Gintama – 74, 100th post special! =D

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ll be adding Gintama to the list of anime that I cover. Also, since I only watch the subbed versions my posts will follow the timing of the subbed releases.

Anyway, this is also my 100th post. It’s been 6 months since I started this blog and it’s been really fun. Special thanks to all my readers and friends who’ve made animeblogging satisfying! =D


– The episode is a parody of manga Kochikame, in conjuction with its 30th anniversary (31st in th manga)
– Everyone in the kabuki-chou is infected by the RYO-II virus, spread through its accidental release during transport.
– The virus turns everyone into unibrowed useless old men.
– Hilarity ensues as one by one the remaining survivors, Gin, Shinpachi, Kagura, Sa-chan, Hasegawa and Katsura get picked off one by one.
– Gin being the only person impervious to the disease (because he’s already a good-for-nothing old man) saves the day at the last minute by shooting the vaccine into the sky.

My thoughts;

There are two words I have always associated Gintama to; awesome and downright hilarious, this episode is just too hilarious for words. Taking a well used concept in movies and games, a zombie outbreak, and managing to squeeze out laughter regardless. Yeap, thats Gintama for you.

Not something I’d like to wake up to.

Anyway, I liked how Gintoki and the rest of the Yorozuya lost interest in trying to save everyone after they found out that the virus was turning everyone into useless old men. I was laughing my head off at that point. The funniest part of all was when Katsura went out to greet Elizabeth. Being a veteran at Gintama, I managed to pick up the hints, but I was laughing out loud when Gin and the rest closed the elevator doors on him. Priceless! xD

McDonalds must be ecstatic because all the free advertisement they’re getting. xD

So hope you enjoyed my first review of Gintama, do look forward to more! Also to my fellow Malaysians; SELAMAT HARI MERDEKA KE-51! Or for those who don’t get it, Happy Independence Day Malaysia! God bless you guys! =)



6 Responses to “Gintama – 74, 100th post special! =D”

  1. pcbon Says:

    ha gintama~i onlyp started the first epi last week~
    but now i have another drama to follow~
    which is code blue,do you watch it?

  2. Ez Says:

    Code blue? Hmm, never hear before leh. Is it a drama or an anime?

  3. akiaki9jade Says:

    I kinda lost intersst in all the other animes after I’ve watched Gintama. This is just so good that you can hardly tell when there’s a filler going on. Anyway, your blog is great! welcome to my anime blog too ^_^

  4. karry Says:

    Wow, there are still people watching this crap ?

  5. Ez Says:

    I think every episode of Gintama is awesome. xD

  6. tanekawa Says:

    i agree! it does certainly have a great number or randomness here and there but its definitely an awesome anime!

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