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Itazura Na Kiss – 23 & 24

October 7, 2008

I chose to blog this episode as a two part post mainly because they go so well together, almost like an ending for this series.


– Kotoko is indeed pregnant, to no ones surprise.
– Kotoko is misled by Motoki and the gang into believing Irie’s kindness to her is a sign of indifelity.
– Obviously this isn’t true, since Irie’s being especially kind to her since she’s pregnant.
– In this episode, Sudou and Matsumoto finally hook up, after 8 long years.
– Next episode, Kotoko’s 9 month term is about to be up.
– Things are going well for the expectant couple and Irie promises to be there when Kotoko delivers
– Suddenly Matsumoto is wheeled in for an emergency operation and because all the doctors are busy Irie leads the operation, despite being an intern.
– Matsumoto’s life is saved and Irie enters the ward in time to see Kotoko give birth
– 2 years into the future and everyones lives are changing.

My thoughts;

These 2 episodes would have been great as finales, not that episode 25 was really bad (yes, as usual I’m way behind on this). I thought these two episodes were the best episodes of itazura Na Kiss yet, since we see everyone maturing and changing from their old selves.

A husband and wife struggle.

All the characters deserve merits in these two episodes, but I think the award for the best male and female character would go to Irie and Kotoko, hands down. Kotoko displayed amazing maturity in episode 24, both as a wife and as a nurse. Letting your husband go in your hour of greatest need is something most people wouldn’t dream of doing, but it was Kotoko who encouraged Irie to lead the surgery while she delivered on her own.

“You’ve changed”

Irie on the other hand played the example of a good doctor. Handling or mishandling a surgery as a trainee would signal the end of his career in the medical practice, yet as we remember that his goal in becoming a doctor was not fame, but rather to be in a position to save lives, he did the surgery anyway. This of course meant that our dear Matsumoto (over working as always) was spared to live another day.

Finally on the right track.

It was really great to see the rest of the Itazura gang with their children towards the end of the episode, although it was a little weird to see how stereotyped their resemblances to their parents were. Talk about a carbon copy. xD

Happy families.

So, one episode left to blog until I let this great series rest. Look forward to that! God bless! =D


Itazura Na Kiss – 22

September 24, 2008

Wow am I ever nehind on my posts. These few days have been rather hectic for me, with my internship and preparations for my church’s youth event, I’m not entirely sure I’ll be able to keep up with the whole one post per episode schedule. Who knows? I may just make a bulk post or something. xD


– Kotoko’s birthday is up soon and she manages to get Irie out on a dinner date
– Things go horribly wrong; an accident, taxi delays, and the like
– She arrives at the hotel late and cries to Irie, who hears her out
– WE find out later that Kotoko may be pregnant. \(*o*\)

My thoughts;

If this episode had left any sort of impression on me, it would be the fact that nurses are truly worthy of  the respect they seldom get. An analogy I like to use when describing jobs with natures similar to nursing is this; going down in the world while everyone else is trying to go up. Nursing is truly a self-sacrificial and humble profession, demonstrated by Kotoko this week.

Nurses – Always on duty?

Irie was alot nicer this episode too, I guess the jealousy arc really was meant to flesh out his character a bit. Also, I noticed that statement about the ‘power of a mother’ was probably a hint at the focus of the next arc and I was right. Kotoko’s pregnancy felt a little out of place to me though, yes I know she’s 26+ and that she’s been married for 5+ years. I guess it’s because I still see her as a child sometimes. xD

Stars, sparkles & Wedding rings.

Anyway, Itazura Na Kiss is about to end and yes I am kinda bummed about it. Problems aside it’s been one of those solid romance series, even my prediction of a long lasting relationship came true much to my joy. That’s all I have to say for today since I’m still doing my internship (it’s my fourth week! Two more to go! (/*0*)/ ), so, god bless you guys! Have a great day. =D

Itazura Na Kiss – 21

September 14, 2008

A pretty solid episode. It’s kinda nice seeing hospital life from the nurses point of view.


