Nodame Cantabile Paris Chapter – 1

October 14, 2008

Oh yeah! It’s finally out on subs, it’s Nodame Cantabile and it’s taken my anime viewing time like a storm! For all of you who didn’t quite get it yet, I loved the first season but didn’t blog it because, well, I hadn’t started my anime blog when the first season aired.


– Nodame & Shinichi settle into their boarding house.
– They meet the resident music students; Frank and Tanya.
– Shinichi brings Nodame out for a night of french cuisine, with both ending up very drunk.
– Frank, having known Nodame from the exams earlier on invites Nodame into his room. Like her he’s a big fan of Purigorota, unlike her however, he doesn’t learn french from watching french dubs of the show.
– Tanya however bites of more than she can chew when she tries to woo Shinichi, who ends up coaching her on her piano skills like he does Nodame.

My thoughts;

Awesome first episode. Talk about starting things with a bang! Right from the beginning I was constantly reminded that Shinichi and Nodame are no longer in japan, hilarity was at it’s best, the music as great as I remembered it and the animation even more sultry.

I just loved how they started off the first episode with Shinichi introducing Nodame, clueless as ever, to france. If her reactions were any funnier I’d be hard pressed to write a decent review. That said, it was pretty hilarious to see Nodame trying to gulp down the escargot, I’m not even going to get started with her french dictionary.  “help! Help! I’m being raped”  xD

This episode also showcased Nodame’s impressive ability to play by hearing, as in the first season. Learning french by watching Purigorota was pretty awesome, although not so much for Frank. Lets not forget the new characters; Frank and Tanya, who seem to be the average social misfits (think first season) that somehow come into contact with the duo. That comment on Japan’s economic strength was also pretty funny, yet somehow morbidly true.

The Op and Ed this season sound pretty good too although they don’t even come close to sounding as good as last seasons picks.

So, for a first episode this episode really did deliver and like I said earlier, I’ll be blogging this. However, I’m still unsure of the series I’ll be picking to replace Natsume Yuujin Chou this season. I guess I’ll just have to wait. So until next time God bless you guys! =D


Allison To Lillia – 23 – 26 (END)

October 12, 2008

Finally, I’ve completed this series and on the last day of my internship too! It’s been a really great journey, so heres to hoping you enjoy my review of the final arc.


– It’s the second train arc! This time Travas/Wil is protecting the princess of Sou Beil, Matilda who’s aboard a train incognito with Treize.
– Lillia and Allison are on a train on the same track as well, but due to a plot by Criminal No.42 (a hired gun) Their trains intersect.
– Matilda and lillia meet for the first time, and they quickly become friends.
– The events that take place make Travas/Wil think that someone is after Matilda, so he disconnects the front part of the train leaving Allison, Treize and Lillia behind.
– In the midst of an attack later, Travas/Wil finds out that the culprit is actually after Treize
– Meanwhile, Lillia has been kidnapped by Criminal No.42 and Treize rushes to rescue her. Lillia finally finds out that Treize is the prince of Ikstova
– With the help of Allison and Wil, Treize manages to save Lillia but at the cost of, seemingly, his own life when the train derails into a canyon
– Sometime later, Treize transfers to Lillia’s school. Overwhelmed that he’s alive, she accepts his dance proposal.

My thoughts;

This whole train arc was classic Allison To Lillia style awesome, with the usual dose of conspiracies and whatnot. Things did seem a bit coincidental once in a while, but overall everything felt really memorable.

So, before I round up this series for the final time I’ll do my usual episode reviews.

So check out Allison To Lillia, its got trains

It’s good to see Treize and Lillia finally patching things up, although their end was no where near as satisfying as Allison and Wil’s. Up till this episode, it seemed that the directors were dragging Treize’s confession as far back as they could. That aside, Matilda was a pretty amusing character as well, seeing that she noticed Travas/Wil and Lillia’s relationship in a moment.The little scenes with Allison and Travas/Wil talking to each other also revealed alot about their current relationship. Rather than feeling sad or even regretful about their situation, Allison and Wil don’t really seem to mind at all, which brings up my talk about their marital support back in episode 13, good stuff!


The high point of this arc as obviously episode 26, with all the train hopping and mid flight acrobatics. It was pretty interesting to see how Treize took down Criminal No.42, although not entirely logical. He shouldn’t even have went after criminal No.42 alone in the first place. I wonder if the directors are trying to portray him as some sort of superhero or something? The fact that he survived a plunge into a canyon and survived with a few broken ribs was really pushing it too far too.

