Allison To Lillia – 17 & 18

Finally, a holiday. Today’s the start of Malaysia’s Hari Raya celebration, it’s also a pubic holiday, which means that I’m off today. I’ve been pretty behind on Allison To Lillia seeing that the releases were stalled for quite some time, so yeah, I’ve got some cathcing up to do.


– Lillia and Treize manage to tip one of the Turkasia army planes over, activating it’s emergency beacon.
– Allison manages to arrive just in time to save the day because of that. Taking down all three remaining planes, she asks Treize to land the seaplane on the lake.
– Though he manages to land the plane, it hit the bedrock close to the shore
– Everyone swims to the shore before the plane sinks
– We find out that Carlo is actually a girl
– Later on, Travas tells Treize that the mastermind behind the plot was actually the priest who was once involved in the human trafficking business.
– Treize decides to go back to Ikstova on his bike.

My thoughts;

A solid conclusion to the seaplane arc. There were a few plotholes here and there but I’m quite satisfied.

One thing that did bother me was the physics behind the whole plane ramming business. Frankly, if the fighter plane flew into the wings of the seaplane at that speed, both planes would crash. What we got instead was a rubber-ball-hitting-the-wall type of scenario, pretty funny stuff. It isn’t really a big deal or anything, but it’s still an eyesore. >_<

I did like that little conversation between Allison and Wil. It’s good to see that the directors are still focused on the true stars of this show. Their whole relationship still does feel a bit bittersweet at times, since theirs is more of a work over love relationship. Eitherway, it goes to show that things have come a long way since the first episode, which is pretty awesome.

Speaking of Wil, Travas did feel a little out of character this episode with his whole ‘let them kill the kids so we can finish the mission’ attitude. It makes me wonder whether he thinks he’s become like Icacia in some way? I think being in the secret service has compromised is ideals a bit, but I guess it makes for a deeper story, right? Also, since the pastor fled I wonder if we’ll ever see Carlo again? They we’re talking about getting an education and meeting each other again right?

Eitherway, it’s good to be back to this series, seeing that it was one of the first I started blogging on. So, God bless! =D



One Response to “Allison To Lillia – 17 & 18”

  1. issa-sa Says:

    God, I miss Malaysia’s multitude of public holidays… In a way, it’s quite amusing to see the continuation of the Allison & Wil dynamic of the story, at least from Allison’s perspective (Wil/Travas seems to always have a foot on the dark side…)

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