Itazura Na Kiss – 21

September 14, 2008

A pretty solid episode. It’s kinda nice seeing hospital life from the nurses point of view.


– We find out that the blond haired actor is indeed Non-chan
– While visiting Irie’s house, Non angers Yuuki by talking smack about Irie as a doctor
– He collapses and is taken to the hospital, in which we find out that the cause of his sickness is a tumour on his liver.
– Irie proposes an operation, of which Non refuses adamantly at first, but in the end is convinced by Kotoko.

My thoughts;

Ahh, good old Itazura drama. I’ve missed that aspect of this series quite alot. ANyway, as I mentioned earlier on, this episode was a pretty solid one. Most of the misunderstandings are tied up and problems solved.

Non’s transformation was pretty sad to watch although not completely unbelieavable. I suppose that being hospital-bound for 7 years and having divorced parents would give most people a negative outlook on life, if you had no one to rely on. While Kotoko is pretty inept in the technical side of being a nurse, she definitely does have a big heart for the human side of things.

I’d also forgotten that Irie got the inspiration for his profession after taking care of Non. It’s a pretty big deal if you’d care to think about it. Non’s suspicions of Irie also seemed highly realistic, after all, doctors generally choose to become doctors because of the high pay and demand, or so I think. It’s also good to see that Irie and Kotoko have pretty much mellowed out relationship-wise, since it givesa sense of progression to the series.

Anyway, thats all for today. It’s a monday tomorrow and I really do have to get to bed. So, until the next episode take care and God bless! =D


Tetsuwan Birdy Decode – 6

September 10, 2008

Hey everyone, been a while since I last posted anything on Tetsuwan Birdy hasn’t it? Well, I guess my internship is to blame in part for this, seeing that I reach back home at about 7 p.m ( I leave at 5.10a.m but thats another story). Now on to the other reason this post was delayed; my hard disk died on me. Refusing to die alone, it took pretty much all my anime with it, along with all my screenshots.


– Senkawa, Hayamiya and the rest of their classmates get invited to Nakasugi’s get well party.
– Birdy, who wants to conduct investigations about the Riunka forces Senkawa to follow her
– Muroto is hot on Birdy’s tail, investigating her alias; Arita Shion.
– Senkawa manages to make it to Nakasugi’s house after the investigations are over, walking alone with her, she thinks she’s changed after the accident.
– Later on while bathing, the other altarian sends her guardian bird to Nakasgui’s windowsill, disguised as a regular bird. Nakasugi’s destructive urges get the better of her and crushes it.

My thoughts;

Sorry this review took so long, I really did have alot of work to do. Eitherway, this episode was rather laid back and was mostly character development, with the exception of the last few minutes. Tetsuwan Birdy has been progressing rather well of late, seeing that the episodes are becoming more and more entertaining. The running mystery; ‘what is the Riunka?’ has got me quite flustered as well, seeing that things are becoming more and more ominous.

I’m already dead.

One thing I do like about the story is that past events aren’t forgotten so easily. One example of this was Tute’s ‘death’, which I thought was just a minor point in the series. Yet, his mourning lasted 4 episodes. It’s this sort of realism in the characters that makes the series’ drama more realistic. On that note, Senkawa coming to terms with his death in the abandoned building was quite emotional. It’s not easy to accept the deaths of people close to you, I suppose it feels something like being told you’ve got fourth stage cancer and have only a few weeks to live.

Beauty in savagery.

Nakasugi’s ‘awakening’ this episode was pretty scary. It kinda felt like some old zombie movie, except that scene in the bath was much much scarier. For a moment there I thought she was going to eat it, that was until I realized the bird was really that other altarians partner.

Eitherway, thats all for today. I’ve got family devotion to do before I sleep and boy, do I need sleep. So keep safe, God bless you guys! =D

Telepathy Shoujo Ran – 10, dogged persistance makes a good friend

September 7, 2008

Haha you guessed it, this is indeed one of those rare random episode posts which I feel the need to write about sometimes. Now though I haven’t been mentioning Telepathy Shoujo Ran much in my posts, I’ve been following it from episode one. So far all the episodes have been really fun to watch, with just the right mix of light hearted comedy, ran-midori banter & esper action.

