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Itazura Na Kiss – 22

September 24, 2008

Wow am I ever nehind on my posts. These few days have been rather hectic for me, with my internship and preparations for my church’s youth event, I’m not entirely sure I’ll be able to keep up with the whole one post per episode schedule. Who knows? I may just make a bulk post or something. xD


– Kotoko’s birthday is up soon and she manages to get Irie out on a dinner date
– Things go horribly wrong; an accident, taxi delays, and the like
– She arrives at the hotel late and cries to Irie, who hears her out
– WE find out later that Kotoko may be pregnant. \(*o*\)

My thoughts;

If this episode had left any sort of impression on me, it would be the fact that nurses are truly worthy of  the respect they seldom get. An analogy I like to use when describing jobs with natures similar to nursing is this; going down in the world while everyone else is trying to go up. Nursing is truly a self-sacrificial and humble profession, demonstrated by Kotoko this week.

Nurses – Always on duty?

Irie was alot nicer this episode too, I guess the jealousy arc really was meant to flesh out his character a bit. Also, I noticed that statement about the ‘power of a mother’ was probably a hint at the focus of the next arc and I was right. Kotoko’s pregnancy felt a little out of place to me though, yes I know she’s 26+ and that she’s been married for 5+ years. I guess it’s because I still see her as a child sometimes. xD

Stars, sparkles & Wedding rings.

Anyway, Itazura Na Kiss is about to end and yes I am kinda bummed about it. Problems aside it’s been one of those solid romance series, even my prediction of a long lasting relationship came true much to my joy. That’s all I have to say for today since I’m still doing my internship (it’s my fourth week! Two more to go! (/*0*)/ ), so, god bless you guys! Have a great day. =D


Allison To Lillia – 16

September 15, 2008

Ahhh, yes. Finally, the long wait is over and the subs have been released although not much happened this episode.


– Lillia and Treize board the charity seaplane
– They meet the kid who served as their guide back in Lartika, Carlo, who was sent there.
– Mid-flight, the pilots abandon the plane despite Treize trying to stop them.
– Lillia and Treize try to fly the plane back to Lartika, only to be stopped by four fighter planes threatening to shoot them down if the do.
– Trieze plans to avoid certain death by ramming the fighter planes with the seaplane.

My thoughts;

Well, not much happened in this episode. It seems that the directors are reserving the bulk of the action for the next episode.

It was pretty interesting to see Treize go around Carlo’s questions about his and Lillia’s relationship. I remember trying to compare Allison to Trieze based on their efforts to get their feelings through, and it seems that Treize is doing a much better job than Allison ever did. Eitherway, I’m pretty much interested in seeing how Lillia’s and Treize’s love story will play out.

Treize’s plan to throw off their pursuers by ramming into them felt like a real long shot. WOuldn’t doing something like that cause you to crash as well? Although, compared to the alternative of not doing anything¬† his plan isn’t that crazy after all.

So, thats all for todays post. I’m a bit weary from picking up this series again after it’s long hiatus but thats never stopped me before. So, until next time, God bless! =D

Itazura Na Kiss – 21

September 14, 2008

A pretty solid episode. It’s kinda nice seeing hospital life from the nurses point of view.


– We find out that the blond haired actor is indeed Non-chan
– While visiting Irie’s house, Non angers Yuuki by talking smack about Irie as a doctor
– He collapses and is taken to the hospital, in which we find out that the cause of his sickness is a tumour on his liver.
– Irie proposes an operation, of which Non refuses adamantly at first, but in the end is convinced by Kotoko.

My thoughts;

Ahh, good old Itazura drama. I’ve missed that aspect of this series quite alot. ANyway, as I mentioned earlier on, this episode was a pretty solid one. Most of the misunderstandings are tied up and problems solved.

Non’s transformation was pretty sad to watch although not completely unbelieavable. I suppose that being hospital-bound for 7 years and having divorced parents would give most people a negative outlook on life, if you had no one to rely on. While Kotoko is pretty inept in the technical side of being a nurse, she definitely does have a big heart for the human side of things.

I’d also forgotten that Irie got the inspiration for his profession after taking care of Non. It’s a pretty big deal if you’d care to think about it. Non’s suspicions of Irie also seemed highly realistic, after all, doctors generally choose to become doctors because of the high pay and demand, or so I think. It’s also good to see that Irie and Kotoko have pretty much mellowed out relationship-wise, since it givesa sense of progression to the series.

Anyway, thats all for today. It’s a monday tomorrow and I really do have to get to bed. So, until the next episode take care and God bless! =D

Tetsuwan Birdy Decode – 6

September 10, 2008

Hey everyone, been a while since I last posted anything on Tetsuwan Birdy hasn’t it? Well, I guess my internship is to blame in part for this, seeing that I reach back home at about 7 p.m ( I leave at 5.10a.m but thats another story). Now on to the other reason this post was delayed; my hard disk died on me. Refusing to die alone, it took pretty much all my anime with it, along with all my screenshots.


