Tetsuwan Birdy Decode – 6

Hey everyone, been a while since I last posted anything on Tetsuwan Birdy hasn’t it? Well, I guess my internship is to blame in part for this, seeing that I reach back home at about 7 p.m ( I leave at 5.10a.m but thats another story). Now on to the other reason this post was delayed; my hard disk died on me. Refusing to die alone, it took pretty much all my anime with it, along with all my screenshots.


– Senkawa, Hayamiya and the rest of their classmates get invited to Nakasugi’s get well party.
– Birdy, who wants to conduct investigations about the Riunka forces Senkawa to follow her
– Muroto is hot on Birdy’s tail, investigating her alias; Arita Shion.
– Senkawa manages to make it to Nakasugi’s house after the investigations are over, walking alone with her, she thinks she’s changed after the accident.
– Later on while bathing, the other altarian sends her guardian bird to Nakasgui’s windowsill, disguised as a regular bird. Nakasugi’s destructive urges get the better of her and crushes it.

My thoughts;

Sorry this review took so long, I really did have alot of work to do. Eitherway, this episode was rather laid back and was mostly character development, with the exception of the last few minutes. Tetsuwan Birdy has been progressing rather well of late, seeing that the episodes are becoming more and more entertaining. The running mystery; ‘what is the Riunka?’ has got me quite flustered as well, seeing that things are becoming more and more ominous.

I’m already dead.

One thing I do like about the story is that past events aren’t forgotten so easily. One example of this was Tute’s ‘death’, which I thought was just a minor point in the series. Yet, his mourning lasted 4 episodes. It’s this sort of realism in the characters that makes the series’ drama more realistic. On that note, Senkawa coming to terms with his death in the abandoned building was quite emotional. It’s not easy to accept the deaths of people close to you, I suppose it feels something like being told you’ve got fourth stage cancer and have only a few weeks to live.

Beauty in savagery.

Nakasugi’s ‘awakening’ this episode was pretty scary. It kinda felt like some old zombie movie, except that scene in the bath was much much scarier. For a moment there I thought she was going to eat it, that was until I realized the bird was really that other altarians partner.

Eitherway, thats all for today. I’ve got family devotion to do before I sleep and boy, do I need sleep. So keep safe, God bless you guys! =D



2 Responses to “Tetsuwan Birdy Decode – 6”

  1. Teddy Says:

    Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!!

    Time to eat more mooncakes!!

    What kind of attachment are you doing? Which company? Seems like it is compulsory izit? I heard Layyen oso is doing it too..

  2. EC Says:

    Dude…u need a shoutbox or something…

    You are tagged!


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