Share your care. xD

This episode stood out to me in particular for its take on a particular theme of friendship; dogged persistance. More often than not we treat our friends like commodities, good when around but not worth the trouble when they’re not. If it’s something we can learn from Ran is that a good friend cares and takes time to ensure their friendship is more than school or work; it’s a commitment.

telephone blues. =)

Thats all for today, I’ve got work tomorrow and I don’t want to walk into the lab like a corpse, I could turn out as one. xD So, I hope you guys take away some semblance of a lesson from this episode. Let’s keep our friends in our hearts! God bless! =D

Itazura Na Kiss – 20

September 6, 2008

Short summary today, seeing that I’ve started my internship for the holidays and that it takess up approximately 14 hours of my day (transport takes 2 hours, the whole Malaysia to Singapore jazz).


– It’s time for the nursing gangs swearing in, and Kotoko is elected to represent the class by reciting the Nightingale Pledge.
– It’s custom for the guys in the medical department to hand roses to the newly sworn nurses but Kotoko’s hopes are dashed because Irie’s attending a medical conference out of town.
– Motoki’s depressed because, being male, he isn’t allowed to recite the pledge but with support from Kotoko arrives at the ceremony in a female nurse uniform. Giving in, their supervisor gives him the honour of doing it.
– Irie arrives later on, because he took the last bus back, and embraces Kotoko.
– Four years later, Kotoko is working at the local hospital when she meets a new patient, a blond haired young man who hugs her on the spot, saying that he knows her.

My thoughts;

Oh well, at least Irie’s getting a bit nicer. Though he was still a grouch in the first half of the episode, he seemed to be much nicer after that four year skip.

Motoki’s plight was pretty interesting to watch too, seeing that he was inspired by a nurse who was reciting the Nightingale pledge as well. I really liked how they developed Motoki as the neutral, reconciling party since his introduction to the cast. Out of the rest of them, Motoki seems to have been fleshed out far more than the rest. The end was a little bit predictable though, seeing that I knew, call it intuition, that he was going to dress in a female nurses’ uniform to the solemnization. xD

The four year skip seemed a bit awkward to me at first, since most of them haven’t really changed much in 4 years. I guess that threw me off balance for a while. However, now that Itazura Na Kiss has reached it’s final lap I’m pretty positive about the direction the series is going to take. We’ve come a long way since Kotoko’s first confession and even though the anime is moving quite fast, the character development was never compromised.

Another good thing is that Irie seems to be changing his ice-cold attitude more and more each episode. I for one certainly feel that a level headed (but still grouchy xD) Irie would be good for the general plot advancement. That aside, Kotoko could use some growing up as well. By now she’s probably around 25 years old, give or take, so I’m hoping that the directors wil mold her character into that of a nurse; mature but with a big heart.

So, I would write more, but I’m kinda running short of time here. So see you guys! God bless! =D

Gintama – 74, 100th post special! =D

August 31, 2008

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ll be adding Gintama to the list of anime that I cover. Also, since I only watch the subbed versions my posts will follow the timing of the subbed releases.

Anyway, this is also my 100th post. It’s been 6 months since I started this blog and it’s been really fun. Special thanks to all my readers and friends who’ve made animeblogging satisfying! =D


– The episode is a parody of manga Kochikame, in conjuction with its 30th anniversary (31st in th manga)
– Everyone in the kabuki-chou is infected by the RYO-II virus, spread through its accidental release during transport.
– The virus turns everyone into unibrowed useless old men.
– Hilarity ensues as one by one the remaining survivors, Gin, Shinpachi, Kagura, Sa-chan, Hasegawa and Katsura get picked off one by one.
– Gin being the only person impervious to the disease (because he’s already a good-for-nothing old man) saves the day at the last minute by shooting the vaccine into the sky.

My thoughts;

There are two words I have always associated Gintama to; awesome and downright hilarious, this episode is just too hilarious for words. Taking a well used concept in movies and games, a zombie outbreak, and managing to squeeze out laughter regardless. Yeap, thats Gintama for you.

