Itazura Na Kiss – 23 & 24

I chose to blog this episode as a two part post mainly because they go so well together, almost like an ending for this series.


– Kotoko is indeed pregnant, to no ones surprise.
– Kotoko is misled by Motoki and the gang into believing Irie’s kindness to her is a sign of indifelity.
– Obviously this isn’t true, since Irie’s being especially kind to her since she’s pregnant.
– In this episode, Sudou and Matsumoto finally hook up, after 8 long years.
– Next episode, Kotoko’s 9 month term is about to be up.
– Things are going well for the expectant couple and Irie promises to be there when Kotoko delivers
– Suddenly Matsumoto is wheeled in for an emergency operation and because all the doctors are busy Irie leads the operation, despite being an intern.
– Matsumoto’s life is saved and Irie enters the ward in time to see Kotoko give birth
– 2 years into the future and everyones lives are changing.

My thoughts;

These 2 episodes would have been great as finales, not that episode 25 was really bad (yes, as usual I’m way behind on this). I thought these two episodes were the best episodes of itazura Na Kiss yet, since we see everyone maturing and changing from their old selves.

A husband and wife struggle.

All the characters deserve merits in these two episodes, but I think the award for the best male and female character would go to Irie and Kotoko, hands down. Kotoko displayed amazing maturity in episode 24, both as a wife and as a nurse. Letting your husband go in your hour of greatest need is something most people wouldn’t dream of doing, but it was Kotoko who encouraged Irie to lead the surgery while she delivered on her own.

“You’ve changed”

Irie on the other hand played the example of a good doctor. Handling or mishandling a surgery as a trainee would signal the end of his career in the medical practice, yet as we remember that his goal in becoming a doctor was not fame, but rather to be in a position to save lives, he did the surgery anyway. This of course meant that our dear Matsumoto (over working as always) was spared to live another day.

Finally on the right track.

It was really great to see the rest of the Itazura gang with their children towards the end of the episode, although it was a little weird to see how stereotyped their resemblances to their parents were. Talk about a carbon copy. xD

Happy families.

So, one episode left to blog until I let this great series rest. Look forward to that! God bless! =D



2 Responses to “Itazura Na Kiss – 23 & 24”

  1. biankita Says:

    NO!!!! i highly recommend that you stay as FAR away as possible from episode 25. it’s REALLY nothing great! i regretted that episode… >.>

  2. How (not) to enjoy Itazura na Kiss › Cruel Angel Theses Says:

    […] assent (8 out of 10): Anime Under The Sun, rroknedaj: “So, one episode left to blog until I let this great series rest. “ […]

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