– We find out that the blond haired actor is indeed Non-chan
– While visiting Irie’s house, Non angers Yuuki by talking smack about Irie as a doctor
– He collapses and is taken to the hospital, in which we find out that the cause of his sickness is a tumour on his liver.
– Irie proposes an operation, of which Non refuses adamantly at first, but in the end is convinced by Kotoko.

My thoughts;

Ahh, good old Itazura drama. I’ve missed that aspect of this series quite alot. ANyway, as I mentioned earlier on, this episode was a pretty solid one. Most of the misunderstandings are tied up and problems solved.

Non’s transformation was pretty sad to watch although not completely unbelieavable. I suppose that being hospital-bound for 7 years and having divorced parents would give most people a negative outlook on life, if you had no one to rely on. While Kotoko is pretty inept in the technical side of being a nurse, she definitely does have a big heart for the human side of things.

I’d also forgotten that Irie got the inspiration for his profession after taking care of Non. It’s a pretty big deal if you’d care to think about it. Non’s suspicions of Irie also seemed highly realistic, after all, doctors generally choose to become doctors because of the high pay and demand, or so I think. It’s also good to see that Irie and Kotoko have pretty much mellowed out relationship-wise, since it givesa sense of progression to the series.

Anyway, thats all for today. It’s a monday tomorrow and I really do have to get to bed. So, until the next episode take care and God bless! =D

Itazura Na Kiss – 20

September 6, 2008

Short summary today, seeing that I’ve started my internship for the holidays and that it takess up approximately 14 hours of my day (transport takes 2 hours, the whole Malaysia to Singapore jazz).


– It’s time for the nursing gangs swearing in, and Kotoko is elected to represent the class by reciting the Nightingale Pledge.
– It’s custom for the guys in the medical department to hand roses to the newly sworn nurses but Kotoko’s hopes are dashed because Irie’s attending a medical conference out of town.
– Motoki’s depressed because, being male, he isn’t allowed to recite the pledge but with support from Kotoko arrives at the ceremony in a female nurse uniform. Giving in, their supervisor gives him the honour of doing it.
– Irie arrives later on, because he took the last bus back, and embraces Kotoko.
– Four years later, Kotoko is working at the local hospital when she meets a new patient, a blond haired young man who hugs her on the spot, saying that he knows her.

My thoughts;

Oh well, at least Irie’s getting a bit nicer. Though he was still a grouch in the first half of the episode, he seemed to be much nicer after that four year skip.

Motoki’s plight was pretty interesting to watch too, seeing that he was inspired by a nurse who was reciting the Nightingale pledge as well. I really liked how they developed Motoki as the neutral, reconciling party since his introduction to the cast. Out of the rest of them, Motoki seems to have been fleshed out far more than the rest. The end was a little bit predictable though, seeing that I knew, call it intuition, that he was going to dress in a female nurses’ uniform to the solemnization. xD

The four year skip seemed a bit awkward to me at first, since most of them haven’t really changed much in 4 years. I guess that threw me off balance for a while. However, now that Itazura Na Kiss has reached it’s final lap I’m pretty positive about the direction the series is going to take. We’ve come a long way since Kotoko’s first confession and even though the anime is moving quite fast, the character development was never compromised.

Another good thing is that Irie seems to be changing his ice-cold attitude more and more each episode. I for one certainly feel that a level headed (but still grouchy xD) Irie would be good for the general plot advancement. That aside, Kotoko could use some growing up as well. By now she’s probably around 25 years old, give or take, so I’m hoping that the directors wil mold her character into that of a nurse; mature but with a big heart.

So, I would write more, but I’m kinda running short of time here. So see you guys! God bless! =D

Itazura Na Kiss – 19, Two words: BEYOND AWESOME!

August 22, 2008

Woah! What a totally awesome episode! I was expecting something to happen after the last episode left us with that awful nerve-wrecking cliffhanger but man, I wasn’t expecting this! Without a doubt, episode 19 is (in my opinion) the best episode of Itazura Na Kiss to air yet!