Not something I’d like to wake up to.

Anyway, I liked how Gintoki and the rest of the Yorozuya lost interest in trying to save everyone after they found out that the virus was turning everyone into useless old men. I was laughing my head off at that point. The funniest part of all was when Katsura went out to greet Elizabeth. Being a veteran at Gintama, I managed to pick up the hints, but I was laughing out loud when Gin and the rest closed the elevator doors on him. Priceless! xD

McDonalds must be ecstatic because all the free advertisement they’re getting. xD

So hope you enjoyed my first review of Gintama, do look forward to more! Also to my fellow Malaysians; SELAMAT HARI MERDEKA KE-51! Or for those who don’t get it, Happy Independence Day Malaysia! God bless you guys! =)

Natsume Yuujin Chou – 8

August 29, 2008

Now this episode is just brilliant in it’s own right. I was wondering how good it’d be after writing my review of episode 7 but this episode had Mushishi level depth and emotion.


Natsume, who’s visitng a pond to see the fireflies meets a young man sitting by its bank. The young man tells Natsume that it’s not the season. Before Natsume leaves he notices that theres a youkai resting on the man’s shoulders. Running away from it, Natsume falls off a cliff only to be saved by that youkai. Back at his house, Natsume finds out that the youkai was once friends with the man by the pond, only now he can’t see youkai anymore. Later that night, while dreaming, Natsume thinks of a name for the youkai. The next morning, he decides to call her Kiyo. Out in the forest, Madara tells Natsume a legend of an Ayakashi who fell in love with a human. The ayakashi thanked the fireflies who lit their way by turning them into youkai themselves.

At the pond, Kiyo tells him that the man who was waiting there is named Akifumi. She first met him at night and noticing that he could see youkai, they became friends. Puzzled, Natsume asks Akifumi why he continues to go to the pond if he can’t see ayakashi anymore. Akifumi answers that he once fell in love with a youkai at that very pond, but couldn’t forget her even though he couldn’t see youkai anymore. However, he managed meet his current fiance and after their marriage he’ll stop coming to the pond. That night, some of Kiyo’s memories flow into Natsume’s dreams and he manages to see the time she and Akifumi spent together, as well as their abrupt separation. Waking up, Kiyo tells him that she’ll transform into her firefly form to see Akifumi one last time. Madara says that she won’t be able to return to her youkai form forever if she does. Kiyo ignores him and discards her youkai form anyway.

Going to the pond, Natsume and Madara save her from beind eaten by a firefly-eating ayakashi. Hotaru (the name Kiyo went by while still in contact with Akifumi) lands on Akifumi’s finger while on a night stroll with his fiance. Just as Akifumi notices it’s Hotaru, millions of fireflies fly out of the bushes, lighting the night sky. Natsume, exhausted from his flight into the pond notices a stray firefly brush past his ears. He knows it said something to him, but he couldn’t understand it eitherway. In the end he wonders if Akifumi heard what Hotaru had to say to him. Some time later, Natsume wonders to himself what would happen if he lost his ability to see youkai. Madara just says that he wouldn’t let him go even if he did.

My thoughts;

My, my, I had goosebumps all over my hands towards the end of this episode, thats how good it was.

That piano track they played towards the end of the episode, during Natsume and Madara’s chase of Kiyo was really, really haunting. It really reminded me of Mushishi’s soundtrack, which although is better than Natsume Yuujin Chou’s gives the same feel of anticipation and mystique.

A sorrowful embrace.

I think the message this episode was trying to get across was this; separation can come at any time. It’s also very devastating to either parties. Akifumi is the classic example of an estranged, lonely person who manages to find solace because of his ability, which probably made him a loner in the first place. He’s awfully happy until the day he loses his ability, which was really painful to watch. Kiyo on the other hand, reminds me of some young maiden from an aboriginal tribe (where Akifumi is foreign Knight from another land) whose interest in humans turns to love.

Check this avatar fanart out (too huge, resized). I think it captures the essence the sentence I just wrote. Credit goes to isaia.

