the presence of Keita is actually a gud thing for Irie n Kotoko..he brought their relationship to a higher level n let Irie realise his own true feelings which he is left unaware…

    gud anime!!

  2. issa-sa Says:

    LOL, awesome episode indeed. Chris refusing to accept the proposal just because ‘her body is no longer in perfect condition to be his wife’ was rather wtf though (or maybe I just misheard the raw, she made it sound like she was r4ped by the oil -_-“).
    *ahem* Anyways, what was probably great about it was Irie admitting that he NEEDS Kotoko to be human – as much as it would never fly in RL, it’s the perfect reason as to why Kotoko and Irie just HAVE to be as a couple.

  3. biankita Says:

    aww… was really expecting a fistfight. awesome kin-chan (and i really hate him) proved to be a bigger man in relationships than naoki. and i noticed that chris is actually prettier without the headband.

  4. Ez Says:


    I get what you mean. They pretty much complete each other.

    Chris is definitely prettier without the headband!

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