Returning from her drinking session, Kotoko’s heart is still racing from Keita’s confession to her. The next day, she avoids Keita the best she can, while her friends from the nursing class go to the cafeteria. Just then, Chris is splashed on the leg with scalding oil. Kin immediately brings her to Irie and Kotoko, and they take her to the campus’ hospital. They find out that there may be scarring as a result of the accident and Irie goes to comfort Kin. Kin storms off to Chris’ ward to propose to her but she rejects him, saying that she’ll just be a burden to him because of her scarring. Kin doesn’t buy this and tries to pour a thermos of boiling water on his leg, just to match Chris. Chris stops him, saying that she was actually very happy with his proposal and accepts it.

Back home, Kotoko and Irie are telling everyone about Kins proposal. Everyone us happy with their development. Just then Irie notices that Kotoko’s phone is receiving a call, from no one other than Keita and walks away. Over the phone, Keita reminds Kotoko that he was serious about his confession. The next day, Irie and Kotoko congratulate Chris on her discharge from the hospital. Kin notices something and asks Irie out for a drink later that night. Over a meal and a drink, Irie praises Kin for his act of chivalry back at the hospital. Kin just asks him if things are going well between himself and Kotoko, Irie says that he just gets strangely irritated whenever he thinks about Keita and Kotoko. Kin tells him that he’s jealous of Keita, which totally shocks Irie. Getting an idea from her friends, Kotoko decides to ask Irie out the coming sunday for a boat ride at the lake they went too when they were younger, but Irie says he’s busy. Angered, Kotoko makes a fuss tosses books at him, saying that their marriage wasn’t supposed to turn out like this. Irie slaps her to calm her and she runs out of the house.

The Irie and his family, manage to find out that she’s staying over at Tomoko’s place. At Tomoko’s place the entire gang have gathered, and Kotoko starts to pour out her feelings to Motoki, saying that she’s become a bad wife, demanding too much from Irie. Motoki just says it’s normal to want to be loved in return. Later that night, Aihara calls Irie out and shows him a picture book from his youth. Drawing his attention to Kotoko’s mother, he says that when he was younger he and his wife used to quarrel alot too, but he loved her more than anything else. He also said that it was with her that he could truly be himself, which makes Irie wonder about his true self as well.

The next day at school, while having lunch Keita tells Kotoko to come live with him since she ran away from home. Keita goes on to say that he meant every word of his confession and that Irie never loved her. Irie confesses that he was jealous of Keita, and that he had never felt sadness or jealousy before, causing him to act that way. Using Kin as an example he says that he’s always hated overemotional people, but now he’s realized that thats what it means to be human. He goes on to say that he needs Kotoko, because he can only be true to himself when shes with him. Kotoko then jumps into his arms, saying that she’ll never let him go. OUtside, Motoki comforts Keita and later that night, Irie and Kotoko embrace each other.

My thoughts;



Excuse me, I just had to get that out of my system, because this episode was just way too awesome. I was expecting Kotoko and Irie to make up somehow and I wasn’t too sure how it’d turn out, but this episode totally blew all my doubts away. I mean, it had so many awesome moments; Kin being more manly than I could have imagined, Irie finally coming to terms with his feelings, Kotoko with her magnificent display of waterworks, and more GOOD drama than you can shake a stick at.

Best scene of the entire episode.

Anyway, discussion time. First thing I wanna say is that Irie was right; Kin was BEYOND COOL this episode. After many, many moons of being rather annoying, Kin has shown his true mettle. I mean, his whole proposal to Chris was beyond manly, it was just GAR (look it up on the internet if you don’t know what it means). Seriously, scarring yourself to comfort the one you love? And with boiling hot water no less? Could we ask for more? The fact that played the main role in helping Irie fix his relationship with Kotoko alone should speak for itself.