I think their separation is a testimony to the experiences of people who’ve lost their loved ones as well because if you can’t see them, they might as well be dead. The horrible pang of losing someone you care about in the split of a second, without saying goodbye. It was just really sad to see Akifumi’s futile searching, day after day, night after night, at that lonely pond. I really liked the ending though, with Kiyo taking the final leap – turning herself into a firefly, an equivalent of death for a near-immortal youkai- just to meet Akifumi one last time. It was that exact meeting that helped both of them move on. Beautiful, but yet so tragic at the same time.

Her joy,

I noticed that the name Natsume gave to Kiyo sounded alot like the phrase she was repeating while hugging Akifumi; “suki yo” or in english, “I love you”. It’s pretty sad if you think about it. T–T

His joy.

Also, this episode reveals more of the Reiko’s probable fate. Could it be that she lost the ability to see youkai as well? Taking names and making friends would be a really good way to ease her loneliness, but it would have been somewhat of a problem for her ‘servants’ if she couldn’t see them anymore. Was that why she left the Yuujin Chou with him? Likewise, Natsume’s struggle with his twofold desire to be rid of his ability and to keep it at the same time seemed like a turning point for this series as well. After all, in the first few episodes it was quite apparent that he wasn’t too fond of his abilities.

In pain we grow, in acceptance we move on.

Bah, enough of this sentimental junk, this episode was just awesome in its own right. Not many anime have made me tear up before, out of the few, episode 43 of Gintama is one of them (the Kagura arc). This episode got awfully close, but when watching with people around you’ve got to control yourself ,no? >_<

Another thing, I’ve decided that I’ll be blogging Gintama episodically from now on, so yeah, look forward to it! Anyway, loved this episode, hope you did to. God bless you guys! =)

Tetsuwan Birdy Decode – 5

August 27, 2008

Haha, time for me to start my catchup posts. My exams are over, but starting next week I’ve to attend my internship in Singapore. What a way to kill the holidays huh? Well, at least I’m getting paid.

That aside, I’m still wondering where the latest releases of Allison To Lillia are. Oh well. T–T


– Oriotera is divided into two governing factions; the federation, the factions Birdy is with, and union. We find out that last episodes bombings were targeted at a Union council member.
– Birdy, still on Oriotera, decides to start her investigation at a pub but is interrupted by Nejula, the deity.
– Later on, a terrorist group led by King-Zero, a villain once apprehended by Birdy and Nejula, claims responsibility for the bombing. Aiming to talk things out, they ask for Birdy and Nejula to be the mediators.
– Birdy is knocked unconscious because King-Zero bombed the meeting place. Senkawa, taking her place is imprisoned at the terrorists hideouts.
– The terrorists are planning to drop an orbiting satellite on the council. Senkawa manages to get the controller before being found.
– Birdy battles the terrorists while Nejula takes care of the rogue Union council member, who commits suicide for the sake of the Unions reputation.
– Later on we find out that it was Skeletsu’s subordinate, undercover, who gave away the location of the terrorist base.

My thoughts;

I went to university indeed! King-Zero was a rather entertaining villain, if only for his comedic value. Although this episode felt kinda disjointed from the rest of the series at times, it somehow manages to stay very entertaining.

It felt kinda odd to see Oriotera governed by two different factions. I always had the impression that alien nations would be one united country of sorts, guess I’ve been watching too many american serials huh? The whole terrorism deal was pretty cool though, seeing that they’re real underdog (no pun intended) villains much like the terrorists of our world. I guess not all threats towards alien civilizations are from other planets huh? Star Wars kinda left that impression on me. xD

A bar straight out of Star Wars.

That aside. It still amazes me at how well thought the whole landscape of Oriotera is. I can tell that alot of work went into designing the whole look of the planet, especially the bars. It’s like they came out directly from Star Wars as well. xD

Then we’ve got that whole “sacrificing a few to save many” deal with Birdy’s investigation bereau. Politics can truly make a messy scene out of almost any situation. I thought that Skeletsu in particular was a good example of this; compromising your beliefs for the sake of your work and all that jazz. Nejula on the other hand is a whole other enigma, seeing that it was really hard to tell if she was on Birdy’s side at all. Of course having such a high position in the government should mean something, but I’m kinda slow on that sort of uptake. Her connection to Birdy has got me quite interested as well. I suppose an episode about Birdy’s background would be pretty cool.