Men with guns,

I thought also that Criminal No.42’s mission was kinda compromised in the logic department. The methods he used to get to Treize were anything but assured, since it involved many uncontrolable circumstances. For example, what if Travas decided to leave everyone behind? Or even in Travas decided to take Treize with him while escorting Matilda? Also, wasn’t his mission to kill Treize? Couldn’t he have done it without kidnapping Lillia? Even if he didn’t want to create a spectacle, he could have done it silently. I’m not even going to get started on the fact that he knew he was going to die in the end.

And  the oh so classic love stories.


So, biplanes, trains and adventures in a country perpetually covered in snow? What more could a 50’s feel fan ask for? Add to that the conspiracy plots, twisted back stories, totally adorable characters, classic romance and time lapses! and you’ve got yourself a series to last.

Though there were a few problems in the form of gigantic plotholes and compromised logic (not to mention physics), Allison To Lillia has been a series with heart. Oddities aside, it’s been a really fun series to follow and though the subs were stalled abit towards the middle, I’m glad I stuck to blogging it.

So, time to put this series to rest, until the next great one I pick up!

So how would I rate Allison To Lillia? You can find my rating system here

I would have no qualms in giving it a great, more for it’s characters than anything else. It also scores a 9 for it’s Character Attachment Factor, for its cast and its great character development. I feel rather sad letting this series go, but its time for the next season. So until then God Bless you Guys! =D

Tora Dora First Impressions

October 8, 2008

Ahh Tora Dora, I remember saying earlier on that this was one of the manga I followed. I first heard about its anime adaptation about a month ago, and have been looking forward to it ever since.

Well, storywise there isn’t really that much to say, or rather I can’t say much without spoiling the rest of the manga. Generally, Tora Dora follows the whole boy meets girl premise, except that both of them are using each other to win the hearts of their love interests.That said, one character I’m the most fond of is Ryuuji, seeing that he has a really calm and gentle approach to his situation, though he’s branded as a delinquent most of the time. Taiga on the other hand is a barrel of laughs. XD

Yeah, nice to meet you too.

Animationwise, I’m a bit dissapointed that they didn’t stick to the mangas character style. Ryuuji looks quite weird, but scarier, but Taiga just looks like Chiaki from Minami-ke. The animation is a whole other story though, with detailed and fluid gestures and gorgeously shaded backgrounds, kinda odd for such a minimalistic themed manga.

The music seems rather standard if you go by your average love comedy, but the voice acting is way above the norm. Taiga voiced by Rie kumigaya, with her usual Shana/Nagi voice, fits the bill quite nicely (they should have used Shakugan No Shana‘s art style for this!) while Ryuuji has got the whole misunderstood badguy type of voice pinned down, even his sigh sounds convincing!

Ryuuji & Taiga, different responses to being misunderstood.

So, will I be blogging this? We’ll have to wait till the next episode to see, since I’ll be pretty busy next semester. Anyway, God bless you guys! =)

Itazura Na Kiss – 23 & 24

October 7, 2008

I chose to blog this episode as a two part post mainly because they go so well together, almost like an ending for this series.


– Kotoko is indeed pregnant, to no ones surprise.
– Kotoko is misled by Motoki and the gang into believing Irie’s kindness to her is a sign of indifelity.
– Obviously this isn’t true, since Irie’s being especially kind to her since she’s pregnant.
– In this episode, Sudou and Matsumoto finally hook up, after 8 long years.
– Next episode, Kotoko’s 9 month term is about to be up.
– Things are going well for the expectant couple and Irie promises to be there when Kotoko delivers
– Suddenly Matsumoto is wheeled in for an emergency operation and because all the doctors are busy Irie leads the operation, despite being an intern.
– Matsumoto’s life is saved and Irie enters the ward in time to see Kotoko give birth
– 2 years into the future and everyones lives are changing.

My thoughts;

These 2 episodes would have been great as finales, not that episode 25 was really bad (yes, as usual I’m way behind on this). I thought these two episodes were the best episodes of itazura Na Kiss yet, since we see everyone maturing and changing from their old selves.

A husband and wife struggle.

All the characters deserve merits in these two episodes, but I think the award for the best male and female character would go to Irie and Kotoko, hands down. Kotoko displayed amazing maturity in episode 24, both as a wife and as a nurse. Letting your husband go in your hour of greatest need is something most people wouldn’t dream of doing, but it was Kotoko who encouraged Irie to lead the surgery while she delivered on her own.

