Itazura Na Kiss – 21

A pretty solid episode. It’s kinda nice seeing hospital life from the nurses point of view.


– We find out that the blond haired actor is indeed Non-chan
– While visiting Irie’s house, Non angers Yuuki by talking smack about Irie as a doctor
– He collapses and is taken to the hospital, in which we find out that the cause of his sickness is a tumour on his liver.
– Irie proposes an operation, of which Non refuses adamantly at first, but in the end is convinced by Kotoko.

My thoughts;

Ahh, good old Itazura drama. I’ve missed that aspect of this series quite alot. ANyway, as I mentioned earlier on, this episode was a pretty solid one. Most of the misunderstandings are tied up and problems solved.

Non’s transformation was pretty sad to watch although not completely unbelieavable. I suppose that being hospital-bound for 7 years and having divorced parents would give most people a negative outlook on life, if you had no one to rely on. While Kotoko is pretty inept in the technical side of being a nurse, she definitely does have a big heart for the human side of things.

I’d also forgotten that Irie got the inspiration for his profession after taking care of Non. It’s a pretty big deal if you’d care to think about it. Non’s suspicions of Irie also seemed highly realistic, after all, doctors generally choose to become doctors because of the high pay and demand, or so I think. It’s also good to see that Irie and Kotoko have pretty much mellowed out relationship-wise, since it givesa sense of progression to the series.

Anyway, thats all for today. It’s a monday tomorrow and I really do have to get to bed. So, until the next episode take care and God bless! =D



One Response to “Itazura Na Kiss – 21”

  1. Nagato Says:

    Ha, I’m ahead of you now! xP

    Idk, Non-chan just became a bit of an asswad after all those years. Good thing Kotoko was there to slap him out of it.

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