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Allison To Lillia – 23 – 26 (END)

October 12, 2008

Finally, I’ve completed this series and on the last day of my internship too! It’s been a really great journey, so heres to hoping you enjoy my review of the final arc.


– It’s the second train arc! This time Travas/Wil is protecting the princess of Sou Beil, Matilda who’s aboard a train incognito with Treize.
– Lillia and Allison are on a train on the same track as well, but due to a plot by Criminal No.42 (a hired gun) Their trains intersect.
– Matilda and lillia meet for the first time, and they quickly become friends.
– The events that take place make Travas/Wil think that someone is after Matilda, so he disconnects the front part of the train leaving Allison, Treize and Lillia behind.
– In the midst of an attack later, Travas/Wil finds out that the culprit is actually after Treize
– Meanwhile, Lillia has been kidnapped by Criminal No.42 and Treize rushes to rescue her. Lillia finally finds out that Treize is the prince of Ikstova
– With the help of Allison and Wil, Treize manages to save Lillia but at the cost of, seemingly, his own life when the train derails into a canyon
– Sometime later, Treize transfers to Lillia’s school. Overwhelmed that he’s alive, she accepts his dance proposal.

My thoughts;

This whole train arc was classic Allison To Lillia style awesome, with the usual dose of conspiracies and whatnot. Things did seem a bit coincidental once in a while, but overall everything felt really memorable.

So, before I round up this series for the final time I’ll do my usual episode reviews.

So check out Allison To Lillia, its got trains

It’s good to see Treize and Lillia finally patching things up, although their end was no where near as satisfying as Allison and Wil’s. Up till this episode, it seemed that the directors were dragging Treize’s confession as far back as they could. That aside, Matilda was a pretty amusing character as well, seeing that she noticed Travas/Wil and Lillia’s relationship in a moment.The little scenes with Allison and Travas/Wil talking to each other also revealed alot about their current relationship. Rather than feeling sad or even regretful about their situation, Allison and Wil don’t really seem to mind at all, which brings up my talk about their marital support back in episode 13, good stuff!


The high point of this arc as obviously episode 26, with all the train hopping and mid flight acrobatics. It was pretty interesting to see how Treize took down Criminal No.42, although not entirely logical. He shouldn’t even have went after criminal No.42 alone in the first place. I wonder if the directors are trying to portray him as some sort of superhero or something? The fact that he survived a plunge into a canyon and survived with a few broken ribs was really pushing it too far too.

Men with guns,

I thought also that Criminal No.42’s mission was kinda compromised in the logic department. The methods he used to get to Treize were anything but assured, since it involved many uncontrolable circumstances. For example, what if Travas decided to leave everyone behind? Or even in Travas decided to take Treize with him while escorting Matilda? Also, wasn’t his mission to kill Treize? Couldn’t he have done it without kidnapping Lillia? Even if he didn’t want to create a spectacle, he could have done it silently. I’m not even going to get started on the fact that he knew he was going to die in the end.

And  the oh so classic love stories.


So, biplanes, trains and adventures in a country perpetually covered in snow? What more could a 50’s feel fan ask for? Add to that the conspiracy plots, twisted back stories, totally adorable characters, classic romance and time lapses! and you’ve got yourself a series to last.

Though there were a few problems in the form of gigantic plotholes and compromised logic (not to mention physics), Allison To Lillia has been a series with heart. Oddities aside, it’s been a really fun series to follow and though the subs were stalled abit towards the middle, I’m glad I stuck to blogging it.

So, time to put this series to rest, until the next great one I pick up!

So how would I rate Allison To Lillia? You can find my rating system here

I would have no qualms in giving it a great, more for it’s characters than anything else. It also scores a 9 for it’s Character Attachment Factor, for its cast and its great character development. I feel rather sad letting this series go, but its time for the next season. So until then God Bless you Guys! =D


Allison To Lillia – 19 – 22

October 2, 2008

Wow! Now this is what I’m talking about! Just when I thought things were starting to get dull we’re up and at it again, and this time with more conspiracy action!