I also thought that the directors handled Irie’s development in this episode really well. Him coming to terms with his feelings of jealousy towards Keita’s more-than-friendly relationship with Kotoko was portrayed very well too. The whole scene actually made me realize that he totally had no clue as to why he was treating Kotoko so coldly. His confession at the end of the episode was stellar in it’s own right as well and was definitely really dramatic in its own right. I also liked the talk Aihara had with Irie. It’s true that you can be yourself around your family, one of the places that you can truly feel rest from the harshness of the world.

This is such a warm picture. T–T

What really surprised me though, was that he eerily resembled me in my younger days. When I was younger (3 years give or take) I was pretty much exactly like him; always ‘acting cool’, thinking that passionate people were wimps, and that anyone who could pour out their emotions that easily wasn’t worth knowing. How wrong I was.

SO, without further adue I present to you the MEN of the episode; Aihara & Ire

One other thing, I remember mentioning that I found Kotoko’s nursing gang to be quite annoying most of the time. Well, if anything this episode showed me that first impressions aren’t really the best things to analyze when trying to judge a character. I thought Motoki had some pretty good marital advice this episode, especially when he was consoling Kotoko and Keita.

as well as Motoki and Kin.

Anyway, this episode finally signals the end of the whole Love triangle arc. Actually I never thought of it as a love triangle in the first place, Keita never had a chance, poor guy. So hope you guys enjoyed this episode as much as I did and till the next episode, God Bless you guys! =D

Itazura Na Kiss – 18

August 19, 2008

Wow, Irie’s practically painting a bullseye on his own head isn’t he? This is probably the first time I’ve really been angry with the guy. Don’t be a wife-beater! D=<


– Kotoko undertakes the venipuncture practical with her unfortunate patient, Keita.
– Later they have to assess a cadaver, which causes Kotoko to faint.
– In the infirmary, Keita and Irie stare each other down.
– Because Irie is busy, Keita walks Kotoko home.
– Irie’s mother goes to investigate Keita at the campus and finds out that he’s actually a good guy.
– Later in the cafeteria, Kotoko and Irie have a fight.
– Over a few bottles later that night, Kotoko leaves dejectedly only to be caught up by Keita who confesses to her.

My thoughts:

Wait what? Irie gets jealous and tells Kotoko off? Keita undergoing the pangs of love advances on Kotoko, who happens to be married to Irie?! Someone needs to smack these guys in their faces!

First of all, I have no idea what Irie is thinking, not that the directors show much of his thoughts anyway. Some people have suggested that he’s just trying to build Kotoko up, but theres the right way; and then theres the way thats totally off.  I’d like to think that his attitude was acceptable when he and Kotoko were dating but this is getting absurd! I believe I’ve repeated this many many times but the key to a successful marriage (at least by my standards) is good communication, transparency and support. Irie needs some valuable life changing moments to fix that contrived attitude of his. Actually, I think he needs to do some serious soul-searching.

Woah, not so fast hot-shot.

Keita isn’t exactly without fault either. Sure he’s really passionate and kind but you don’t go around hugging peoples wives.

Love triangle aside. It’s kinda nice to see actual references to real nursing practices. Stuff like injections with hypodermic needles or even examining a medical cadaver are standard procedures anoyone would have to go through to qualify as a nurse. This weeks comedy came from an unexpected character; Tomoko. The expression she had on her face while examining the cadaver was just gross. If there was any character I’d expect to go chainsaw on random passers-by it would be her. xD

This is not the reaction you should be having when working on a cadaver,

although Kotoko’s isn’t exactly ideal as well.

Anyway, this episode did build up on the drama a little bit and the next episode looks like we’ll be in for some waterworks of epic proportions! So hang tight till then and God bless! (*o*)

Itazura Na kiss – 17

August 9, 2008

Finally, an episode that made me think they we’re a married couple, and in a surprising 3 episodes since they got married too! (*o*)


– Kotoko attends the first class of her nursing course.
– At the start we’re introduced to four new characters from her nursing class; Tomoko, Marina, Motoki and Keita.
– Somehow or another, they end up trying to find out who Irie’s wife is. Irie ends the camaraderie by coming to Kotoko’s class and talking to her himself.
– As a punishment for not telling them about her status (which was their fault in the first place) Kotoko’s friends ask her to throw a hook up party with Irie.
– Towards the end, Kotoko ends up drunk and Irie has to carry her home. A rivalry is starting between Keita and Irie over Kotoko’s affections.

