Tetsuwan Birdy Decode – 5

Haha, time for me to start my catchup posts. My exams are over, but starting next week I’ve to attend my internship in Singapore. What a way to kill the holidays huh? Well, at least I’m getting paid.

That aside, I’m still wondering where the latest releases of Allison To Lillia are. Oh well. T–T


– Oriotera is divided into two governing factions; the federation, the factions Birdy is with, and union. We find out that last episodes bombings were targeted at a Union council member.
– Birdy, still on Oriotera, decides to start her investigation at a pub but is interrupted by Nejula, the deity.
– Later on, a terrorist group led by King-Zero, a villain once apprehended by Birdy and Nejula, claims responsibility for the bombing. Aiming to talk things out, they ask for Birdy and Nejula to be the mediators.
– Birdy is knocked unconscious because King-Zero bombed the meeting place. Senkawa, taking her place is imprisoned at the terrorists hideouts.
– The terrorists are planning to drop an orbiting satellite on the council. Senkawa manages to get the controller before being found.
– Birdy battles the terrorists while Nejula takes care of the rogue Union council member, who commits suicide for the sake of the Unions reputation.
– Later on we find out that it was Skeletsu’s subordinate, undercover, who gave away the location of the terrorist base.

My thoughts;

I went to university indeed! King-Zero was a rather entertaining villain, if only for his comedic value. Although this episode felt kinda disjointed from the rest of the series at times, it somehow manages to stay very entertaining.

It felt kinda odd to see Oriotera governed by two different factions. I always had the impression that alien nations would be one united country of sorts, guess I’ve been watching too many american serials huh? The whole terrorism deal was pretty cool though, seeing that they’re real underdog (no pun intended) villains much like the terrorists of our world. I guess not all threats towards alien civilizations are from other planets huh? Star Wars kinda left that impression on me. xD

A bar straight out of Star Wars.

That aside. It still amazes me at how well thought the whole landscape of Oriotera is. I can tell that alot of work went into designing the whole look of the planet, especially the bars. It’s like they came out directly from Star Wars as well. xD

Then we’ve got that whole “sacrificing a few to save many” deal with Birdy’s investigation bereau. Politics can truly make a messy scene out of almost any situation. I thought that Skeletsu in particular was a good example of this; compromising your beliefs for the sake of your work and all that jazz. Nejula on the other hand is a whole other enigma, seeing that it was really hard to tell if she was on Birdy’s side at all. Of course having such a high position in the government should mean something, but I’m kinda slow on that sort of uptake. Her connection to Birdy has got me quite interested as well. I suppose an episode about Birdy’s background would be pretty cool.

Some pretty awesome fights this episode too.

Thats all for this episode I guess. It’s going to be a while before I manage to catch up to the current episode, episode 8, which by the way is a total change of pace for this series! Anyway God bless you guys, hope you enjoyed the episode! =D



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