– Treize invites Lillia and Allison over to his winter house (near the royal palace) for the new year’s celebration, hoping to tell her everything about himself.
– However, Benedict and Fiona are taken captive over at the palace by Carla Nicht, Owen’s daughter, who’s in search of the royal treasure of the Ikstovan royal family to avenge her father.
– Finding out that Fiona doesn’t know about it either they try to kidnap her and Benedict.
– Somehow Lilli and Treize get wind of this and try to radio out for help from the castle’s wireless radio, due to a bad snowstorm. This however, causes Lillia to wonder about Treize’s identity.
– The message reaches Travas and his band and they intervene with the kidnapping only to find out that lillia, who’s been mistaken for princess Meriel has been Kidnapped as well.
– Fiona, Benedict, Travas and Treize manage to rescue Lillia.
– We find out that the treasure is actually a valley with a pass that connects to Sou Beil from Roxche. Priceless as an entryway into Sou Beil during the war, it was kept a secret from the general populace.

My thoughts;

Generally I don’t like marathoning my episodes, but watching this whole arc in one go was just awesome! It’s taken me a long time to catch up with this series but I’m finally there, which means that I can finally finish up my reviews! Yeah! xD

The guys as they are now.

Anyway, this arc was a really nostalgic one bringing us back to the fist Ikstova arc, when the main characters were still youngsters. The whole theme of life coming full circle is presented really well in this way, keeping the original feels of Benedict, Allison, Wil and Fiona even though they’ve grown up. It was really cool to see Travas/Wil in action with his artic espionage gear, as well as Benedict’s usual brand of humour. It was also really fun to see Lillia and Treize go all covert on their mission and for once things seemed pretty believable too. Espionage might seem a little much for teenagers their age, but the circumstances were laid out pretty well. Which is great. xD

One thing that did bother me though was the fact that Treize actually managed to ski past Carla and her gang. Yeah this is anime, but that was a little too much, seeing that Treize actually managed to disarm his attackers with his ski’s. Also, it’s good to see that Wil/Travas is as calculative and quick thinking as ever. He was giving me a bad feeling when he decided to keep Lillia as a decoy, pointed out by Benedict, but in the end his predictions seemed much safer. It’s also good to see that he tries to still tries to avoid killing as much as possible, and that he’s still an awesome shot. Eitherway, I want more Allison/Wil & Benedict/Fiona development! I demand more of it! (/*0*)/

The lost valley, a great treasure to end the war indeed.

So, thats all for today. I’m still working on my internship although this is the last week, although I forsee more stalling to come. That said, I’m still unsure of what I’ll be blogging next season seeing that I’ll be pretty busy during that time. Oh well, I guess I’ll leave that till later. So until next time God bless you guys! =D

Allison To Lillia – 17 & 18

October 1, 2008

Finally, a holiday. Today’s the start of Malaysia’s Hari Raya celebration, it’s also a pubic holiday, which means that I’m off today. I’ve been pretty behind on Allison To Lillia seeing that the releases were stalled for quite some time, so yeah, I’ve got some cathcing up to do.


– Lillia and Treize manage to tip one of the Turkasia army planes over, activating it’s emergency beacon.
– Allison manages to arrive just in time to save the day because of that. Taking down all three remaining planes, she asks Treize to land the seaplane on the lake.
– Though he manages to land the plane, it hit the bedrock close to the shore
– Everyone swims to the shore before the plane sinks
– We find out that Carlo is actually a girl
– Later on, Travas tells Treize that the mastermind behind the plot was actually the priest who was once involved in the human trafficking business.
– Treize decides to go back to Ikstova on his bike.

My thoughts;

A solid conclusion to the seaplane arc. There were a few plotholes here and there but I’m quite satisfied.

One thing that did bother me was the physics behind the whole plane ramming business. Frankly, if the fighter plane flew into the wings of the seaplane at that speed, both planes would crash. What we got instead was a rubber-ball-hitting-the-wall type of scenario, pretty funny stuff. It isn’t really a big deal or anything, but it’s still an eyesore. >_<

I did like that little conversation between Allison and Wil. It’s good to see that the directors are still focused on the true stars of this show. Their whole relationship still does feel a bit bittersweet at times, since theirs is more of a work over love relationship. Eitherway, it goes to show that things have come a long way since the first episode, which is pretty awesome.