Some pretty awesome fights this episode too.

Thats all for this episode I guess. It’s going to be a while before I manage to catch up to the current episode, episode 8, which by the way is a total change of pace for this series! Anyway God bless you guys, hope you enjoyed the episode! =D

Natsume Yuujin Chou – 7

August 26, 2008

Its been a while since I posted anything here huh? Well, I guess my exams were partly to blame for that (yes, they ‘were’ =D ). Anyway, this episode continues Natsume Yuujin Chou’s winning streak amongst the shows this summer with another brilliant episode.


Natsume who’s going on a class trip to the local hot spring is asked to get some pottery from that area by his uncle. Meanwhile, in a forest close to the hotsprings, a young fox youkai picks up a hat formerly owned by a human. During free time, Natsume goes along with Madara to get the cups. While talking to his deceased mother, the fox spirit is picked upon by some youkai and is immediately rescued by Natsume, who fends them off. Over the next few days, the fox spirit decides to shadow Natsume, trying to get closer to him while Natsume, knowing that he’s going to be leaving soon tries his best to avoid the young fox.

Some time later, while going to pick up the pottery it starts to rain, trapping Natsume and Madara under a tree. To their surprise, large leaf gets thrown out of the bushes. Giving in, Natsume greets the young spirit. The fox spirit talks to his mother about how he’s finally useful to someone but gets picked upon by the same bunch of spirits and is rescued once again, by Natsume. Suddenly Natsume hears his name being called and tries to find the spirit that called him together with Madara. They arrive at the foot of a huge tree spirit, whose ame was bound by Reiko. Natsume immediately returns the spirits name. The two youkai who’ve been bullying the fox spirit run a way in fear, but the fox spirit offers Natsume his name. Natsume refuses to take his name because he doesn’t want a servant-master relationship with the fox, but rather, friendship.

Soon, Natsume returns to his home and finds out that his uncle ordered the cups for him, to inaugurate him into the family. Back in the forest, the young fox spirit wants to visit Natsume and is tricked by a large youkai into catching food for him. Seeing however, that the fox’s wish is genuine he gives him a medicine that will turn him human for one day. After turning into a human, he sniffs out Natsume’s scent. Despite going off track a few times, the fox manages to track Natsume to his house. He finds Natsume dining with his uncle and aunt, before running off, happy that Natsume wasn’t lonely after all, and realizing that he himself was the one who was lonely. Falling down he drops his hat, which is immediately picked up by Natsume himself. The episode ends with Natsume promising the fox that he’ll come visit him often before they all go for dinner themselves.

My thoughts;

As usual, this show is just a great watch whenever you need a break from a hectic schedule, even in the tense parts. The highlight of this episode was probably the little fox spirit, whom I thought was really, really adorable. I would have never thought that he was a ‘he’ if he didn’t mention becoming a man. Actually, Madara was really, really, adorable as well with his cat-like antics. xD

Beyond adorable.

Anyway, the thing that stood out to me the most this episode was the music. That one particular theme, during the scene where those youkai were beating on the fox spirit as well as the scene where Natsume and Madara were rushing to the tree spirit, kinda rang a bell the first time I heard it. It wasn’t until later that I remembered what it sounded like; the whole keyboard synth music sounded awfully similar to Final Fantasy  7’s battle music. Now, thats kinda weird isn’t it? However, I’m not complaining since it did help set the pace a a little.

Mother & Family

This episode also touched a little on how the smallest of our actions can have huge implications on the people around us. Take for example Natsume; all he did was resuce the little fox spirit from those youkai, which was probably nothing special to Natsume himself but meant an awful lot to the little fox. Their meeting is also a testament to how easily we can make friends with people around us. Not everyone has ulterior motives, not everyone is totally self centred. So, the lesson here is that we should always do our best to motivate people. Why not smile a bit more? Even a simple act of kindness could change another persons life. =)

Comfort in friendship.