“You’ve changed”

Irie on the other hand played the example of a good doctor. Handling or mishandling a surgery as a trainee would signal the end of his career in the medical practice, yet as we remember that his goal in becoming a doctor was not fame, but rather to be in a position to save lives, he did the surgery anyway. This of course meant that our dear Matsumoto (over working as always) was spared to live another day.

Finally on the right track.

It was really great to see the rest of the Itazura gang with their children towards the end of the episode, although it was a little weird to see how stereotyped their resemblances to their parents were. Talk about a carbon copy. xD

Happy families.

So, one episode left to blog until I let this great series rest. Look forward to that! God bless! =D

Allison To Lillia – 19 – 22

October 2, 2008

Wow! Now this is what I’m talking about! Just when I thought things were starting to get dull we’re up and at it again, and this time with more conspiracy action!


– Treize invites Lillia and Allison over to his winter house (near the royal palace) for the new year’s celebration, hoping to tell her everything about himself.
– However, Benedict and Fiona are taken captive over at the palace by Carla Nicht, Owen’s daughter, who’s in search of the royal treasure of the Ikstovan royal family to avenge her father.
– Finding out that Fiona doesn’t know about it either they try to kidnap her and Benedict.
– Somehow Lilli and Treize get wind of this and try to radio out for help from the castle’s wireless radio, due to a bad snowstorm. This however, causes Lillia to wonder about Treize’s identity.
– The message reaches Travas and his band and they intervene with the kidnapping only to find out that lillia, who’s been mistaken for princess Meriel has been Kidnapped as well.
– Fiona, Benedict, Travas and Treize manage to rescue Lillia.
– We find out that the treasure is actually a valley with a pass that connects to Sou Beil from Roxche. Priceless as an entryway into Sou Beil during the war, it was kept a secret from the general populace.

My thoughts;

Generally I don’t like marathoning my episodes, but watching this whole arc in one go was just awesome! It’s taken me a long time to catch up with this series but I’m finally there, which means that I can finally finish up my reviews! Yeah! xD

The guys as they are now.

Anyway, this arc was a really nostalgic one bringing us back to the fist Ikstova arc, when the main characters were still youngsters. The whole theme of life coming full circle is presented really well in this way, keeping the original feels of Benedict, Allison, Wil and Fiona even though they’ve grown up. It was really cool to see Travas/Wil in action with his artic espionage gear, as well as Benedict’s usual brand of humour. It was also really fun to see Lillia and Treize go all covert on their mission and for once things seemed pretty believable too. Espionage might seem a little much for teenagers their age, but the circumstances were laid out pretty well. Which is great. xD

One thing that did bother me though was the fact that Treize actually managed to ski past Carla and her gang. Yeah this is anime, but that was a little too much, seeing that Treize actually managed to disarm his attackers with his ski’s. Also, it’s good to see that Wil/Travas is as calculative and quick thinking as ever. He was giving me a bad feeling when he decided to keep Lillia as a decoy, pointed out by Benedict, but in the end his predictions seemed much safer. It’s also good to see that he tries to still tries to avoid killing as much as possible, and that he’s still an awesome shot. Eitherway, I want more Allison/Wil & Benedict/Fiona development! I demand more of it! (/*0*)/

The lost valley, a great treasure to end the war indeed.

So, thats all for today. I’m still working on my internship although this is the last week, although I forsee more stalling to come. That said, I’m still unsure of what I’ll be blogging next season seeing that I’ll be pretty busy during that time. Oh well, I guess I’ll leave that till later. So until next time God bless you guys! =D

Natsume Yuujin Chou – 11

October 1, 2008

What a totally adorable episode! Madara was just beyond cute this episode. That aside this is the second last episode, which is really quite a shame since I really did enjoy this series!


We start with Madara drunk and chasing down some birds in his cat form. He pounces but misses due to his addled vision and lands in a ditch with a young girl in it.

Flashback to a few days ago, Natsume and Madara have a fight over Madara’s bad habits which causes him to run away. In his human form (the girl from episode 3) Madara cons Natsume’s friends into treating him to lunch.

Meanwhile back home, Natsume notices that his foster parent miss Madara’s usual intrusion into their lives. He goes out to look for them and bumps into Kunieda several times before finding out from his friends at school that they got harassed by Madara (in his woman form). Outside an arcade Natsume once again bumps into Kunieda, this time with the young girl (from the first part). Back at home, Natsume finds a white kitten in his house, whom he finds out later belongs to his foster parents.