Speaking of Wil, Travas did feel a little out of character this episode with his whole ‘let them kill the kids so we can finish the mission’ attitude. It makes me wonder whether he thinks he’s become like Icacia in some way? I think being in the secret service has compromised is ideals a bit, but I guess it makes for a deeper story, right? Also, since the pastor fled I wonder if we’ll ever see Carlo again? They we’re talking about getting an education and meeting each other again right?

Eitherway, it’s good to be back to this series, seeing that it was one of the first I started blogging on. So, God bless! =D

Allison To Lillia – 16

September 15, 2008

Ahhh, yes. Finally, the long wait is over and the subs have been released although not much happened this episode.


– Lillia and Treize board the charity seaplane
– They meet the kid who served as their guide back in Lartika, Carlo, who was sent there.
– Mid-flight, the pilots abandon the plane despite Treize trying to stop them.
– Lillia and Treize try to fly the plane back to Lartika, only to be stopped by four fighter planes threatening to shoot them down if the do.
– Trieze plans to avoid certain death by ramming the fighter planes with the seaplane.

My thoughts;

Well, not much happened in this episode. It seems that the directors are reserving the bulk of the action for the next episode.

It was pretty interesting to see Treize go around Carlo’s questions about his and Lillia’s relationship. I remember trying to compare Allison to Trieze based on their efforts to get their feelings through, and it seems that Treize is doing a much better job than Allison ever did. Eitherway, I’m pretty much interested in seeing how Lillia’s and Treize’s love story will play out.

Treize’s plan to throw off their pursuers by ramming into them felt like a real long shot. WOuldn’t doing something like that cause you to crash as well? Although, compared to the alternative of not doing anything  his plan isn’t that crazy after all.

So, thats all for todays post. I’m a bit weary from picking up this series again after it’s long hiatus but thats never stopped me before. So, until next time, God bless! =D

Allison To Lillia – 14

August 1, 2008

A good start to the second half.


Things start off as Lillia wakes Allison up to ask her about her planned trip to Lartika and heads off to school after getting confirmation. Meanwhile, Treize, the son of Fiona and Benedict, is on his way to Lillia’s school. Treize picks Lillia up after her school ends with his motorbike. On the way back, Lillia asks him why he’s come all the way to Roxche on his bike but gets no good answers. Back home, they find Travas waiting and after introducing Trieze to him, Lillia goes to prepare some tea. Travas greets Treize by his princely status and over tea, they talk about things, mainly about how their identities are kept secret from Lillia. Later that night, over dinner Allison asks Lillia to go to Lartika with Treize because she can’t make it.

The next day, Lillia and Treize are on the train to Lartika. Lillia goes to get some tea, leaving Treize alone with his two royal guards (from Fiona’s village), who pester him about not helping Lillia. In the royal palace in Ikstova, Benedict and Fiona are interrupted by their daughter Meriel who demands that Fiona gets back to her royal duties. Back on the train, the royal guards leave Treize and Lillia alone. Soon after, they arrive at Lartika by boat. They arrive at their lodgings, a very high class hotel. Treize assures Lilli it’s okay by saying that his family’s friend owns the place.

They decide to go sightseeing but get lost. While walking, they get stopped by a child who offers to guide them back to town for a price. Outside their hotel, Lillia pays the boy who promptly gets caught by a policeman. They vouch for him, but the officer says accepting such payment is illegal and takes the boy away. Soon after, they find out that there are sightseeing planes they can take, and the next day they go and check it out. At the harbour, they meet Mateo a former army reconnaissance pilot and get ready to take off. In her bunk, Allison receives a call from Travas who says that Treize and Lillia are in danger.

My Thoughts;

I liked this episode despite still feeling a little depressed about episode 13. The re-introduction of our beloved cast and the new additions to the group was done quite well and I managed to get a grasp of their characteristics rather easily.

For one thing, Lillia is pretty much a brunette Allison although she seems to be more sensible than her mother. Allison hasn’t changed much and neither has Travas, who in this episode was confirmed to be Wil. The only real new characters would have to be Treize and Meriel, both members of the Ikstovan royal family. I’ve got to say, hearing Treize’s voice was quite the treat since his voice actor, Hiroyuki Yoshino, also played Allelujah Haptism in Gundam 00. I found Treize to be a mix of Wil and Allison, having Wil’s calmness and Allison’s quick wit. The poor guy also seems to be in Allison’s position in the previous half seeing that his obvious advances on Lillia are brushed away quite casually. I can’t say too much about Meriel yet, seeing as we haven’t seen too much of her yet.

