Allison To Lillia – 23 – 26 (END)

Finally, I’ve completed this series and on the last day of my internship too! It’s been a really great journey, so heres to hoping you enjoy my review of the final arc.


– It’s the second train arc! This time Travas/Wil is protecting the princess of Sou Beil, Matilda who’s aboard a train incognito with Treize.
– Lillia and Allison are on a train on the same track as well, but due to a plot by Criminal No.42 (a hired gun) Their trains intersect.
– Matilda and lillia meet for the first time, and they quickly become friends.
– The events that take place make Travas/Wil think that someone is after Matilda, so he disconnects the front part of the train leaving Allison, Treize and Lillia behind.
– In the midst of an attack later, Travas/Wil finds out that the culprit is actually after Treize
– Meanwhile, Lillia has been kidnapped by Criminal No.42 and Treize rushes to rescue her. Lillia finally finds out that Treize is the prince of Ikstova
– With the help of Allison and Wil, Treize manages to save Lillia but at the cost of, seemingly, his own life when the train derails into a canyon
– Sometime later, Treize transfers to Lillia’s school. Overwhelmed that he’s alive, she accepts his dance proposal.

My thoughts;

This whole train arc was classic Allison To Lillia style awesome, with the usual dose of conspiracies and whatnot. Things did seem a bit coincidental once in a while, but overall everything felt really memorable.

So, before I round up this series for the final time I’ll do my usual episode reviews.

So check out Allison To Lillia, its got trains

It’s good to see Treize and Lillia finally patching things up, although their end was no where near as satisfying as Allison and Wil’s. Up till this episode, it seemed that the directors were dragging Treize’s confession as far back as they could. That aside, Matilda was a pretty amusing character as well, seeing that she noticed Travas/Wil and Lillia’s relationship in a moment.The little scenes with Allison and Travas/Wil talking to each other also revealed alot about their current relationship. Rather than feeling sad or even regretful about their situation, Allison and Wil don’t really seem to mind at all, which brings up my talk about their marital support back in episode 13, good stuff!


The high point of this arc as obviously episode 26, with all the train hopping and mid flight acrobatics. It was pretty interesting to see how Treize took down Criminal No.42, although not entirely logical. He shouldn’t even have went after criminal No.42 alone in the first place. I wonder if the directors are trying to portray him as some sort of superhero or something? The fact that he survived a plunge into a canyon and survived with a few broken ribs was really pushing it too far too.

Men with guns,

I thought also that Criminal No.42’s mission was kinda compromised in the logic department. The methods he used to get to Treize were anything but assured, since it involved many uncontrolable circumstances. For example, what if Travas decided to leave everyone behind? Or even in Travas decided to take Treize with him while escorting Matilda? Also, wasn’t his mission to kill Treize? Couldn’t he have done it without kidnapping Lillia? Even if he didn’t want to create a spectacle, he could have done it silently. I’m not even going to get started on the fact that he knew he was going to die in the end.

And  the oh so classic love stories.


So, biplanes, trains and adventures in a country perpetually covered in snow? What more could a 50’s feel fan ask for? Add to that the conspiracy plots, twisted back stories, totally adorable characters, classic romance and time lapses! and you’ve got yourself a series to last.

Though there were a few problems in the form of gigantic plotholes and compromised logic (not to mention physics), Allison To Lillia has been a series with heart. Oddities aside, it’s been a really fun series to follow and though the subs were stalled abit towards the middle, I’m glad I stuck to blogging it.

So, time to put this series to rest, until the next great one I pick up!

So how would I rate Allison To Lillia? You can find my rating system here

I would have no qualms in giving it a great, more for it’s characters than anything else. It also scores a 9 for it’s Character Attachment Factor, for its cast and its great character development. I feel rather sad letting this series go, but its time for the next season. So until then God Bless you Guys! =D



5 Responses to “Allison To Lillia – 23 – 26 (END)”

  1. issa-sa Says:

    LOL, if I had never watched an episode, I’d probably ignore this series had I read the line “a series with heart” out of sheer cynicism. But I’ve got to admit that with all it’s flaws and plot holes and whatnot, you’re absolutely right on that point, which really gives the characters and the overall series its charm I suppose.

  2. Brian Says:

    How do you justify calling this series great when it starts and ends so poorly?
    The first adventure arc was ridiculously rushed and shallow.
    The last arc was chock full of plot holes, most likely due to severe adaptation decay. Interesting stories follow the setting, you cannot take an inflated premise like a whim based kidnapping and a detail-sparse setting, and hope to find a satisfying conclusion in one episode, especially if you are so damn squeamish about your protagonists harming the villains….. What exactly is prisoner 42’s motivation anyway?

  3. Ez Says:

    Well I was thinking of rating it less but then I realized that I really did love watching it despite its many flaws. So I had a great time watching it. xD

    My ratings are pretty subjective anyway. =)

  4. Brian Says:

    It can be amusing, but the MST3K mantra is quite mandatory.

  5. MiveArrinna Says:

    Fantastic .. really awesome matter. I’m goin to blog about it also!

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