Allison To Lillia – 16

Ahhh, yes. Finally, the long wait is over and the subs have been released although not much happened this episode.


– Lillia and Treize board the charity seaplane
– They meet the kid who served as their guide back in Lartika, Carlo, who was sent there.
– Mid-flight, the pilots abandon the plane despite Treize trying to stop them.
– Lillia and Treize try to fly the plane back to Lartika, only to be stopped by four fighter planes threatening to shoot them down if the do.
– Trieze plans to avoid certain death by ramming the fighter planes with the seaplane.

My thoughts;

Well, not much happened in this episode. It seems that the directors are reserving the bulk of the action for the next episode.

It was pretty interesting to see Treize go around Carlo’s questions about his and Lillia’s relationship. I remember trying to compare Allison to Trieze based on their efforts to get their feelings through, and it seems that Treize is doing a much better job than Allison ever did. Eitherway, I’m pretty much interested in seeing how Lillia’s and Treize’s love story will play out.

Treize’s plan to throw off their pursuers by ramming into them felt like a real long shot. WOuldn’t doing something like that cause you to crash as well? Although, compared to the alternative of not doing anything¬† his plan isn’t that crazy after all.

So, thats all for todays post. I’m a bit weary from picking up this series again after it’s long hiatus but thats never stopped me before. So, until next time, God bless! =D



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