Telepathy Shoujo Ran – 10, dogged persistance makes a good friend

Haha you guessed it, this is indeed one of those rare random episode posts which I feel the need to write about sometimes. Now though I haven’t been mentioning Telepathy Shoujo Ran much in my posts, I’ve been following it from episode one. So far all the episodes have been really fun to watch, with just the right mix of light hearted comedy, ran-midori banter & esper action.

Share your care. xD

This episode stood out to me in particular for its take on a particular theme of friendship; dogged persistance. More often than not we treat our friends like commodities, good when around but not worth the trouble when they’re not. If it’s something we can learn from Ran is that a good friend cares and takes time to ensure their friendship is more than school or work; it’s a commitment.

telephone blues. =)

Thats all for today, I’ve got work tomorrow and I don’t want to walk into the lab like a corpse, I could turn out as one. xD So, I hope you guys take away some semblance of a lesson from this episode. Let’s keep our friends in our hearts! God bless! =D



One Response to “Telepathy Shoujo Ran – 10, dogged persistance makes a good friend”

  1. MisterEd Says:

    Two things about Ran,

    1. I love the OP. It’s got a J-Pop meets Sleater-Kinney vibe that really works for me. The OP/ED of the season for me (Natsume Yuujinchou’s ED is second).

    2. Midori is my favorite character of the summer shows. Whether she’s off on some money-eating or food-counting contest, or annoyingly tagging along as Ran’s third wheel, she is simply adorable. The Kansai-ben is just icing on the cake.

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