I also enjoyed seeing the gang older. Benedict and Fiona seem to be doing quite fine in terms of their relationship. Allison’s still as busy as ever and Wil while currently free, will definitely have something to deal with in the later episodes, if their conversation at the end of the episode is any indicator. One other thing I liked about this episode were the character building moments, like the chat Treize, Lillia and the royal guard had in the train. Now, thats the Allison To Lillia that I love. =)

Despite not much happening this episode, I’m sure that the oncoming episodes will be action packed. SO, until the next episode, cheers! =D

Allison To Lillia – 13

July 26, 2008

Uwahh. What a sad episode. (T–T)


We start of with a flashback to the time Wil first meets Allison in the house of the future, in which Wil compares Allison to a dazzling fairy he’s just seen in his book. In the future, now happily married, Wil and Allison are living together. One day while on his way home from his campus, Wil is visited by Colonel Icacia who offers him a job in Sou Beil’s intelligence agency with two conditions; he’ll have to discard his name and nationality as well as giving up his life with Allison. Later on, they meet up with Benedict over a cup if tea.

After tea, Wil and Allison go to the park. Wil then has a flashback to his time at the house of the future, and promises to protect the serene world before him. Later that night, on their balcony Wil tells Allison that she looked liked the fairy in his book a long time ago. The next morning, Allison goes to a hospital for a pregnancy test and soon later that evening meets Wil on a hill overlooking an airfield. Sensing something on his mind Allison asks Wil what he’s thinking, and Wil says that he’ll have to go away soon. Allison understands his decision and decides to support him in turn. The next morning, Wil boards the train and shouts his love for Allison before he leaves. Back at their now empty apartment, Allison wipes away her won tears.

15 years pass.  We’re now introduced to their daughter Lilliana Icacia Corazon Whittington Schultz. Apparently, she thinks Wil died 15 years ago on a train accident and because of that she’s now living together with her mother. Atfer waking Allison up, Lilliane goes to open the door for her mothers current boyfriend, Major Travas. She pours him a cup of tea which he can’t drink immediately because of his inability to drink hot things. Apologizing, he just laughs it of saying that some things never change.

My thoughts;

My goodness, what a bittersweet episode. I was going to write about it earlier but I just couldn’t find the inspiration to do so, good thing I rewatched it. xD

Anyway, I’m going to try calming myself down before I start penning anything down. *deep breath* Ahh, much better.

So lets start with the obvious. Obviously, the storys skipped a few years since episode 12 and WIl and Allison are now married. Now, this took me by surprise since they we’re having trouble hooking up just one episode ago but I got used to it. I’ve got to say, they make a really good couple since they’ve got the whole supportive and caring thing down. From their daily endeavors; meeting up with Benedict, taking a stroll in the park, Allison’s pregnancy, and even Wil telling Allison how she resembled a fairy on their balcony,  the entire episode went into showcasing their happiness together, which was really sweet to watch.

I’d say that the only thing that bugged me in this episode was the fact that Icacia picked Wil, a student to work in his department. Now, I realize that they have had some previous experiences together and that he probably sees Wil as someone extremely capable, but you’d think that he’d be a little more discreet about it. Actually, I’m just unhappy with him because he’s probably the sole person responsible for separating Allison and Wil.

From young woman to messy lady; Allison.

Anyway, the scene in which Wil told Allison about his decision was done really well. The setting was there, the atmosphere was there, and that melancholic evening glow, agh, the whole thing was so heartbreaking. However, Allison’s decision to support Wil made me think of an old proverb which I think holds true even in todays society; behind every great man is a great woman because after all, God made humans in pairs. Allison’s sacrifice was just that; she knew Wil had a so called higher calling and that he probably wouldn’t be able to let it go by without regretting it later on.