So I guess thats all for todays review. Judging by the preview, the next episode is going to be about a love story between a youkai and a human. I was wondering when they were going to put that scenario into play, I’m glad they did. So until the next time God bless you guys! =)

Itazura Na Kiss – 19, Two words: BEYOND AWESOME!

August 22, 2008

Woah! What a totally awesome episode! I was expecting something to happen after the last episode left us with that awful nerve-wrecking cliffhanger but man, I wasn’t expecting this! Without a doubt, episode 19 is (in my opinion) the best episode of Itazura Na Kiss to air yet!


Returning from her drinking session, Kotoko’s heart is still racing from Keita’s confession to her. The next day, she avoids Keita the best she can, while her friends from the nursing class go to the cafeteria. Just then, Chris is splashed on the leg with scalding oil. Kin immediately brings her to Irie and Kotoko, and they take her to the campus’ hospital. They find out that there may be scarring as a result of the accident and Irie goes to comfort Kin. Kin storms off to Chris’ ward to propose to her but she rejects him, saying that she’ll just be a burden to him because of her scarring. Kin doesn’t buy this and tries to pour a thermos of boiling water on his leg, just to match Chris. Chris stops him, saying that she was actually very happy with his proposal and accepts it.

Back home, Kotoko and Irie are telling everyone about Kins proposal. Everyone us happy with their development. Just then Irie notices that Kotoko’s phone is receiving a call, from no one other than Keita and walks away. Over the phone, Keita reminds Kotoko that he was serious about his confession. The next day, Irie and Kotoko congratulate Chris on her discharge from the hospital. Kin notices something and asks Irie out for a drink later that night. Over a meal and a drink, Irie praises Kin for his act of chivalry back at the hospital. Kin just asks him if things are going well between himself and Kotoko, Irie says that he just gets strangely irritated whenever he thinks about Keita and Kotoko. Kin tells him that he’s jealous of Keita, which totally shocks Irie. Getting an idea from her friends, Kotoko decides to ask Irie out the coming sunday for a boat ride at the lake they went too when they were younger, but Irie says he’s busy. Angered, Kotoko makes a fuss tosses books at him, saying that their marriage wasn’t supposed to turn out like this. Irie slaps her to calm her and she runs out of the house.

The Irie and his family, manage to find out that she’s staying over at Tomoko’s place. At Tomoko’s place the entire gang have gathered, and Kotoko starts to pour out her feelings to Motoki, saying that she’s become a bad wife, demanding too much from Irie. Motoki just says it’s normal to want to be loved in return. Later that night, Aihara calls Irie out and shows him a picture book from his youth. Drawing his attention to Kotoko’s mother, he says that when he was younger he and his wife used to quarrel alot too, but he loved her more than anything else. He also said that it was with her that he could truly be himself, which makes Irie wonder about his true self as well.

The next day at school, while having lunch Keita tells Kotoko to come live with him since she ran away from home. Keita goes on to say that he meant every word of his confession and that Irie never loved her. Irie confesses that he was jealous of Keita, and that he had never felt sadness or jealousy before, causing him to act that way. Using Kin as an example he says that he’s always hated overemotional people, but now he’s realized that thats what it means to be human. He goes on to say that he needs Kotoko, because he can only be true to himself when shes with him. Kotoko then jumps into his arms, saying that she’ll never let him go. OUtside, Motoki comforts Keita and later that night, Irie and Kotoko embrace each other.

My thoughts;



Excuse me, I just had to get that out of my system, because this episode was just way too awesome. I was expecting Kotoko and Irie to make up somehow and I wasn’t too sure how it’d turn out, but this episode totally blew all my doubts away. I mean, it had so many awesome moments; Kin being more manly than I could have imagined, Irie finally coming to terms with his feelings, Kotoko with her magnificent display of waterworks, and more GOOD drama than you can shake a stick at.

Best scene of the entire episode.