My thoughts;

Finally after all the ambiguous relational muck we’ve had to wallow through these past few episodes, Kotoko and Irie act like a married couple. In my opinion the first thing a married couple should do is to confide in each other. Considering that they’re married and all, you’d think they’d talk to each other a bit more.

We’re introduced to some new characters this episode and some of them turn out (why am I not surprised?) to be quite annoying. On a side note, are people really so ignorant of other peoples marriage statuses? The way they put it in this episode, it seems that husband-stealing is something really common nowadays.

Hahaha, I missed those faces. xD

Anyway, being a bio-tech student myself I could relate to the nurse practices that kotoko was going through. In a way it’s good to see an anime dealing with nursing since, nursing as a job seems pretty underrated these days. Truth is, I know of many nurses myself, seeing that there are quite a few nurses in my church and it really is a self sacrificing job. Actually, I know of a couple in my church who’re in the exact same position Irie and Kotoko are in now; they’re a married doctor and nurse. the parallels are quite surprising. xD

Woah, thats not how you do it

Back on topic, as I mentioned earlier, it’s good to see irie and Kotoko’s relationship developing. I believe that though their buildup might be slow, in time they’ll come to be the mature couple I hope they’ll be. That said, Kotoko’s antics were as funny as ever and it’s good to see that the show is going back to the basics of what made it so enjoyable in the first place.

As you guys might have guessed, I liked this episode. I’m also starting to see Itazura Na Kiss’s transition from a highschool love comedy to a very mature relational anime which, was what I was expecting when I first took it up. With the climax reaching, I wonder how they’ll end it?

On a side note, I notice I write better in the morning (/*o*)/ So, until the next time God bless. Cheers guys! >=)

Itazura Na Kiss – 16

August 6, 2008

Hold up while I get something off my chest; WHERE IS MY TETSUWAN BIRDY DECODE?! It’s been weeks for crying out loud, fansubbers don’t let me down now! >_<

Anyway, pointless ranting aside, this episode wasn’t too bad. I still think that Itazura Na Kiss needs to start building up the drama again but all in good time I guess. Oh well, screenie time.


I’m now in full blown test mode which will, sad to say, cause me to mess up tomorrows test if I write my usual full length summary. So until the happy day my test ends, point form it is. xO

– Kotoko fails her first attempt to get into the medical department.
– Irie promises her a date if she passes the second round.
– We find out that Kotoko might be pregnant
– On a side note, Chris is trying to get Kin to like her and plans a birthday party for him, but thanks to Kotoko’s meddling things go sour.
– Sadly, Chris has to leave Japan for her homeland and with a tearful goodbye leaves.
– Kin tries to stop her but seemingly fails to do so. It turns out Chris decided to stay at the last moment. We may be seeing the start of a new relationship.

My thoughts;

Haha, what else would Kotoko be if she wasn’t a meddler of affairs? Quite a fun episode this time round with Kin finally getting over his rejection. Good to see that they developed Chris a bit more in this episode. One thing though, I really liked the whole 80’s street girl look she was giving off throughout the later half of the episode. Old fashioned or not, I have to admit that she pulled the look off really well.

You go girl! Love the cap!

Anyway, I don’t really have much else to say about Kin and Chris’ new start, even though thats what most of the episode was about. I’m much more interested in Kotoko’s false pregnancy. Part of me knew that she wasn’t going to pregnant in the end. The more dubious part of me was contemplating the possible horrors that would follow if Kotoko was indeed pregnant. Personally, she still feels like a kid to me even though she’s probably what? 21+ years old? She needs a serious personality change to make me fix my perception of her.