Elsewhere, Madara runs into a strong ayakashi who wants the Yuujin Chou. Madara deals with him, but gets injured in the process. When he returns to the Natsume’s house he sees Natsume playing with the kitten and runs off shocked. He goes to the Eight Fields to drown his sorrows, and that is where we go back to the first scene. While in the ditch with the little girl it starts to rain, and the little girl tries to protect Madara from getting wet. Madara notes that while humans are weak they possess the abnormal ability to care for others. He then flies the girl home while she’s asleep and reunites with Natsume who’s still searching for him.

My thoughts;

In case you guys didn’t get it, I loved this episode! This is by far the funniest episode of Natsume Yuujin Chou yet.


Madara was just so cute this episode! His antics made especially funny because the story this time is focused on him. I just loved the way he abused Natsume’s friends into buying stuff for him, and in his girl form as well. It’s also really funny to see Madara drunk as well, him calling down lightning unto those youkai at the Eight Fields was just priceless.

Some pretty good animation as well!

However, this episode was also really warm since it manages to flesh out Madara’s caring side a bit more. The way he handled that little girl (whom by the way is just totally adorable!!) by flying her out of that ditch and his attempts to protect Natsume from that huge raccoon-like Ayakashi was really cool to watch. I liked the message this episode as well, “They’re weak yet they care for others, They’re powerless yet they desperately try to protect others“. I think this statement is very true, though all of us are sinners (forgive my use of the word xD) we sometimes possess the extraordinary ability to care for others, which is true for the many people I’m privileged to know.

Yes, I believe this qualifies as abuse.

All in all, this episode was really well done and went a long way in brightening up my day. I was going to write on episodes 9 & 10 earlier but I think I’ll just link you guys there since I’m a bit lazy (and the posts mirror my sentiments xD). Anyway, it’s the end of my one day Hari Raya holiday and I’ve got work tomorrow, so God bless you guys, until the next post then! =D

Gintama – 76 – 81

October 1, 2008

Ahh, the Yagyuu arc. It’s episodes like these that make Gintama something worth waiting a few weeks for, and this arc definitely doesn’t disappoint. The drama! The Suspense! The toilet paper! xD


– Otae meets a childhood friend to whom she was betrothed to, Yagyuu Kyuubei
– After running off with a sad face and tears Shinpachi decides to rescue her along with Kondo.
– Gintoki, Kagura, Okita and Hijikata join in as well.
– The members of the Yagyuu clan start a battle game in which the participants are supposed to attack specific targets on their opponents bodies to knock them out.
– Chaos ensues as the participants mow each other down, while the most important fighters get stuck in toilet cubicles with no tissue paper.
– Somehow, we find out Kyuubei was actually a woman, forced to dress as a man because of her families traditions
– Shinpachi ends the game with an attack to the generals head with Gintoki’s help
– Otae and Kyuubei reunite as friends, consoling each other for all the lost years.

My thoughts;

As I stated earlier, this arc was just awesome. Brilliant fights, hilarious most of the time actually, plus a good solid plot.

Plate knockout match?

While the fights were awesome, I liked the toilet scene the most. The whole psychological warfare was classic Gintama, more so this round because they were fighting over toilet paper. The sandpaper part had me laughing out loud for a few moments too since Kondo is just such good comic relief. xD

Sandpaper? That’s classic Gintama alright.

I sensed something was amiss with Kyuubei the moment I saw her bandaged chest during the new ED. It just didn’t register to me until her fight with Hijikata. Her back story was pretty interesting, seeing that her character is a rip-off of Jubei from Jubei-chan: The Ninja Girl (one of my first few anime). It’s also quite surprising to see Hijikata and the rest of the shinsengumi guys getting their own backsotries fleshed out as well.

Desperation personified.

Otae and Kyuubei’s tearful chat at the end of episode 81 was a really good finale as well. Kyuubei’s line, “How did it become like this?”, was especially moving since up to then she was pretty stoic most of the time. Eitherway, it was about time Otae got some development too, I mean everyone else had an arc of their own (except Gintoki) up till then.

So all in all a great arc! God bless you guys. =D

Allison To Lillia – 17 & 18

October 1, 2008

Finally, a holiday. Today’s the start of Malaysia’s Hari Raya celebration, it’s also a pubic holiday, which means that I’m off today. I’ve been pretty behind on Allison To Lillia seeing that the releases were stalled for quite some time, so yeah, I’ve got some cathcing up to do.