I thought I would be able to handle the rest of the episode, but the train scene was just too much. Being the manly man I am, I didn’t shed a tear but inwardly I was devastated. Now, I won’t go into the heated topic of attachement to fictional characters but still, Allison crying alone in their apartment was a real clincher. T–T

From dashing young boy, to  handsome military man; Wil. Man, I wish I’d be able to look as good as him when I turn 40+. xD

Allison and Wil’s lives have come full circle with the introduction of Lilliane, this review wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t talk about her. If its any consolation, its good to see Wil (or Travas) and Allison back together in the sense of the word. Anyway, I think I understand what the first half of Allison To Lillia was all about; setting up the end of the war for the next generation. Allison, Wil and Benedict found the mural and effectively stopped the war, so it would make sense if the rest of the series dealt with the new generations lives due to it.

So with Lillia taking over where Wil’s monologue left off, we’re now going into the second half of this series. Pardon me for the long review, I can’t help it, but I hope this series will continue to be as enjoyable and touching as its been. So until next time! =D

Allison To Lillia – 12

July 18, 2008

Now if theres one thing I hate, It’d have to be this; having to blog an episode when the next ones already been released. Words can’t express how much I want to blog episode 13 seeing that its the climax we’ve been waiting for. Anyway, It took a long time, but I can finally see the fruits of Allison’s labour this episode. Guess Wil isn’t as dense as we all thought eh?


Im going to make this short, point form short. Nah, just kidding. xD

So after alighting from the train safely, the gang bid farewell to major Stork and lodge at a fancy hotel. Benedict then brings all of them to a church in the town of Lilliane. Inside he proposes to Fiona, to the shock of Allison, who accepts. Stork then storms into the church but relizes he’s too late to witness the ceremony. After congratulating them, he asks Benedict to keep their meeting on the transcontinental express a secret. As he tries to leave, Wil pulls out a gun and shoots him.

It turns out to be a fluke, as he shot a rubber bullet at Stork. His bodyguard comes rushing in calling him a colonel, which confirms to Wil that Stork’s main objective on the train was not the arrest of Terol but his execution. Wil goes on to say that letting Terol live would expose many military scandals and he offers his and Allisons escapades in episode 3 as proof. Stating that they were able to fly a plane across the river without any airspace violations was enough to prove to him that there were illegal operations going on between the two countries. He goes on to explain that Stork, whose original plans were to derail the train, changed his plans because he saw Allison onboard. Using their conversations on the train as proof and having met him much earlier on, Wil deduces that Stork is actually Allison’s father.

We flashback to the time Wil first met Oscar in the house of future, when he came to leave Allison there. Explaining that he had information that would be able to prevent an all out war, Stork says that he killed his own man to fake his death. Allison still has trouble believing him, so Stork, whose current name is Icacia Cross recalls the times they spent together which finally makes Allison believe. After saying their goodbyes, Allison and Wil remain at the church and the moment the cars run out of sight she drags him in. She tries yet again to ask him to live together with her when he graduates but fcan’t bring herself to say it. However, to her surprise (and definitely mine) it’s Wil who asks her about the matter this time. In frustration she kicks him down, pins him down and makes him propose to her, which he does.

My thoughts;

Now didn’t I say it was a great episode? I think the whole setting, execution and timing of the episode was perfect. Despite the fact that the entire episode took place inside the church and nothing really happened, it was probably the turning point of their lives. All I really want to say is I’m just relieved that Wil and Allison have finally tied the knot. Benedict and Fiona never had that problem to begin with.

Anyway, I’m rather satisfied by the way Wil revealed Stork’s true identity. The directors definitely did a good job scattering small clues throughout the span of the past three episodes, although the whole idea does seem far fetched. As predicted, whether due to Allison’s character or shock, her disbelief was fun to watch though justified. Also, it must be a pain to constantly have to dye your hair as in the example of Stork (or shoud I say Icacia?) for your work.

Stork’s story, though unreal at times was really quite touching to watch. In fact, it’s his story that embodies what Allison To Lillia is all about; the pains of war. As if to stress this point, all the arcs have been based off this theme but none as strongly as this one. I won’t go into the morals of having to kill a few innocent people to save countries but Storks sacrifice as a military man bent on creating a war free future was really great. Not only did he have to give up his old life, but had to give up his relationship with his daughter as well. Being in the Secret Service is indeed a tough line of work. =(

Another important matter, which plays an important part in the plot later on, would be Wil’s natural talent as a detective. Shooting Stork with a rubber bullet to find out his true rank was a brilliant thought on Wil’s part. His ability to pick up the smallest of clues from the most obscure situations is also really cool. Great deduction coupled to unbelievable circumstances would be an apt way to describe his endeavors.  Yes, yes, i know I’m easily pleased so sue me! =_+

Anyway, i’ll end my review here. Look forward to the next episode! =)

Allison To Lillia – 11

July 2, 2008

Wow, this episode just upped the ante for this arc. Something tells me that we’re in for more surprises next episode though.