I might have failed to mention this before but I like the ending as well. I’ve only recently noticed that the character designs of Kotoko and Irie in the ending theme are quite different from how they normally look. Thats not a bad thing, instead I think it makes them look much better, and surprisingly, older. Especially Irie, although I think it’s because he doesn’t have his trademark scowl. xD

See what I mean?

Thats all for today. So until next time, God bless. Cheers! =)

Itazura Na Kiss – 15

July 30, 2008

Oh I guess I’m late with this post, but then again with stuff like Allison To Lillia and Avatar to write about I guess it can’t be helped right? xD


My exams are coming up once again so my summary will be short today.

Irie and Kotoko go to Hawaii for their honeymoon. While there, Kotoko is frequently interrupted by Horuichi Mari, another visitor who’s also come to Hawaii for her honeymoon. Whether it be at the beach or in the hotel itself, Irie is constanly stalked by Mari. Feigning sickness, Mari tries to get Irie to examine her, only to make Kotoko jealous which causes Irie to scold her. Mari tries to seduce Irie but he says he’ll never do it and goes into town to find Kotoko. The husband Takumi sets Mari straight with a slap. While lost in town, Irie manages to find Kotoko who thinks she’s being accosted by the local policeman. They make up and finally consummate their marriage later that night. Back at home Kotoko decides that she’s going to become a nurse to help Irie.

My thoughts;

Not a bad episode although everything seemed kind of rushed to me, getting married as university students isn’t something very common nowadays wouldn’t you say? I guess thats why they call the 90’s the 90’s. xD

Anyway, I was expecting Kotoko and Irie’s honeymoon to be less hectic and seeing Mari in action didn’t help one bit though. Which brings me to my first point; why get married if you don’t think your spouse is capable enough in the first place? Sure this is fiction and all, but Mari and Takumi’s relationship was painful to watch. Although Irie and Kotoko fared much better, his behavior towards his wife was just out of line in my opinion, you don’t shout at your spouse. Even though they made up towards the end of the episode, which we’re they not married would have sent me straight to fanboy heaven, I thought that they could definitely do better as a married couple. So, I guess my hope for Kotoko and Irie is to have them grow in maturity and understanding towards each other. =)

Thats all I really have to say about episode 15, with it’s less than stellar development. Oh well, I guess this is where the character development portion of Itazura Na Kiss comes in. The focus of episode 16 seems to be on Chris and Kin, which should be good I guess? Anyway, until next time guys!  <=)

Itazura Na Kiss – 13 & 14

July 17, 2008

Fangirl Squeal. I’ve got to say, Itazura Na Kiss has been building up very well these past episodes and I’m just estatic to see it all come together. So let me present to you (due to my laziness in part) my combined review of Itazura Na Kiss episode 13 & 14!

For the sake of those who haven’t watched 14 yet, I’ve split up my review into two parts to prevent you guys from reading some really nasty spoilers.

Episode 13


I’m just going to highlight the main points;

– Chris’ and Irie’s marriage seems to be progressing
– Irie’s mom doesn’t like Chris (gee, you don’t say)
– We find out that it was Irie, not Yuuki who kissed Kotoko at Romance Village
– Kin calls out Kotoko to get an answer from her but gets turned down.
– Irie picks up Kotoko in the rain

My thoughts;

Finally everythings coming together. After 12 episodes of Irie’s nonchalant attitude we finally get a peek into his heart. Now, I would say “typical male love potential stereotype” but I just remembered that Itazura Na Kiss might have set the stereotype for all newer romance animes. Still, even though I knew it was coming, something, maybe the execution or even the buildup made that moment; the moment he tried to find her in the rain, so much more satisfying.

Kin’s character building is handled pretty well too. I actually felt sorry for the guy in this episode. I mean, having your love rejected, even though you knew it was going to happen, isn’t exactly a happy occasion. However, being the ‘man’ he is we all know how his story is going to play out don’t we?