– Lillia and Treize manage to tip one of the Turkasia army planes over, activating it’s emergency beacon.
– Allison manages to arrive just in time to save the day because of that. Taking down all three remaining planes, she asks Treize to land the seaplane on the lake.
– Though he manages to land the plane, it hit the bedrock close to the shore
– Everyone swims to the shore before the plane sinks
– We find out that Carlo is actually a girl
– Later on, Travas tells Treize that the mastermind behind the plot was actually the priest who was once involved in the human trafficking business.
– Treize decides to go back to Ikstova on his bike.

My thoughts;

A solid conclusion to the seaplane arc. There were a few plotholes here and there but I’m quite satisfied.

One thing that did bother me was the physics behind the whole plane ramming business. Frankly, if the fighter plane flew into the wings of the seaplane at that speed, both planes would crash. What we got instead was a rubber-ball-hitting-the-wall type of scenario, pretty funny stuff. It isn’t really a big deal or anything, but it’s still an eyesore. >_<

I did like that little conversation between Allison and Wil. It’s good to see that the directors are still focused on the true stars of this show. Their whole relationship still does feel a bit bittersweet at times, since theirs is more of a work over love relationship. Eitherway, it goes to show that things have come a long way since the first episode, which is pretty awesome.

Speaking of Wil, Travas did feel a little out of character this episode with his whole ‘let them kill the kids so we can finish the mission’ attitude. It makes me wonder whether he thinks he’s become like Icacia in some way? I think being in the secret service has compromised is ideals a bit, but I guess it makes for a deeper story, right? Also, since the pastor fled I wonder if we’ll ever see Carlo again? They we’re talking about getting an education and meeting each other again right?

Eitherway, it’s good to be back to this series, seeing that it was one of the first I started blogging on. So, God bless! =D

Itazura Na Kiss – 22

September 24, 2008

Wow am I ever nehind on my posts. These few days have been rather hectic for me, with my internship and preparations for my church’s youth event, I’m not entirely sure I’ll be able to keep up with the whole one post per episode schedule. Who knows? I may just make a bulk post or something. xD


– Kotoko’s birthday is up soon and she manages to get Irie out on a dinner date
– Things go horribly wrong; an accident, taxi delays, and the like
– She arrives at the hotel late and cries to Irie, who hears her out
– WE find out later that Kotoko may be pregnant. \(*o*\)

My thoughts;

If this episode had left any sort of impression on me, it would be the fact that nurses are truly worthy of  the respect they seldom get. An analogy I like to use when describing jobs with natures similar to nursing is this; going down in the world while everyone else is trying to go up. Nursing is truly a self-sacrificial and humble profession, demonstrated by Kotoko this week.

Nurses – Always on duty?

Irie was alot nicer this episode too, I guess the jealousy arc really was meant to flesh out his character a bit. Also, I noticed that statement about the ‘power of a mother’ was probably a hint at the focus of the next arc and I was right. Kotoko’s pregnancy felt a little out of place to me though, yes I know she’s 26+ and that she’s been married for 5+ years. I guess it’s because I still see her as a child sometimes. xD

Stars, sparkles & Wedding rings.

Anyway, Itazura Na Kiss is about to end and yes I am kinda bummed about it. Problems aside it’s been one of those solid romance series, even my prediction of a long lasting relationship came true much to my joy. That’s all I have to say for today since I’m still doing my internship (it’s my fourth week! Two more to go! (/*0*)/ ), so, god bless you guys! Have a great day. =D

Allison To Lillia – 16

September 15, 2008

Ahhh, yes. Finally, the long wait is over and the subs have been released although not much happened this episode.


– Lillia and Treize board the charity seaplane
– They meet the kid who served as their guide back in Lartika, Carlo, who was sent there.
– Mid-flight, the pilots abandon the plane despite Treize trying to stop them.
– Lillia and Treize try to fly the plane back to Lartika, only to be stopped by four fighter planes threatening to shoot them down if the do.
– Trieze plans to avoid certain death by ramming the fighter planes with the seaplane.

My thoughts;

Well, not much happened in this episode. It seems that the directors are reserving the bulk of the action for the next episode.

It was pretty interesting to see Treize go around Carlo’s questions about his and Lillia’s relationship. I remember trying to compare Allison to Trieze based on their efforts to get their feelings through, and it seems that Treize is doing a much better job than Allison ever did. Eitherway, I’m pretty much interested in seeing how Lillia’s and Treize’s love story will play out.

Treize’s plan to throw off their pursuers by ramming into them felt like a real long shot. WOuldn’t doing something like that cause you to crash as well? Although, compared to the alternative of not doing anything  his plan isn’t that crazy after all.

So, thats all for todays post. I’m a bit weary from picking up this series again after it’s long hiatus but thats never stopped me before. So, until next time, God bless! =D