Allison To Lillia 11


Stork and the gang take care of the pursuing train by burning the last train car with wine from the pantry. Stork detaches the last car with compact explosives much to Benedicts suspicion which causes the burning car to collide into the pursuing train, incapacitating it. Soon after, Allison notices a tank on the other side of the ridge, only that its running on a train track. Stork notices is as one of their own and tries to contact it, only to find out that military police staff are driving the tank. They state that they’re here to offer protection and ask to rendezvous where the train tracks meet. Hearing this, Stork says that they’re going to incapacitate the vehicle and when the gang refuse pulls out a gun on them saying that it’s for their safety.

Wil offers to hear him out, and end up helping because they have no choice. Stork goes to Terol’s storage room and brings out a 20 caliber anti-armoured vehicle gun. After aligning the gun, Stork asks Wil to fire it, and for every one else to leave. Allison desists but Benedict eventually convinces her. While aligning the gun, Stork questions Wil about his background and will returns the question, wanting to know his true purpose. Stork gives in and tells Wil that he’s only acting as Terol’s bodyguard to ensure prosecution for Terol’s war crimes. He also goes on to explain that he’s against Sou Beil’s idea of collaborating with Terol and ensuring his safety. Wil also makes him confess to killing the chief conductor, to which Stork says was necessary; the government was plannning to derail the train and it’s passengers to create conviction that Terol was dead, ensuring his safety.

The train stops along with the tank. Wil fires his first shot but it misses, causing the tank to start moving again. Benedict tries to create a diversion but the tank fires back. Wil then shoots the tank two more times, permanently disabling it. In his room Eyen suspects that Stork is out to betray Terol and goes to take care of them. In the dining room, Wil tells the others that Stork was the one who murdered the chief conductor, and continues to wonder why Stork didn’t attack himself and Allison. Their thoughts are interrupted by Eyen, who holds them at gunpoint. Benedict makes him drop the gun but gets knocked out cold by a punch to the head. While Fiona distracts Eyen, Allison grabs his gun and fires a few times only to have all shots miss. Wil helps her steady herself and gets ready to fire the last bullet but it’s Stork who finishes off the job. They then go to Terol’s room only to find out that Terol commited suicide. Stork is surprised by the failure of his mission but Wil is still suspicious of him.

My thoughts;

Wow, was this an action packed episode or what? I found Allison’s reaction to the 20 cal anti-tank rifle quite amusing though; since we’ve got things like 50 cal guns to do the job nowadays. One shot would have been enough. Just goes to show the difference in their era and ours I guess?

I find it a bit unbelievable that Wil would just go along with Stork’s command but since he did it at gunpoint I guess it’s not so bad. Also, as I suspected, it was Stork who murdered the conductor, although I found his reason a bit weak. Like Terol’s badly concieved plan to get Benedict to come with him to his doom, Stork’s plan to create a panic to save the passengers seemed to be on quite shaky ground, though the latter seems more reasonable than the former. Oh well.

Anyway, at this rate, I’m sure that Stork is going to pull out another surprise on the guys. So, far this arc has been really awesome. The next episode seems to be the episode all of us Wil & Allison shippers (as well as Benedict & Fiona shippers but they’ve got less to worry about, no? =) ) have been waiting for. Oh yes in case you we’re wondering, I’m really looking forward to the next episode. xD

Allison To Lillia – 10 Well it’s about time! >=(

June 23, 2008

Forgive me for this late post. I guess thats one of the bad things of being a non-japanese anime fan; you don’t understand what you’re watching without some form of translation, unfortunately.

Anyway, this episode was totally worth the wait, 100%. So enjoy, the screenshots, put on your reading glasses and lets get started!

Allison To Lillia 10


I’ve got an exam tomorrow so forgive me if I make this short.