The gears of imminent (good) drama are turning. So this ends my review of episode 13, make sure you watch episode 14 before you continue.

Episode 14


After picking Kotoko up from the train station they walk back to Irie’s house. While walking Irie asks Kotoko why she went to see Kin, and proceeds to ask her whether he accepted his proposal. Kotoko says it’s none of his business and that she’s tired of being in this one sided relationship. Kotoko goes on to say that she’ll marry Kin because he’s been devoted to her since middle school which makes Irie ask her if she’ll be able to love someone just because that person loves her. Kotoko tries to answer but before she can finish her sentence Irie kisses her and drags her home.

Back home Irie asks Kotoko’s father for her hand in marriage, saying that he just can’t imagine a life with anyone other than Kotoko. Her father accepts, which makes Irie’s mom estatic. Later that night, Kotoko asks Irie if he thinks he’s making a good choice choosing her, but Irie says its what his heart wants. At their campus, Kotoko breaks the news to Jinko and Satomi who congratulate her. Over a meal, Irie explains his decision to Chris who understands while Kotoko tries to do the same with Kin. Suddenly Irie enters and tells Kin that he’ll be taking Kotoko. Kin tries to talk Kotoko out of it but breaks because he knows he never stood a chance at all. He asks Irie to take care of Kotoko, and after Irie promises, he gets them to leave. Back at home, they found out that Irie’s father has went to apologize to the Robbins. Irie arrives theere soon after with Kotoko and follows suit. Mr. Robbins tries to press on but is stopped by Chris who says that she didn’t want to get married either, because she’s found her own fated person.

Soon after Chris visits Kotoko in school and tells her that the person she’s in love with is Kin, much to Kotoko’s bewilderment. Back home, Irie says he’s going to drop out of medical school to suceed his fathers company but Irie’s father doesn’t allow it, while Yuuki says that he’ll be the one to suceed their fathers company. Out of the blue, Irie’s mother announces that Irie and Kotoko’s wedding will be held soon and that she’s already booked the hall. Finally, the moment is here. While in the bridal chamber, Yuuki tells Kotoko about Irie kissing her at Romance Village. After exchanging vows Kotoko tells Irie that she knows about his secret of loving her all the while and kisses him.

My thoughts;

Oh man, I was totally waiting for this episode and it definitely delivered. I can’t believe that it’s only halfway through the season, which means that theres about 14 more episodes for Kotoko and Irie to develop their relationship. Anyone else as elated as me to know that? =)

One thing I noticed about this episode specifically was how much the character designs of Kotoko and Irie have changed when compared with the first episode. Now, this is by no means a bad thing because it really makes me feel as if they’ve aged 5 years since the first episode. Irie looks more like a grown man, while Kotoko looks much more mature.

Irie’s development these past two episodes was quite interesting to watch and while I know that his motives for pushing Kotoko away, the whole “I must sacrifice myself for those around me” deal, aren’t exactly original it was still well executed. One thing that continues to bug me is how their relationship seems rather forced, with Irie coming to terms with his feelings only recently. Ahh, who cares? I guess i’ll just let that one slide. =)

Geez, at least wait until you exchange rings.

The change in Kin’s character, and his relevance to the story is also something I like. Starting as a one dimensional character who just doesn’t give up, it’s good to see Kin get the development he so rightly deserves. Chris, despite being introduced only recently, has made herself out to be so much more than the average ‘marriage candidate character’ though the thing I like most about her is her yapanese and engrish. You can’t deny that her tone and manner of speaking are just plain cute. xD

So, Itazura na kiss so far has been a really fun ride. Despite being what some would call a ‘retro romance’ anime, I think Itazura has done a good job in making itself relevant even amongst the many romance animes of today. In fact, it’s probably the best romance anime this year (true tears was good but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I did Itazura).

Hey, wait a minute. Why am I going on about it as if it’s just ended? We’ve still got 12 episodes more and I can’t express to you in words how much I think they’re gonna rock. So until next time!