– Senkawa, Hayamiya and the rest of their classmates get invited to Nakasugi’s get well party.
– Birdy, who wants to conduct investigations about the Riunka forces Senkawa to follow her
– Muroto is hot on Birdy’s tail, investigating her alias; Arita Shion.
– Senkawa manages to make it to Nakasugi’s house after the investigations are over, walking alone with her, she thinks she’s changed after the accident.
– Later on while bathing, the other altarian sends her guardian bird to Nakasgui’s windowsill, disguised as a regular bird. Nakasugi’s destructive urges get the better of her and crushes it.

My thoughts;

Sorry this review took so long, I really did have alot of work to do. Eitherway, this episode was rather laid back and was mostly character development, with the exception of the last few minutes. Tetsuwan Birdy has been progressing rather well of late, seeing that the episodes are becoming more and more entertaining. The running mystery; ‘what is the Riunka?’ has got me quite flustered as well, seeing that things are becoming more and more ominous.

I’m already dead.

One thing I do like about the story is that past events aren’t forgotten so easily. One example of this was Tute’s ‘death’, which I thought was just a minor point in the series. Yet, his mourning lasted 4 episodes. It’s this sort of realism in the characters that makes the series’ drama more realistic. On that note, Senkawa coming to terms with his death in the abandoned building was quite emotional. It’s not easy to accept the deaths of people close to you, I suppose it feels something like being told you’ve got fourth stage cancer and have only a few weeks to live.

Beauty in savagery.

Nakasugi’s ‘awakening’ this episode was pretty scary. It kinda felt like some old zombie movie, except that scene in the bath was much much scarier. For a moment there I thought she was going to eat it, that was until I realized the bird was really that other altarians partner.

Eitherway, thats all for today. I’ve got family devotion to do before I sleep and boy, do I need sleep. So keep safe, God bless you guys! =D

Telepathy Shoujo Ran – 10, dogged persistance makes a good friend

September 7, 2008

Haha you guessed it, this is indeed one of those rare random episode posts which I feel the need to write about sometimes. Now though I haven’t been mentioning Telepathy Shoujo Ran much in my posts, I’ve been following it from episode one. So far all the episodes have been really fun to watch, with just the right mix of light hearted comedy, ran-midori banter & esper action.

Share your care. xD

This episode stood out to me in particular for its take on a particular theme of friendship; dogged persistance. More often than not we treat our friends like commodities, good when around but not worth the trouble when they’re not. If it’s something we can learn from Ran is that a good friend cares and takes time to ensure their friendship is more than school or work; it’s a commitment.

telephone blues. =)

Thats all for today, I’ve got work tomorrow and I don’t want to walk into the lab like a corpse, I could turn out as one. xD So, I hope you guys take away some semblance of a lesson from this episode. Let’s keep our friends in our hearts! God bless! =D

Itazura Na Kiss – 20

September 6, 2008

Short summary today, seeing that I’ve started my internship for the holidays and that it takess up approximately 14 hours of my day (transport takes 2 hours, the whole Malaysia to Singapore jazz).


– It’s time for the nursing gangs swearing in, and Kotoko is elected to represent the class by reciting the Nightingale Pledge.
– It’s custom for the guys in the medical department to hand roses to the newly sworn nurses but Kotoko’s hopes are dashed because Irie’s attending a medical conference out of town.
– Motoki’s depressed because, being male, he isn’t allowed to recite the pledge but with support from Kotoko arrives at the ceremony in a female nurse uniform. Giving in, their supervisor gives him the honour of doing it.
– Irie arrives later on, because he took the last bus back, and embraces Kotoko.
– Four years later, Kotoko is working at the local hospital when she meets a new patient, a blond haired young man who hugs her on the spot, saying that he knows her.

My thoughts;

Oh well, at least Irie’s getting a bit nicer. Though he was still a grouch in the first half of the episode, he seemed to be much nicer after that four year skip.

Motoki’s plight was pretty interesting to watch too, seeing that he was inspired by a nurse who was reciting the Nightingale pledge as well. I really liked how they developed Motoki as the neutral, reconciling party since his introduction to the cast. Out of the rest of them, Motoki seems to have been fleshed out far more than the rest. The end was a little bit predictable though, seeing that I knew, call it intuition, that he was going to dress in a female nurses’ uniform to the solemnization. xD

The four year skip seemed a bit awkward to me at first, since most of them haven’t really changed much in 4 years. I guess that threw me off balance for a while. However, now that Itazura Na Kiss has reached it’s final lap I’m pretty positive about the direction the series is going to take. We’ve come a long way since Kotoko’s first confession and even though the anime is moving quite fast, the character development was never compromised.

Another good thing is that Irie seems to be changing his ice-cold attitude more and more each episode. I for one certainly feel that a level headed (but still grouchy xD) Irie would be good for the general plot advancement. That aside, Kotoko could use some growing up as well. By now she’s probably around 25 years old, give or take, so I’m hoping that the directors wil mold her character into that of a nurse; mature but with a big heart.

So, I would write more, but I’m kinda running short of time here. So see you guys! God bless! =D