Natsume Yuujin Chou – 11

What a totally adorable episode! Madara was just beyond cute this episode. That aside this is the second last episode, which is really quite a shame since I really did enjoy this series!


We start with Madara drunk and chasing down some birds in his cat form. He pounces but misses due to his addled vision and lands in a ditch with a young girl in it.

Flashback to a few days ago, Natsume and Madara have a fight over Madara’s bad habits which causes him to run away. In his human form (the girl from episode 3) Madara cons Natsume’s friends into treating him to lunch.

Meanwhile back home, Natsume notices that his foster parent miss Madara’s usual intrusion into their lives. He goes out to look for them and bumps into Kunieda several times before finding out from his friends at school that they got harassed by Madara (in his woman form). Outside an arcade Natsume once again bumps into Kunieda, this time with the young girl (from the first part). Back at home, Natsume finds a white kitten in his house, whom he finds out later belongs to his foster parents.

Elsewhere, Madara runs into a strong ayakashi who wants the Yuujin Chou. Madara deals with him, but gets injured in the process. When he returns to the Natsume’s house he sees Natsume playing with the kitten and runs off shocked. He goes to the Eight Fields to drown his sorrows, and that is where we go back to the first scene. While in the ditch with the little girl it starts to rain, and the little girl tries to protect Madara from getting wet. Madara notes that while humans are weak they possess the abnormal ability to care for others. He then flies the girl home while she’s asleep and reunites with Natsume who’s still searching for him.

My thoughts;

In case you guys didn’t get it, I loved this episode! This is by far the funniest episode of Natsume Yuujin Chou yet.


Madara was just so cute this episode! His antics made especially funny because the story this time is focused on him. I just loved the way he abused Natsume’s friends into buying stuff for him, and in his girl form as well. It’s also really funny to see Madara drunk as well, him calling down lightning unto those youkai at the Eight Fields was just priceless.

Some pretty good animation as well!

However, this episode was also really warm since it manages to flesh out Madara’s caring side a bit more. The way he handled that little girl (whom by the way is just totally adorable!!) by flying her out of that ditch and his attempts to protect Natsume from that huge raccoon-like Ayakashi was really cool to watch. I liked the message this episode as well, “They’re weak yet they care for others, They’re powerless yet they desperately try to protect others“. I think this statement is very true, though all of us are sinners (forgive my use of the word xD) we sometimes possess the extraordinary ability to care for others, which is true for the many people I’m privileged to know.

Yes, I believe this qualifies as abuse.

All in all, this episode was really well done and went a long way in brightening up my day. I was going to write on episodes 9 & 10 earlier but I think I’ll just link you guys there since I’m a bit lazy (and the posts mirror my sentiments xD). Anyway, it’s the end of my one day Hari Raya holiday and I’ve got work tomorrow, so God bless you guys, until the next post then! =D



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