Allison To Lillia – 19 – 22

Wow! Now this is what I’m talking about! Just when I thought things were starting to get dull we’re up and at it again, and this time with more conspiracy action!


– Treize invites Lillia and Allison over to his winter house (near the royal palace) for the new year’s celebration, hoping to tell her everything about himself.
– However, Benedict and Fiona are taken captive over at the palace by Carla Nicht, Owen’s daughter, who’s in search of the royal treasure of the Ikstovan royal family to avenge her father.
– Finding out that Fiona doesn’t know about it either they try to kidnap her and Benedict.
– Somehow Lilli and Treize get wind of this and try to radio out for help from the castle’s wireless radio, due to a bad snowstorm. This however, causes Lillia to wonder about Treize’s identity.
– The message reaches Travas and his band and they intervene with the kidnapping only to find out that lillia, who’s been mistaken for princess Meriel has been Kidnapped as well.
– Fiona, Benedict, Travas and Treize manage to rescue Lillia.
– We find out that the treasure is actually a valley with a pass that connects to Sou Beil from Roxche. Priceless as an entryway into Sou Beil during the war, it was kept a secret from the general populace.

My thoughts;

Generally I don’t like marathoning my episodes, but watching this whole arc in one go was just awesome! It’s taken me a long time to catch up with this series but I’m finally there, which means that I can finally finish up my reviews! Yeah! xD

The guys as they are now.

Anyway, this arc was a really nostalgic one bringing us back to the fist Ikstova arc, when the main characters were still youngsters. The whole theme of life coming full circle is presented really well in this way, keeping the original feels of Benedict, Allison, Wil and Fiona even though they’ve grown up. It was really cool to see Travas/Wil in action with his artic espionage gear, as well as Benedict’s usual brand of humour. It was also really fun to see Lillia and Treize go all covert on their mission and for once things seemed pretty believable too. Espionage might seem a little much for teenagers their age, but the circumstances were laid out pretty well. Which is great. xD

One thing that did bother me though was the fact that Treize actually managed to ski past Carla and her gang. Yeah this is anime, but that was a little too much, seeing that Treize actually managed to disarm his attackers with his ski’s. Also, it’s good to see that Wil/Travas is as calculative and quick thinking as ever. He was giving me a bad feeling when he decided to keep Lillia as a decoy, pointed out by Benedict, but in the end his predictions seemed much safer. It’s also good to see that he tries to still tries to avoid killing as much as possible, and that he’s still an awesome shot. Eitherway, I want more Allison/Wil & Benedict/Fiona development! I demand more of it! (/*0*)/

The lost valley, a great treasure to end the war indeed.

So, thats all for today. I’m still working on my internship although this is the last week, although I forsee more stalling to come. That said, I’m still unsure of what I’ll be blogging next season seeing that I’ll be pretty busy during that time. Oh well, I guess I’ll leave that till later. So until next time God bless you guys! =D



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