Itazura Na Kiss – 20

Short summary today, seeing that I’ve started my internship for the holidays and that it takess up approximately 14 hours of my day (transport takes 2 hours, the whole Malaysia to Singapore jazz).


– It’s time for the nursing gangs swearing in, and Kotoko is elected to represent the class by reciting the Nightingale Pledge.
– It’s custom for the guys in the medical department to hand roses to the newly sworn nurses but Kotoko’s hopes are dashed because Irie’s attending a medical conference out of town.
– Motoki’s depressed because, being male, he isn’t allowed to recite the pledge but with support from Kotoko arrives at the ceremony in a female nurse uniform. Giving in, their supervisor gives him the honour of doing it.
– Irie arrives later on, because he took the last bus back, and embraces Kotoko.
– Four years later, Kotoko is working at the local hospital when she meets a new patient, a blond haired young man who hugs her on the spot, saying that he knows her.

My thoughts;

Oh well, at least Irie’s getting a bit nicer. Though he was still a grouch in the first half of the episode, he seemed to be much nicer after that four year skip.

Motoki’s plight was pretty interesting to watch too, seeing that he was inspired by a nurse who was reciting the Nightingale pledge as well. I really liked how they developed Motoki as the neutral, reconciling party since his introduction to the cast. Out of the rest of them, Motoki seems to have been fleshed out far more than the rest. The end was a little bit predictable though, seeing that I knew, call it intuition, that he was going to dress in a female nurses’ uniform to the solemnization. xD

The four year skip seemed a bit awkward to me at first, since most of them haven’t really changed much in 4 years. I guess that threw me off balance for a while. However, now that Itazura Na Kiss has reached it’s final lap I’m pretty positive about the direction the series is going to take. We’ve come a long way since Kotoko’s first confession and even though the anime is moving quite fast, the character development was never compromised.

Another good thing is that Irie seems to be changing his ice-cold attitude more and more each episode. I for one certainly feel that a level headed (but still grouchy xD) Irie would be good for the general plot advancement. That aside, Kotoko could use some growing up as well. By now she’s probably around 25 years old, give or take, so I’m hoping that the directors wil mold her character into that of a nurse; mature but with a big heart.

So, I would write more, but I’m kinda running short of time here. So see you guys! God bless! =D



3 Responses to “Itazura Na Kiss – 20”

  1. issa-sa Says:

    It seems the point of their relationship is that even as time passes, Irie and Kotoko remain pretty much the same people who fell in love with each other… Which I suppose is ‘sweet’ but potentially tiresome to watch (thankfully it’s managed to avoid that)

  2. biankita Says:

    agrees with issa-sa. the thing with shoujo is that it’s one of those shows where the last episode should always be the finally-winning-over. but of course, the manga went beyond that. i’m still watching it for the cuteness, but it was no longer as exciting as the keita arc 😦

  3. travel rn Says:

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