Anyway, discussion time. First thing I wanna say is that Irie was right; Kin was BEYOND COOL this episode. After many, many moons of being rather annoying, Kin has shown his true mettle. I mean, his whole proposal to Chris was beyond manly, it was just GAR (look it up on the internet if you don’t know what it means). Seriously, scarring yourself to comfort the one you love? And with boiling hot water no less? Could we ask for more? The fact that played the main role in helping Irie fix his relationship with Kotoko alone should speak for itself.


I also thought that the directors handled Irie’s development in this episode really well. Him coming to terms with his feelings of jealousy towards Keita’s more-than-friendly relationship with Kotoko was portrayed very well too. The whole scene actually made me realize that he totally had no clue as to why he was treating Kotoko so coldly. His confession at the end of the episode was stellar in it’s own right as well and was definitely really dramatic in its own right. I also liked the talk Aihara had with Irie. It’s true that you can be yourself around your family, one of the places that you can truly feel rest from the harshness of the world.

This is such a warm picture. T–T

What really surprised me though, was that he eerily resembled me in my younger days. When I was younger (3 years give or take) I was pretty much exactly like him; always ‘acting cool’, thinking that passionate people were wimps, and that anyone who could pour out their emotions that easily wasn’t worth knowing. How wrong I was.

SO, without further adue I present to you the MEN of the episode; Aihara & Ire

One other thing, I remember mentioning that I found Kotoko’s nursing gang to be quite annoying most of the time. Well, if anything this episode showed me that first impressions aren’t really the best things to analyze when trying to judge a character. I thought Motoki had some pretty good marital advice this episode, especially when he was consoling Kotoko and Keita.

as well as Motoki and Kin.

Anyway, this episode finally signals the end of the whole Love triangle arc. Actually I never thought of it as a love triangle in the first place, Keita never had a chance, poor guy. So hope you guys enjoyed this episode as much as I did and till the next episode, God Bless you guys! =D

Code Geass R2 – 19

August 19, 2008

Yeap, I’ve just watched episode 19 and I’ve got to say this series is just messed up. I remember writing my first impressions on R2 a few months ago and boy, was I expecting some great things from this series. Well, it’s kind of sad to say but I feel that it’s lost that brilliant spark it had in the first season.

Well, thats all I really have to say, but since I’m already writing this and I know this post is way too short for my liking, lets analyze a few things shall we?

First up,


They killed Shirley off. Now I’m all for raging like some rabid fanboy (like I did for Euphemi- *ahem*) and start hurling death threats at anyone remotely related to the directors but I’ll try to keep this civil. So, what did Killing Shirley accomplish? Nothing in particular. How did she get killed? By Rolo and through total coincidence. So they killed off the only normal character, for no reason whatsoever. Actually they did kill her for a reason, which is;

The complete anhinilation of the Geass Cult and in one episode too. Which in turn caused C.C, a character whose secret I’d always wanted to know, to lose her memories.


Am I the only one who thinks that this completely ruined the mystique of her character? I’d always thought that C.C would be the one to redeem Lelouch in some way, or to advance the plot ever so little, but this wasn’t what I was expecting. I’ll refrain from sharing some points I really want to bring up now, I’ll leave that for my series review of Code Geass R2.

Anyway, next up we have Nunnaly, who quite recently bit the dust as well and with no buildup whatsoever. Again, she died by sheer coincidence. What about her hope of restoring Japan? Wasn’t she the symbol of purity in Code Geass, the only one untouchable by Lelouch’s geass? Well since they killed her off, they’d better do something good with it.


Last but not least, Suzaku. I know many people who dislike him beyond the limits of reason. I think he’s rather pitiable though. Trying to redeem himself but being unable to do so because of Lelouch’s Geass. He’s one of the few characters I actually like, which brings me to a related point; What is the motive of Code Geass? Is it’s direction the way it is to show us what horrible beings humans are? Is it trying to teach us that We’re all carnal beings at best? A good show is a show iwth a good message, and I don’t buy this whole subliminal message of death and destruction they’ve been trying to sell us.


Right now, I’m just watching R2 to see how they’ll end this series, and I’m really hoping they’ll end it on a good note. Anyway, God bless you all, have a great day. <=)