Hello and Welcome.

So yeah, Intro I guess? Well my name is Ezra, though over here I go by rroknedaj.

Lets see. Okay I guess I’ll start with some personal (not that personal) information.

I live in the jolly country of Malaysia, thats in South east asia in case you didn’t know. I’m currently studying biotechnology in Singapore Polytechnic. I’m a guy, so don’t mix my gender up. xP

A little background anime-wise, I started actively watching anime around 2004 but never thought about anime blogging until recently. I’m setting up this blog to voice my views on the slew of anime I watch to all who are willing to listen, but mostly I’m setting this up for my personal friends and such. However, that doesn’t mean other people aren’t welcome though. After all, the net is a big place, why not make more friends? =D

Now, one of the reasons I created this blog is to help people understand what makes anime, well anime. So I hope that all you people reading this will be able to understand the fell and soul of what some of you make call ‘cartoons’. Try it, the difference is really apparent. Px

Anyway, I like all sorts of anime but mostly prefer those with a more philosophical focus. My current favourite is Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (yeah, kinda recent guess xD) but I think shows like blood+, full metal panic, Rurouni Kenshin and school rumble are beyond awesome too.

SO I guess this is all for my intro. Feel free to post any comments if you feel like it, hope to get along with all those who do read this blog! xD


5 Responses to “Hello and Welcome.”

  1. double Says:

    Ehhhh… You’re from SP too?! Cool

  2. rroknedaj Says:

    Yeah I am! But I’m guessing you’ve graduated? XD

  3. double Says:

    Nah, still in there, studying on the hill.

  4. blissmo Says:


  5. rroknedaj Says:

    I see, business is it? O_o

    Thanks! I’ll get to updating my blogroll somewhere down the line. xD

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