Itazura Na Kiss – 22

Wow am I ever nehind on my posts. These few days have been rather hectic for me, with my internship and preparations for my church’s youth event, I’m not entirely sure I’ll be able to keep up with the whole one post per episode schedule. Who knows? I may just make a bulk post or something. xD


– Kotoko’s birthday is up soon and she manages to get Irie out on a dinner date
– Things go horribly wrong; an accident, taxi delays, and the like
– She arrives at the hotel late and cries to Irie, who hears her out
– WE find out later that Kotoko may be pregnant. \(*o*\)

My thoughts;

If this episode had left any sort of impression on me, it would be the fact that nurses are truly worthy of  the respect they seldom get. An analogy I like to use when describing jobs with natures similar to nursing is this; going down in the world while everyone else is trying to go up. Nursing is truly a self-sacrificial and humble profession, demonstrated by Kotoko this week.

Nurses – Always on duty?

Irie was alot nicer this episode too, I guess the jealousy arc really was meant to flesh out his character a bit. Also, I noticed that statement about the ‘power of a mother’ was probably a hint at the focus of the next arc and I was right. Kotoko’s pregnancy felt a little out of place to me though, yes I know she’s 26+ and that she’s been married for 5+ years. I guess it’s because I still see her as a child sometimes. xD

Stars, sparkles & Wedding rings.

Anyway, Itazura Na Kiss is about to end and yes I am kinda bummed about it. Problems aside it’s been one of those solid romance series, even my prediction of a long lasting relationship came true much to my joy. That’s all I have to say for today since I’m still doing my internship (it’s my fourth week! Two more to go! (/*0*)/ ), so, god bless you guys! Have a great day. =D



3 Responses to “Itazura Na Kiss – 22”

  1. issa-sa Says:

    “I guess it’s because I still see her as a child sometimes. xD”

    Well, she pretty much remains that way till the end… lol.

  2. jasmine Says:

    “nurses are truly worthy of the respect they seldom get” tis sentence a’s true..
    many ppl look down on nursing..but i’m glad tat now more n more ppl r realising how great is it to be a nurse..
    my sec sch teachers all said tat it’s a gud choice 4 me to be a nurse^^

    thumbs up for Kotoko…!!
    being so brave 2 go forward to help the victim..
    even though how imporant it is her date wif Irie..

  3. biankita Says:

    “nurses are truly worthy of the respect they seldom get”
    speaking from the experience of being confined into a hospital only once in my entire life, i have to say that the reason why i love nurses is that they administer all the drugs i wanted to alleviate my pain.

    i felt as though the episode was fluff, but considering that there’s been so little of it on naoki’s part, it’s nice to see. but lord, what a horrendous ring!!! ;A;

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