Before they go to bed Allison tries to tell Will something important. She takes a shower and steels herself to face Wil, only to find him asleep. She tries to wake him up but fails miserably. Pouting, Allison sits herself on a chair in an observation hall. She’s visited by Major Stork who’s patrolling the train. After finding out that Allison, like himself is in the military he tells her not to give up on her endeavours of winning Wil over. He asks for her name and is quite surprised to hear it.

Allison To Lillia 10.1

Plan ‘confess love to Wil’…….. Failed. D=

The next morning, Allison and Wil wake up together. Wil wants to go to the observation deck to get a look at the scenery but instead they accidentally witness a murder; a man in a stealth suit pushes the chief conductor off the cart. Allison tries to follow him up to the roof but loses sight of the man once they go through a tunnel. They immediately alert the remaining conductors and Benedict, who in turn informs Major Stork who is with his client. Immediately, the mans bodyguard, Eyen asks them all to get out for the safety of his master.

Entering the dining car, Benedict asks the conductors to gather everyone there and says that they should remain there until they reach the next station. Stork suggests they stop at the military base on the way, to which Benedict disagrees on the count that it’s supposed to be top secret. Reasoning that they’ll be able to contact the authorities sooner, Benedict manages to convince Stork.

Later on, all the passengers are gathered in dining car. Wil wonders why the assasin didn’t come after them, seeing that they witnessed the murder. While Allison asks him not to worry, they arrive at the base. After discussing with the base Benedict and Stork have some disturbing news; the telephone lines at the base are out. They are interrupted by Gaultier Terol, the head of a steel company, a war supporter, and the man Eyen was protecting who says, after showing them a death threat, that he’s the murderer’s target.

He demands to be isolated from the passengers. Adding on, Stork suggests that they should disconnect the front portion of the train (with Terol onboard) and head for the base themselves, to decrease casualties. He asks the gang to come along. Later on, we find out that Terol was the mastermind behind the murder. He plans to get back at Benedict for revealing the mural to the world, causing his business to fall apart. Outside, Stork remembers Oscar Whittington (Allison’s father) and wonders if Oscar’s cursed him.

Elsewhere, Wil and the rest are eating. Wil wonders if Terol was the real target of the murderer but shakes it off as an opinion. Stork arrives to tell them that they’ll arrive at the base in no time. Suddenly Allison notices something far behind, and runs to the back of the train with Stork. They find a military train on their tail, asking them to stop. Immediately Stork opens fire on the train, which does the same.

My thoughts;

WOW, just wow. I think I’ve mentioned in a previous post that I got the subbed version of this episode late, but it was totally worth the wait. If nothing else, this episode got my blood pumping again. I mean, not only a train episode, but an action packed murder mystery as well? AWESOME.


Okay, I think I’ve settled down enough. So first point, is Wil a blockead or what? Or is it just that Allison has horrendous timing? It’s getting hard to count how many times she’s been stopped by ‘the cirumstances’ in her quest to get Wil to acknowledge her love. I certainly hope (for the sake of my close-to-arrested heart) that they’ll get together soon. I mean, Benedict doesn’t seem to be wasting any time.

Allison To Lillia 10.2

Yes dear, release your anger on the pilow. Remember, crushing the man you love is not the answer! xD

Anyway, I guess we all knew from the start that short mustache man, I mean Terol, was the mastermind. Anyone who plots evil while eating can’t be a good man! Although, his plan to get Benedict onto the train seemed a bit flimsy don’t you think? I mean, there are many ways it could have gone wrong. Furthermore, what could killing the chief conductor without any witnesses accomplish? That is assuming Eyen is the murderer. Stark is also another enigma; what is his relation to Oscar? From what I picked up it couldn’t be very good.

Eitherway, this episode was brilliant and made me want to watch the next episode really bad. One good thing about the episode coming out so late is that episode 11 can’t be too far off. So until the next episode, hang tight! >=D

Allison To Lillia – 9, Wheeee train episode! =D

June 10, 2008

Haha, it seems Allison To Lillia is finally going back to what made it so interesting (to me) in the first place; the seemingly meaningless yet highly entertaining joyrides. I’ll explain more after the summary. =D

Allison To Lilla 9


It’s his spring break and WIl is getting ready to board the Transcontinental Express, a train from that goes from Roxche to Sou Beil. He gets into some trouble with the guards but gets saved by Allison, whom he hasn’t seen in a while. Not long after, the meet Fiona who’s in disguise as a photographer.

