Natsume Yuujin Chou – 7

Its been a while since I posted anything here huh? Well, I guess my exams were partly to blame for that (yes, they ‘were’ =D ). Anyway, this episode continues Natsume Yuujin Chou’s winning streak amongst the shows this summer with another brilliant episode.


Natsume who’s going on a class trip to the local hot spring is asked to get some pottery from that area by his uncle. Meanwhile, in a forest close to the hotsprings, a young fox youkai picks up a hat formerly owned by a human. During free time, Natsume goes along with Madara to get the cups. While talking to his deceased mother, the fox spirit is picked upon by some youkai and is immediately rescued by Natsume, who fends them off. Over the next few days, the fox spirit decides to shadow Natsume, trying to get closer to him while Natsume, knowing that he’s going to be leaving soon tries his best to avoid the young fox.

Some time later, while going to pick up the pottery it starts to rain, trapping Natsume and Madara under a tree. To their surprise, large leaf gets thrown out of the bushes. Giving in, Natsume greets the young spirit. The fox spirit talks to his mother about how he’s finally useful to someone but gets picked upon by the same bunch of spirits and is rescued once again, by Natsume. Suddenly Natsume hears his name being called and tries to find the spirit that called him together with Madara. They arrive at the foot of a huge tree spirit, whose ame was bound by Reiko. Natsume immediately returns the spirits name. The two youkai who’ve been bullying the fox spirit run a way in fear, but the fox spirit offers Natsume his name. Natsume refuses to take his name because he doesn’t want a servant-master relationship with the fox, but rather, friendship.

Soon, Natsume returns to his home and finds out that his uncle ordered the cups for him, to inaugurate him into the family. Back in the forest, the young fox spirit wants to visit Natsume and is tricked by a large youkai into catching food for him. Seeing however, that the fox’s wish is genuine he gives him a medicine that will turn him human for one day. After turning into a human, he sniffs out Natsume’s scent. Despite going off track a few times, the fox manages to track Natsume to his house. He finds Natsume dining with his uncle and aunt, before running off, happy that Natsume wasn’t lonely after all, and realizing that he himself was the one who was lonely. Falling down he drops his hat, which is immediately picked up by Natsume himself. The episode ends with Natsume promising the fox that he’ll come visit him often before they all go for dinner themselves.

My thoughts;

As usual, this show is just a great watch whenever you need a break from a hectic schedule, even in the tense parts. The highlight of this episode was probably the little fox spirit, whom I thought was really, really adorable. I would have never thought that he was a ‘he’ if he didn’t mention becoming a man. Actually, Madara was really, really, adorable as well with his cat-like antics. xD

Beyond adorable.

Anyway, the thing that stood out to me the most this episode was the music. That one particular theme, during the scene where those youkai were beating on the fox spirit as well as the scene where Natsume and Madara were rushing to the tree spirit, kinda rang a bell the first time I heard it. It wasn’t until later that I remembered what it sounded like; the whole keyboard synth music sounded awfully similar to Final Fantasy¬† 7’s battle music. Now, thats kinda weird isn’t it? However, I’m not complaining since it did help set the pace a a little.

Mother & Family

This episode also touched a little on how the smallest of our actions can have huge implications on the people around us. Take for example Natsume; all he did was resuce the little fox spirit from those youkai, which was probably nothing special to Natsume himself but meant an awful lot to the little fox. Their meeting is also a testament to how easily we can make friends with people around us. Not everyone has ulterior motives, not everyone is totally self centred. So, the lesson here is that we should always do our best to motivate people. Why not smile a bit more? Even a simple act of kindness could change another persons life. =)

Comfort in friendship.

So I guess thats all for todays review. Judging by the preview, the next episode is going to be about a love story between a youkai and a human. I was wondering when they were going to put that scenario into play, I’m glad they did. So until the next time God bless you guys! =)



4 Responses to “Natsume Yuujin Chou – 7”

  1. issa-sa Says:

    The thought of my not having a positive impact on people’s lives up till now… Well, no wonder nobody smiles at me nowadays

  2. omisyth Says:

    It’s so peaceful when that particular piano track plays (like the one during the preview).

  3. biankita Says:

    so looking forward to the next episode for the sole reason that it’s a love story?

  4. Ez Says:

    Hahaha. Thats something to change, no?

    Ahh, that one. I really like it too.

    Or rather I’m looking forward to it because it’s a love story between a human and a youkai! I’m a sucker for these kinds of things. xD

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