Aboard the train they’re led to their rooms, which apparently fall into the luxury coach category. They exchange small talk over cups of tea and the train leaves. They talk about a few things; from Benedict’s room, Allison being able to take a leave for the trip (which she made possible by ‘breaking’ a leg), Fiona’s installment as the queen of Ikstova (not yet) to her new state-of-the-art cameras.

Allison To Lilla 9.1

Army boots with dresses? Yup, thats our Allison all right! =D

An announcement is made through the speakers asking the passengers to take a look at the Roxche army’s disused artillery. Somewhere on the train, a grim faced blond haired man comments on how the artillery field will be the last thing the passengers see, to which his black haired companion agrees.

The train stops at Green Island, an island in the middle of the Lutoni river to allow passengers to pay respects for the people who died there. The island is also where Allison’s father, Major Oscar Whittington died. Wil comments that he may have been killed by an ally, as stated on his death certificate, because of his high ranking position in Roxche’s Intelligence Agency. In an all out attack by the Sou Beil Army Allison’s father along with a subordinate went missing. So rather then allowing Major Oscar to be captured and interrogated by the Sou Beil army, it’s believed his subordinate shot him to prevent an information leak.

After Allison pays respect to her father, the train leaves again. On the docks at the Sou Beil bank of the Lutoni River, Major Stork from the Sou Beil army is looking out unto the river. His subordinate arrives and Stork comments on how the Lutoni river, once a great divide, has now become a bridge connecting the two nations. He then spots a seaplane landing, carrying on it a high ranking officer who’s come on vacation. The officer disembarks from the plane and Stork at once recognizes him as Benedict.

At the train station Stork introduces himself to Benedict, who realizes his covers been blown. Benedict goes on to explain that he only took the plane to the station to meet his friends. Though Stork’s mission is supposed to be a secret, he tells Benedict about it when asked. Apparently he’s been asked by the military to cater to some people onboard the train that will be vital to the trade industry between the two countries in the future. Benedict promises his silence.

When Fiona and the others disembark, Stork sees through her disguise and asks whether they’re the friends Benedict is looking for. Thanking Stork he leaves to board the train together with the Fiona and the gang. Onboard the train, Wil tells Benedict that Mrs. Radia (the widow from the third episode) will be meeting them once they arrive and wants him to keep it a secret from Allison.

Before dinner, Allison drags Wil into their room to get some quiet time together. WIl, as blockheaded as he always is goes out onto the observation deck to view the scenery followed by a ticked of Allison. After dinner, they return to their rooms and once again Allison tries to tempt Wil to take a peek at her changing but as usual; she fails.

My thoughts;

Awesome, just awesome. I mentioned earlier that I love episodes like this one which in my opinion is what Allison To Lillia should be commended for. It’s in episodes like these that character development and small talk just blend together so perfectly, under the guise of a train ride.

I remember writing about how the directors make every small moment, every bit of small talk seem so important in one of my earlier episode reviews. It’s as if we get to see the world (of Allison To Lillia) through the limited eyes of the characters. I really felt at home watching Fiona talk about her new cameras or when Wil was asking how Allison managed to get a leave from her work, so much so that the more unbelievable portions of the plot don’t detract from my enjoyment.

In this episode we also find out a few other things. One important thing is that we now know why Allison’s father left no pictures for her. As a secret service agent he had to make many sacrifices, including him leaving no pictures for Allison. The fact that he was murdered by his subordinate didn’t help too much either. Another thing is that everyone looks very much older, especially Wil. I mean 6 months isn’t exactly a long time for someone to grow, but then again I’ve seen some of my friends do better in 3. xD

Allison To Lilla 9.2

MAN, I wish I looked as good as WIl does when I was a student. Although Benedict’s look isn’t half bad either. =D

Also, the next episode promises action! That was awfully fast. Didn’t we just finish one action arc an episode ago? Oh well, doesn’t matter too much i guess. Anyway, what are your comments on what I talked about above, do you get that cool, relaxing, travel vibe whenever you watch episodes like these? If you do, do tell! xD